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    Suggestion on improving water quality or advise on buying purifier

    If you are looking for expert suggestion on improving water quality or on buying a good water purifier, here are our technical experts to guide you through.

    Recently checked my well water in a govt lab. Result is given below
    1) colour - 5
    2) odour - Agreeable
    3) turbidity - NTU - 0.30
    4) pH - 4.76
    5) electrical conductivity - micromhos/cm - 269
    6)Acidity mg/ltr - 143
    7) alkalinity - mg/ Ltr - 24
    8) TDS - mg/ltr - 129
    9) total hardness as CaCO3 - mg/ ltr - 26
    10) calcium as CA - mg/ ltr - 9.6192
    11) magnesium as Mg- mg/ ltr - 0.486
    12) chloride as cl- mg/ ltr - 56
    13) iron as Fe- mg/ ltr - BDL
    14)Sulphate as SO4- mg/ ltr - BDL
    15) Nitrate as NO3- mg/ ltr - 6.0743

    Bacteriological analysis
    Faecal coliforms per 100 ml 1100+
    E.coli in 100 ml of sample - present

    Can anyone give a suggestion on improving the water quality or advise on buying a good water purifier?
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  • From the report, the water quality seems to be quite fine for human consumption as far as chemical content is concerned. The mineral content of all salts is within the prescribed limit, acidity and turbidity too are fine.
    The Biological analysis seems a little dangerous, though. What I would suggest is that you can use a chemical disinfectant or simply boil the water before drinking.

    If you do want to go for a water purifier, take one which has UV radiation are part of the filtering process. This means an electrical filtering machine which usually starts from Rs.9,000. Make sure you take an AMC though so that you get regular maintenance and are insured against any problem in your filtering unit.

  • As the ph value is set in 4.76 and the value of minerals is also moderate. This shows that the quality of the water is really good. However if you don't consider the current bacterial value, then you may have to consider improving the quality. You can use the disinfectant and you may even use the purifier to improve the quality of the water.

    For water of this quality, Eureka Forbes purifier sounds good to me. They have far better cleaning methods compared to Kent and few other water purifiers. In case of Kent it makes use of the RO purification which is often not good if the water is muddy and has more numbers of bacteria in it . In such case Eureka Forbes water purifier with boiling and carbon based cleaning can be much better an option.

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    Thank you Mr Ankit and Mr Mahesh for your suggestions. But I would like to know the pH value of 4.76. if it is fine or not. I was told by the lab that the acidity is a bit high and I have lowered 2kgs of lime in a cloth bag ( for appx 2800 ltrs of water) into the well. I was pleasantly surprised when both of you remarked that a pH of 4.76 is fine. Kindly enlighten me.
    Thank you

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