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  • Top and Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates

    Are you looking for the Top and Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates? Ask our technical experts to help you out.

    What are the websites that provide the best free responsive Blogger templates to use by the bloggers? Moreover, which websites provide 'easy to use themes' for the existing Blogspot or Wordpress blogs? Kindly provide some reference and few simple steps for the same.
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  • Here are some of the free responsive blogger templates which you can easily use themes in your BlogSpot or wordpress blogs.

    1. Boulevard
    It is a stylish template for all type of blogging and blogs. Boulevard gives you optimized contents for your search engine. It helps you to increase the visibility and readability. It also has some more options like social media buttons, space for comments, popular content widgets, and specially optimized contents to deliver wide flexibility for the readers. It is a power pack package for all the bloggers.

    2. Glamour
    The name glamour indicates how it actually looks like to have this glamour template. The whole template is glamorous for better experiences both for the bloggers and viewers. The text style and fluidity of typography have given an added advantage for this glamorous template. This could be the best choice for fashion, food and travelling site bloggers.

    3. Sorbet
    This template creates a multipurpose blogging style for technology users. One of the best features of this template is its navigation widget. This navigation widget has a list of icons like Social media buttons, promotional links and search button. This Sorbet template has the latest and optimized web content technology for all the viewers.

    4. BrandX
    BrandX is a template made for business blogs. It gives more importance for users, viewers and readers. All the contents present in this template are highly professional. It is a good platform for bloggers for creating an online business presence. This template has features like responsive designs, styled gallery, double columns, greater look, right sidebar, footer columns, social media buttons, thumbnail posts, dropdown menus, bread crumbs, and web design contents, supporting ads, more posting support and is supportive of 3D effects.

    5. Duos Mag
    It is one of the best names to be suggested for the blogger theme. Duos Mag will help you to manage some more additional templates which could make the blog look more attractive to the readers. There are four important features provided in this template. They are direct social sharing, author's box, related content and a email subscription form. These are the best features of this template.

    6. Better Mag
    Better Mag is a blogging template which is especially created for magazine blogs. It technically helps you to build a better style for your template. It has the features like fitness over news sites, science and technology related stuff and finally the header logo helps to show your project by grabbing the reader's attention.

    7. Android Mag
    Android Mag is one of the greatest arrival Android templates in online. It is an open source operating system for Smartphones. These Android templates help users to feel more flexible to use the templates . This Android Mag comes in Green color which is to describe the nature color of Android. It became an added advantage for this template. By using this template, bloggers can create blogs regarding android mobile technologies.

    8. Real Mag
    Real Mag is also one of the leading modern templates revolving in online. The design and development shows how flexi and stylish is the real mag template. It has the feature of a responsive web design and development which is optimized for the blogger template.

    9. Avada
    This template gives your blog a simple look, which is at the same time stylish and perfect for any kind of blogging. The bright features of this template are great headers, perfect sized fonts, better contents and listing of blogs. These features help the template to be an easy to use platform for all the bloggers.

    10. Tech World
    This template has flexible and optimized functionality for all the technology bloggers. The best feature about this template is easy use of navigation, side bar functions, content sliders, and header and footer allocations. You can use this template for any kind of blog functionality.

  • Some of the suggestions from my end would be :

    It definitely takes your blogger blog to an unforeseen level. The looks and appearance of this template resemble a WordPress blog by any standard. The main page that displays your content will have a news style interface. There is a special widget for the latest posts. The template also comes with a featured post widget. There is a special emphasis on the sharing option.
    Get it from

    Fabric is one of the templates that makes it easy to navigate the content on your blog. The template can be a good choice if your blog niche belongs to tutorials and how-to content. You can opt for this template if your blog has content that covers varied interests and topics. The Fabric template ensures that you get an excellent equal importance to all your posts. The sidebar of the template is customisable to suit your needs.
    You can download the template from the link

    It is quite simple and straight forward. You can focus on your writing alone. The sidebar can be used for sharing your information. The template also features a sharing widget for your posts. You also have access to a dedicated Google+ comment box. The template can be a good option if you have an online journal.
    The template can be downloaded from

    Lovely can be the best option for the blogs that deal with girls. As they say, pink is always the color associated with womanhood. If you want to target women audience to your blog, this can be a good template. The sidebar too compliments you with its lively options.
    Get it from

    The template offers an amazing design. The template is best suited for business and portfolio blogs. It also supports animated numbers. You will be able to create richer looks on your blog with ease.
    You can get this blog from the link

    Couture is one of the templates that have been much in demand. It is quite simple and compact in appearance. The template is best suited for personal blogging. You can customise the fonts and colors on the dashboard as well. There is no any sort of coding you need to take care of. Couture is search engine optimized to make it easier for you to concentrate on creating content alone.
    Get it from the link

    Square Modern Magazine
    The template is quite modern in appearance. It comes in two variants of XML so that you can edit it the way you would like. It does come with email subscription option so that you can get more subscribers. The template is best suited for your business blogs. The template is quite helpful in curating the content effectively.

