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  • What are the best Time tracking software/employees tracking software

    Do you want to track your team via a good time tracking software? Here's the best suggestions from our technical experts.

    I am working in a precise testing solution company as a project manager. I want track my team via a good time tracking software. Please suggest me which time tracking software is best for me and also available at affordable prices. I want to track all my employees who are wasting time and are not fulfilling their duties.
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  • Here are some of the great options while dealing with employee time tracking.

    It is one of the easiest software to set up and start using. Even the pricing is quite handsome. The customer service is top rated. The employees can register their time sheets. Managers can approve and reject the sheets submitted. The application free for one user, two clients, two projects and unlimited invoicing.

    Built with keeping the corporate needs in mind, Trigger lets you keep track of your time sheets. You have access to invoices, timesheets, and online reports. It syncs with Xero, Freshbooks, and Zapier. Time tracking works with just one click.

    The software is the best web based tool for time tracking. It comes with easy to use tools and features to suit the professional level of performance. Ease of use is one of the compelling features that the tool comes with. It supports both online and offline time tracking. It offers multiple reports like time per project, overtime calculation and mobile time tracking.

    It is one of the well known time tracking software that uses cloud technology. It supports multiple devices and also simple to use with flexible time tracking. You can have an effective employee database along with online and offline tracking.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • As you're a project manager, these are some of the options that may work for you.


    Most of the freelancers, IT companies are using harvest for their time tracking needs. You can use it for per project or per employee basis. The site seems to be having lot of options for notification on tracking the progress of the project. Apart from tracking time, it can also send invoices after project completion. So handy tool for the IT companies and managers.


    This is not only a project management tool but also a way to track time. It is being used by some of the small business companies such as basecamp. It can track the project automatically or through the manual entry. It can keep tab on projects and the employees completing the project. It can integrate with other invoice and reporting services for after project completion requirements.


    This is one click and simple time tracker. You don't have to do much for tracking the progress of work. You just have to add the time tracker and let it track the progress of your work. It can also integrate with other payment integration and project reporting plugins. So you can work with other sites through the API connection.


    Timely app is a lot different than other trackers. Here you have to first schedule the app with some specific tracker. And then start the tracker there. It also logs the progress of the project. Think of this app as google calendar with time tracker. It's simple with not much addon and features. It's suitable for small projects.

    My Hours

    If you are into project progress for each project and the individual billing. Then my hours can be one option for you. Most likely you may find it's track and bill capability useful. You can start and stop the timer easily. And it can integrate with other third party integration tools. It has free option for the freelancers, so you can give it a try.

    There are some apps such as Microsoft Project. That maybe costly if your company is small business. But that's another good option for project management and time tracking.

  • Some of the best time tracking software which could be supportive for you in all aspects are:

    This is a cloud based time tracking software. Most of the IT concerns follow this software in their organizations. It is because there are a lot of functions and features to help their organization. It helps to manage your work schedules like employees attendance, projects completion, cost and expense tracking, professional service targets and shared services provides. This software works in a good and flexible way for the management. You can be sure for what you have trying to sort out.

    It is one of the leading software tools revolving in many organizations. Basically it manages reports, timesheets, invoices, estimations and managing whole process. This software functions like a creative business tool for better endorsement. This software has one of the greater advantageous functionality that makes you to start this software anywhere through your mobile device, or desktop or through web. Also you can track the time of the daily reports by the employees and you can manage your work accordingly. This will sort out your time management for your client requirements.

    This software helps you to get rid of everything into your knowledge by a single application. This will track and schedule the work in hourly basis for the employees. This software has some of the greatest benefits like mobile time tracking with GPS services, employee scheduling process, fast and painless payroll process, accurate and detailed time scheduling for clients invoice, and finally you can check who is working and who is not by this TSheet software.

    This is one of the online tracking software in the market. Some of the IT companies, freelancing companies, small companies and consulting firms follow this software in their organizations. This software helps to track the user's time spending on work process in projects and analyze the working productivity over the management firm.

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