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  • Imo apps pros and cons on video calls

    Are you eager to know the pros and cons of IMO app and video calls? Ask our technical experts for the best guidance.

    There are hundreds of apps available for voice and video calls to install and use in smartphones by individual or group. One of them is imo app. How to use imo app effectively and is there any additional data charges? Can we call international friends by using imo app? Which app for video calling is better compared to imo and skype etc.? Kindly enlighten on this.
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  • IMO is one of the prominent video calling apps that has some promising features. Some of the features that I would appreciate with respect to the application include
    • Application size - The installation file is quite smaller in size. Even after installation it occupies quite less space on your storage
    • Low cache file sizes - App creates very few cache files. That would ensure that you will not face any issues with respect the speed of your phone.
    • Chat Support in addition to video calling - You can use the app to chat with your friends and family just like you would do on WhatsApp and other apps. You can use it to share text, images and videos.
    • Huge sticker listing - IMO comes with a good deal of stickers. It has stickers in over 150 categories. You can create your own stickers as well.
    • High Quality video quality - The application is capable of high-end video and audio quality. IMO works better even in low 2G connectivity also.
    • Group chat support - IMO supports group chats. The feature is equivalent to group chats on WhatsApp. However, video calls in group chats is not possible.
    • Best in class control - You can have a good control over settings and configurations on IMO. That would mean you can set your own preferences on notifications and other options.

    One of the features that sets IMO apart from all other apps is the truly unlimited high-quality voice and video calling. The app has been tested to offer better and clearer voice and video quality even at slower connection speed.
    You can use the app to connect with a user no matter on which network he is.

    • You can make high end video and voice calls
    • The app encrypts all your calls. This would ensure privacy of your calls
    • Hundred and thousands stickers makes it one of the best options.
    • Group chat features.

    • You cannot use it without internet connectivity. In fact, that is the issue with all instant messengers.
    • It uses quite much of battery.

    Comparison between IMO and Skype
    1. IMO works faster than Skype while handling instant messaging.
    2. Same goes for sharing media files. IMO handles them a little faster than Skype.
    3. IMO offers high-quality video calling. Skype does not seem to be any better than IMO in terms of video quality.
    4. Skype struggles with slow Internet connectivity. IMO can deliver better performance even at slow internet connection.
    5. In terms of interface, IMO offers you a simple and intuitive looks. Skype too is a good interface, but a little complicated.
    6. Skype would expect you to accept a sender before you begin a conversation. This would prevent strangers and spammers from sending you messages. IMO lacks this security feature.
    7. IMO cannot send documents, while Skype lets you send documents.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • IMO is one of the best video calling apps. When Skype reached its point all over the market, this new IMO came to the market to show its ability and stability with the users. It gives free video calls, text chats, voice calls and sharing media files. This is an entirely free app from Google Play Store. Using this app through worldwide is entirely free of cost. Only data charges for the respective network providers will be applicable.

    IMO Features
    The size of this app is just 5.3MB size. After the installation the memory it occupies for just 20MB. This is an added advantage of this app. This app has chatting option available. According to it, user's can text like sharing information with media files, emoji, and stickers. The best part of this app is, if the new user is there in IMO who is in your contacts it will be intimidated automatically to you. There is also an inviting people option. There are over 150 categories of stickers available to express the feelings of the users. There are 1200 stickers available to choose from. This app provides an option too to create your own sticker by drawing yourself to share. It has high quality video and voice call services to connect with the world. There are no charges other than that you will get a deduction through your data balance. This app functions in all the network connectivity's like 2G, 3G, and 4G. Even low-speed internet connectivity will be usable through this app. There is no group chat available with this app. This app helps you to take full control of your settings.

    1. High-quality video and voice calls.
    2. Privacy encryption available for users over calls and chats.
    3. Group chats availability.
    4. Low memory size.
    5. A number of new stickers.
    6. Worldwide connectivity for free of cost.
    7. Inviting friend's option available.

    1. No Group chats availability.
    2. Without the internet one can't use this app.
    3. There is no creation of group link for inviting.

    Comparison of IMO and Skype
    1. Google play store has given more power rating to IMO than Skype.
    2. The graphical user interface supports mostly for IMO than Skype.
    3. There is no group video chat in IMO, but there is group video chat with limitations on Skype.
    4. Transfer of media files is faster in IMO than Skype.
    5. Video call connectivity is possible on the 2G network for IMO, but not in Skype.
    6. Sending current locations is possible in IMO than Skype.
    7. Space requires for the app is less in IMO than Skype.
    8. Status can be set in Skype, but not in IMO.
    9. Online availability can be set by Skype, but not in IMO.
    10. Instant messaging is faster in IMO than Skype.

  • Here are some of the answers to your questions regarding the IMO app.

    Features of IMO App

    IMO app is one of the smallest size apps when it comes to VOIP app comparison. For example, Skype and Whatsapp take more space on your device compared to IMO. Also, the amount of time it takes connectivity to happen in between the two host, you'd find IMO app better. There are no additional charges for the call and the video content being streamed. It is just like Whatsapp that uses your native connection - either Wifi or the mobile. You can also avoid downloading when you are on mobile data.

    Calling functionality

    IMO app can be used to communicate with anyone in address book having the app. It can be national or international. So it all depends on how you are connected either through IMO connection or the phone-based contact.

    IMO app is similar to Allo and Whatsapp. It can offer the group chat feature. It can create encrypted message. it can be good for the slow internet in 2g. It can make use of the emoji and stickers across devices smoothly. Connectivity of the app is really good. You'd find better video and audio on the web. You can use it to invite friends from the address book and also through email feature.

    Comparison with Skype

    Think of skype as premium service which has its set of pros and cons. For example.

    1. Skype has premium paid phone network and custom caller ID and device, that's not something IMO app has. It is just device app.
    2. No dedicated number with IMO, whereas Skype premium can give a dedicated number.
    3. Skype is a lot slower than IMO app. Also, skype is heavy on the device with size and background service. IMO app, on the other hand, is more lightweight.
    4. User status can be changed on skype but not on the IMO.
    5. IMO is not suitable for the file transfer. But Skype is good for file transfer and desktop to device sharing.
    6. Conference feature is not available with the IMO but skype free and premium both services has this feature.
    7. IMO app can't make free calls to landline and other mobiles. On the other hand, the Skype can do so in the premium feature.

    These are some of the features and the highlight of the apps. Though due to the user base gathering on other premium networks, IMO app failed to get as many users like skype and Whatsapp.

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