    This is a magazine styled template and offers you a two column layout and sidebar. If you are into fashion and news website, you should definitely opt for this template. It comes with quite a good number of widgets. It comes with a plethora of colors and fonts to choose from. The template is fully optimized for SEO.

    This is one of the good looking blogger templates has been considered to be cool. The template comes with a black header and blue theme. The content area is white for easy accessibility.
    You can download the template from the link

    Elice offers you premium features. You get a cleaner look. The template is optimised for SEO. Elice does load quite faster. If you are into tech blogging or writing on blogging niche itself, it could be a great option.
    Get it from the link

    You get a rich blogger template with Copyblogger. You get some premium features like drop down navigation menu, custom search bar and easier search navigation. The template is fast loading and offers complete SEO optimisation.
    The template can be downloaded from the link

    Gordon is a template that offers you a cleaner look in addition to a simple interface. There are some beautiful search buttons. The template offers you a two column layout and auto read options.
    If you like the template, head over to this link -

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are some of the responsive blogger templates.


    This is one of the popular magazine style blogger template. It is responsive and has many media elements that you can configure. You can turn your blogger blog into magazine style layout. It does have few widget for the ads and the media display. You definitely want to make use of that.

    You can get the theme here :


    Miranda template is good for the bloggers who are looking for responsive and clean layout. It has nice use of google webfonts in the location. Also the theme is good for the adsense ads. Though the layout is more of blog related but can be used on many different blog themes.

    You can get it here :

    Classic Tradition

    This theme is more suitable for the news and the travel blog niche. It has a nice sidebar that showcase the latest post with the thumbnail. It can be a good theme for the adsense too. So if you want both responsive and adsense ready then this theme can be a good option.

    You can get it here:


    This template has the SEO ready widget and options. You can find that the magazine layout and the ad ready format makes it idea for the use. If your blog has lot of content, then this theme is what you need. It can also place the media components.

    You can get the theme here :


    This is a food blogger template. It looks really good for those who are sharing recipe and stuff. But most likely the blog has a nice interface for generic blogs. It is responsive and also layout has a good mixture of colors. I think this is a good theme for any starter blog. You definitely should use this if your blog is into those themes.

    You can get it here:


    This theme for blogger has Metro Pro interface of WordPress theme of same name. However there are lot of improvements made. It has nice widgets where you can add the adsense ads. Also it has responsive layout so that makes it good for the mobile interface. And the best part is that the fonts are easy to change for google webfonts through options

    You can get the theme here:


    Blogus is more of blog and magazine format mixed in. It has more focus on the content. And as expected the theme is also responsive. You may have to consider adding few ad and media widgets. This can be good for displaying them on your template if populated as per the demo.

    You can get the theme here :


    This is another content focused blogger template. It is suitable for the blogs with lot of content and less images. So this can be one good theme for the adsense specific websites. You can find that theme is responsive and also has lot of ad widgets.

    You can get it here:


    This blogger template resembles a lot like Saifa WordPress theme. It is perfect for news and the blog focused on content. The content is very much accessible. And also the ads location makes it a good option for the google adsense template. The template is responsive and you may find it retaining color and ads for template.

    You can get it here:


    The fashion theme is more focused on feminine aspect of the design. It is responsive and has lot of images into the design. It may sometimes resembles the pinterest like theme. But overall good design for anyone who wants to use this theme for showcasing their trending content.

    You can get the theme here:

    N Light

    This theme is more or less designed to look like Facebook page. You can find that it shows you magazine type layout that matches with the facebook type page. And you can use it as a magazine layout for your blog. It is responsive theme. You may definitely want to check for your trendy blog posts.

    You can get the theme here :


    This template is inspired by the WordPress StudioPress theme -- Metro Pro. Theme is responsive and has a good elements for you to configure. It can be suitable for both blog and the magazine. It may also include some of the elements which can be good for displaying ads and the sponsored posts. Overall a good theme worth checking out.

    You can get it here :

    These are some of the templates that you can try out. Make sure to use the XML version of the template. Convert your existing theme into new layout. And just copy and paste the XML file downloaded from above website. You can edit the template to get rid of some of the unwanted widgets and links. This should get your started with installation of responsive blogger template.

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