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    Which is the best media player?

    Are you confused about which is better and best media player among many options like VLC, KM, Read Player,Windows media player etc. Want to know which is best media player and why? Get the answer from our experts.

    We have different types of media players such as VLC, KM, Real player, Windows media player etc for playing songs and videos. I would like to know which one is best among media players? and what is the reason to select the best one? Please give detailed explanation.
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  • VLC Media Player is the best I have ever experienced so far. I've been using it for more than six months and it is absolutely stunning. It offers the user a great streaming experience. With this player you can even read files from CDs or DVDs. It works efficiently on every famous platform. It offers video options like 'take a snapshot,' 'set as wallpaper' and many more.
    You can also use tools like 'Effects and Filters,' 'Track Synchronization,' 'Customize interface,' and other preferences to watch video with your own effects.
    There are also other popular players like Real Player, Winmap, Media Jukebox, Song Bird etc.
    Here I'm attaching a pic of VLC media player.

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  • If you are a Linux user my suggestions are VLC player and SMS player. For windows I prefer VLC and windows media player.

  • Look , various Media Players uses various CODECS to decode the streams of video and sound. So, if you are viewing the video of Real Media I suggest you the RM that is Real Player and if you are playing HD Video or similar 1080p or 720p shoot you can go for Cyberlink Media Player as it has varieties of players.

    Various media qualities has various made of Players recommendation, if you are playing the media generally you can go for VLC Player or K-Light player either but to gain the quality like its 5.1 or Dolby sound output you need advanced media players.

  • Hello,
    For Windows and Linux OS users:
    Go for VLC. It's the best media player. You can watch videos of any formats with it. But it's recent update has some glitch. VLC 2.0.0 is the best one. If you have it I recommend you not to update it.

    For Android Users
    All Android Smartphone users, the best media player for your smartphone is MXPlayer. It's really very flexible and easy to use.


  • VLC player is the best and user friendly media player. You can play most of video format files with VLC media player and it is also true that the other media players like KM, Real One and Windows Media Player are very good for playing a particular video files formats. You can choose any media player as per your interest as all the media players can give better performance.

  • VLC is the best in all OS. Particularly I like VLC version 2.0.2. Only in this version it has options like video recording, loop playing, supports many codecs and screenshot. This video recording will be very useful to record a particular portion of video we need. I use this video recording for sharing in Facebook.

    Some of my friend said that using VLC player will affect speaker. But I didn't faced any such problems. Always set your audio level 1 or 2 points less than the maximum.

  • The two best media players I personally use are:

    1.VLC Media Player
    Download Link is -
    "VLC Media Player 2.0.5" is the latest version.

    Download Link is -
    Latest Version is "PotPlayer 1.5.36205"

  • I feel VLC media player is the best one among the other media players. It is a free and open source cross platform multimedia player. The framework which it has its multimedia files such as DVD, Audio CD, VCD and other streaming protocols. It is really simple, fast and powerful media player. This player plays files, dicks, webcams, devices and streams. It supports MPEG 2, Divx, MKV, Web M, WMV and MP3. The player runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and UNIX. It is completely free and it doesn't have spyware and ads. There is no user tracking in the software.

  • Most of them like VLC media player at the moment and this is due to various reasons, one of them is no interruption on watching videos or images. VLC media player supports various format files videos thus we don't get any issue from VLC.

    Windows Media Player is something out of the box, it might work only for those who are really have Original OS software and its relevant driver and other apps.

    Real Player comes after VLC, RP helps to watch movie without interruption and supports most of the file format as well. However, most of them uses VLC media player which has an easy option to operate by any kids/elders.


  • I am a big fan of VLC Media Player and I personally think that VLC Media Player is the best media player for all platform like Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Though we have a big list of media players on the web. But many of them are not as good as VLC Player. VLC plays everything it has no spyware, no ads, no user tracking but it can do media conversion and streaming. I like VLC Player most because of some cool features and some short tricks I use (I play youtube video using VLC, I use my webcam to record video using VLC).

    Why VLC is best media Player
    The first reason I would say, VLC Media Player is a FREE and open source cross-platform multimedia player. It is simple, fast and powerful media player cause it plays most of the multimedia files and various streaming protocols. VLC plays most of the codecs with no codec packs need. It also supports to play DVD, Audio CD, VCD any external drive's video/audio. The VLC player was released under VideoLAN Project on February 1, 2001. VLC Player was written using the programming language like C, C++, Objective-C using Qt. VLC players can be used on any Operating system like Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, BSD, Syllable, OS/2, Solaris, BeOS, QNX and iOS. The VLC players is available in 53 languages.
    -> Adjusting color and adding effect to video
    -> Option to stream YouTube & Other Online Videos
    -> Many Custom Skins on VLC player
    -> Listen podcast and Online Radio
    -> Take snapshots of the video save it as .png
    -> To choose the Aspect Ratio
    -> Plays everything -files, docs, audio, media etc.
    -> Plays Video as ASCII Output too
    -> Many Shortcuts, Hot keys and easy UI
    -> Plays RAR files too
    -> Audio and Video format conversion option
    -> Sharpness effect and Transforming to various angles
    -> Zoom In & Out and Video Rotation
    -> Customize-able Interface

    The popular Media Players are
    Media Jukebox
    Winamp Media Player
    Adobe Media Player
    Nero Media Player
    Real Player

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