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    Increase Traffic and AdSense revenue

    With the latest changes of policies in Google AdSense, are you finding it difficult to increase your traffic and AdSense revenue in your blogs and sites? Here are the best suggestions provided by our technical experts on how to improve your traffic and hence your AdSense revenue.

    Again the same question all over, how to increase traffic and AdSense revenue like before. As a writer or author, we know some information on how to increase traffic and AdSense revenue but they may not work at present due to some parameters changed recently by Google. However, the standard idea is to contribute regularly with high quality content to get organic traffic thus revenue. Whatsoever, many professional blogger or writer does the same but no idea why there is a lack of traffic and AdSense revenue compared to the past years. Can the experts enlighten on how to increase web traffic and Ads income?
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  • Well, it has been discussed several times in the past. However, let me point out a few steps you can use to increase traffic to your site.

    • Ads- You can indulge in different ways of advertising the presence of your blog or site. Let the people know that your site exists. You can indulge in paid search, social media advertising or other kinds of letting the world know that your site exists.
    • Social promotion - Come up with great content and share it on your social profiles. Social media channels are the best way to get to know of your content. Google Plus is one of the prominent site that helps you get noticed.
    • Write diverse content - Do not stay on a particular kind of content. Plan shorter articles along with the descriptive and long ones. It would ensure that your site will attract different genres of readers. Include videos, infographics and other kind of content.
    • Look for headlines - Interesting headlines would make your content irresistible. Check out the headlines before you publish the article. Even a great article will not get a good traffic unless it has a compelling headline.
    • Long tail keywords - Long tail keywords play a major role in getting a good search engine ranking. Target your long tail keywords to gain more traffic
    • Share on LinkedIn - Do post your content on LinkedIn. In addition to increasing your site traffic, it can also improve your profile.
    • Email marketing - Email marketing is an important factor that contributes to better traffic to your site. Just take care not to spam your subscribers with frequent email.
    • Be responsive to comments - Do not neglect your readers. Do respond to the comments posted on your articles. Develop a sense of belonging in the people's minds.

    How to increase AdSense earning?
    Well, there are no special techniques laid out to let you help gain more AdSense revenue. Even then, it would be a good idea to go through a few tips here :
    • Position of ads - Do pay attention to the proper positioning of ads on your site. Placing your ads around the content would ensure better revenue. Try keeping your ads above the fold.
    • Size of the ads - Keep AdSense optimization in mind while choosing the ad sizes. Size does matter and you need to take care while choosing the one.
    • Traffic origin - Traffic originating from US and UK can improve your AdSense revenue. Target those regions for better revenues.
    • Use both image and text ads - Use both kinds of ads. Both image ads and text ads perform in a good amount to improve your earning. Indulge in a better mix for better prospects.
    • Visibility of ads - Positioning of ads should play an important role in garnering better earning. You can concentrate on areas that are better in terms of visibility.

    Please note that I am not an expert in Google AdSense. However, I have pointed out a few tips that may play an important role in improving your revenue from what I have gathered from my reading and experience.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • This is one of the most discussed topics. Even though it was discussed, let me share some more points regarding increasing traffic for your blogs and also Adsense revenue.

    How to increase traffic on blog or websites
    1. Advertise your blogs - Make your site or blog known for all. Share it on all the social media websites. Promote your site in order to make other people know about your site.
    2. Name for Title - Create a proper name with good content for your blog or site. The title creates the dramatic search for the topics from the users. This will increase the traffic directly from the search engines.
    3. Good Content Articles - A good number of articles on relevant and contemporary topics will get you decent traffic for your blog or site. Write articles based on categories of your site or blog. This will make the users approach your blog or site.
    4. Address for Website - Concentrate on providing a good address for your site or blog. This will be one of the important factors in increasing traffic.
    5. Sharing on Social Media - Whenever you create a good article, share that article in your social medias. This could help you more readers in order to get back those readers to view your site for more updates.
    6. Lengthy Articles - Write a brief content articles. Short content articles won't be getting weight-age for your post. The weight-age increases the readers for your posts.
    7. Number of Articles - Produce more number of articles in your blog or site. Increasing the quantity and quality will let your site reaching more traffic by the users.
    8. Keywords - Writing more number of keywords which helps your blog or site to reach out the users in search. In every search engine, keywords are matters for all the articles to be fetched to read by the users.
    9. Creating links - Link your article page in other sites and social medias. Whenever the users try to search their topics your articles may make them read. By this, without searching for your topics you could able to gain readers.

