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  • Lost mobile,can I get the IMEI?

    Have you lost your mobile and is struggling to get it back? Ask our technical experts to help you out.

    I lost my android mobile few months ago.
    I don't have the box,and related bill to know the IMEI number.
    The thief deleted all the accounts linked with the device,and resetted the device.
    I did some work to find it,but I can't.
    Can some one help me in finding the IMEI number?
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  • Well, I assume that you have signed up to your phone with your Google account. If you have, it is quite easy to find your IMEI number. You will need to sign in to your Google account.
    Follow the steps here below -
    • Go to Google account. Visit
    • Sign in with your Google account.
    • Expand the tab that reads Android
    • You will be shown all the devices registered with your Google Account.
    • Choose the device that you have lost. The IMEI number will be listed along side it.

    If you cannot find your device listed, it could mean that either you have not linked your device with your Google account. It could also mean that your device has been unlinked from your Google account. In such a case, i would suggest you to check the box that the phone came with. Check the receipt as well. I assume you have preserved the receipt. The vendor should have registered your IMEI number on the receipt.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Based on the information provided you only have the two options left to check the IMEI number.

    1. Google Dashboard.

    In this method, your phone is linked with the google account. This is the same account that holds the information for users with his Android. You can access the data by following steps.

    a. Sign in to following website : "".
    b. Go to Android section.
    c. Find your phone in the list.
    d. If the phone is unlinked then you can find past linked phones in the respective linked. This option is only available if you have used same google account for multiple phones or tablets.
    e. Get the IMEI number from the linked phones list.

    The above method works even if the mobile is reset. As long as it was connected at least once and not removed from your google dashboard history. If the phone is disconnected and removed from the history of connected devices. Then you can't use this method anymore. I assume the person who got the phone isn't able to access the dashboard data. So this method should work.

    2. Telecom Operator

    Telecom operators maintain the SIM data and the phone location and they can reverse trace the IMEI number. And if you present them the FIR of lost mobile. Then they can locate the lost phone location present or otherwise through IMEI number stored in their logs. This method requires you to go to police station. File a formal complaint with police. You're guaranteed to get the phone IMEI number from the SIM data.

    Second option seems to be the only reliable option in this case. Either phone gets reset or doesn't affect their existing logs.

  • This is a crucial problem for you to handle. Well, for any device it is must to have its documents. Somehow and somewhere it would be helping you. But you have lost all the details. Even then, it could be possible for you to fetch the IMEI number.

    Method – 1
    If you bought your mobile through an offline retail shop, you may go there and enquire about your registration for the device. They may have a copy of your registration bill. In that registration you may have given the contact number and mail id, through that you can get your details easily. In another scenario, if you bought your mobile through online shopping, you may receive an invoice copy for your purchase in mail. You need to download that invoice from your mail. In that invoice you can get clearly the IMEI number of your device.

    Method – 2
    Another way to find your device IMEI number is through your Google account and that would be attached through your device even if your device is reset. But the information of your device has been stored in the Google Dashboard. Simply login to your Google dashboard and there you could find Android option. There you could view the listed details of the device. From there you could get your IMEI number. But if you haven't linked your device with your Google account, it would be difficult for you to get the details.

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