    How to increase Adsense Revenue
    1. Create Visible Ads - Creating a large content ad will gets your more attention from the viewers. This led you more and more clicks on ads. Every click on your ads will be the revenue.
    2. Create Color Combined Ads - Creating attention is more important to get ads more clicks for AdSense revenue. Generating ads with color combination will make more attractive for users to get through ads.
    3. Create Responsive Ads - More and more users starts browsing in their mobile phones. Before it was only through desktop or laptop. So creating ads with responsive will make adjustable ads for users.
    4. Publish videos in YouTube - Create more and more videos and publish it in your YouTube channel. This will generate more revenue for you.

  • In 2017, a lot of things from the past are now stopped working for Adsense. And for this reason the strategies for the traffic and conversion are lot different than what used to happen in the past. So keeping that part in mind here are some of the tips that you can apply to improve your Adsense revenue and traffic.

    Improving Traffic

    1. Social Media

    Make use of social media posts to get a decent traffic. Large percentage of your traffic should be from social media instead of SEO. Land this traffic on dedicated landing page and either use affiliate links or your own product promo for sales.

    2. Email Marketing

    Mail marketing makes it easy for you to filter the traffic properly. You can put an option on your website and make people subscribe to your list. And then weekly you can make mail broadcast and redirect to your website. Make sure you are not spamming the users in this process.

    3. Guest Posting

    You can get a lot of traffic to your website if you regularly write guest post on other blogs. This way traffic from other blogs will be directed to you. Instead of focusing on SEO benefits for the guest posting, go for the link even if it is a 'nofollow'. And try to make use of such redirected traffic. Write on other sites as often as possible.

    4. Infographics

    If your blog can create short infographics and circulate it through linkedin and slideshare, then that can help a lot for the traffic. Many recognized websites are making use of the infographics to land some traffic.

    5. Google News

    Optimize your blog or website with trending content. And this will land you into the google news page. And this page can bring you tons of traffic. And they also add you into the related news section of their mobile app. This means a lot of traffic is pulled your way.

    6. SEO

    I am keeping it low considering these days the typical SEO tricks are not working. And you have to just get the minimal SEO functionality going on. This way you can easily make some good traffic through SEO customization. Avoid backlinks and keyword spam if possible.

    7. Paid Ads

    Facebook and Adwoards ads can be good for bringing traffic. But try to find the landing page where your users can land and do some activity that benefits you. Don't use ads for landing on site which has content and ads but does not have action call. Because lack of action call means paid ads are not worth it. So make sure to use them only on landing page of your blog.

    Improving Adsense Revenue

    Here are some of the tips that you can use to improve revenue of your website.

    1. Improve Adsense CTR with BlockAdblock Script

    Use this plugin on your site and make people disable their adblock. And this way your adsense earning will increase. Also this plugin is handy to keep people away who just want to consume content and move on.

    2. Use textads unit in Adsense

    Adsense has the textads unit that can be helpful. You can use that under the headlines and also after the post. Horizontal unit is known for increasing the CTR. So you may want to try that.

    3. Ad of size 300x250

    Using Ad of size 200x250 definitely helps improve the CTR. So you may want to consider using that blog. Depending on if it's text or image ad, the result will be different. But you should definitely take a look at that.

    4. Above the fold ads

    Keep your ads and affiliate links above the fold. Avoid the scrolling as much as possible. Avoid infinite scrolling in the website. This way you can easily control more revenue.

    These are some of the things that you can do these days for improving the ad revenue and traffic. I think this should give you some idea of how you can optimize better in the days of adblocker and heavy SEO updates.

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