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    Smart watch compatible with Oppo phones

    Are you looking for a smartwatch that is compatible with OPPO A1601? Ask our technical experts to guide you through.

    I wish to buy a smartwatch. Using OPPO A1601.
    Can you please advise which smart watches will be compatible with the same.

    I really liked samsung gear S3 . If this is not compatible, can you recommend the best option for Oppo model.

    Its for my dads 60th bday. Your help will be appreciated.

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  • Well, I can suggest some of the smartwatches compatible with Oppo A1601.

    Captcha Smart Watch
    The watch is Bluetooth 3.0 compatible. It comes with 1.56" TFT LCD Touch Screen at 240*240 pixels resolution. The Captcha watch has 380 mAh and offers you a 3 hours of talktime. Some of the features supported include Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary Reminder and Audio and Video Player.
    The device is available at Rs. 1330 on Amazon India. You will also get a charging cable worth Rs. 239. Visit the link for details.

    Captcha Smart watch compatible with Oppo A1601
    The smart watch is compatible with your Oppo device. The watch comes with NFC and SIM slot. It comes with a charging cable worth Rs. 239. The device is priced at Rs. 1690. The product is certified for use with Oppo A 1601.
    You can find more details on the link

    Live....and Let Live!

  • There are plenty of Oppo compatible smartwatches out there. But do note that most of them are of low priced make.

    OPPO F1 Compatible and Certified Bluetooth Smart Watch

    This model is compatible with most of the Oppo phones. It has SIM card slot and NFC support. It also comes with remote camera feature. Though there is no auto focus for the camera. Also one more thing to note here is that there is no programmable option there. And there seems to be no batteries included with the device. It costs 1,690 Rs on Amazon.

    You can get it on :

    OPPO F1 Compatible and Certified Smart Watch by Captcha

    This is another smartphone watch, with some decent reviews. It comes up with charging cable and also 180 days warranty. There is a SIM slot but lack of NFC support. It has 16GB of memory card support. It costs 1,384 Rs on Amazon.

    You can get it on :

    Oppo Neo 7 4G Compatible Smart Watch by Captcha

    This is another smart watch from Captcha. The model seems to be supporting SIM card slot with NFC support. It has support to bluetooth. It also support various audio formats such as MP3, MP4 and others. For camera, it doesn't have autofocus support but it gets the job done. It is priced at 999 Rs on Amazon India.

    You can get it here:

    There are few others which are generic in nature but support most of the Android based devices that you may want to look at.

    1. ELV Generic Smartwatch
    2. Bingo T50
    3. eCosmos Smartwatch.

  • Some of the compatible smart watches for the Oppo A1601 model.

    Oppo F1 Compatible and Certified Smart Watch
    This is one of the best compatible smart watches for Oppo device. You can see more number of devices that would be matching with this Oppo brand. But the Captcha manufacturer focused the view over Oppo. They have been created more number of smart watches that could be compatible universally. This device has Sim slot. This also supports 16GB of memory space with the memory card slot. It also has a Bluetooth connectivity for which you can use this device as a mobile phone. This is a certified product for its best quality and performance. Issuing of Replacement warranties depends upon the sales provider.

    For Android mobiles of version 4 this is more compatible functioning. It has 1.56 inches of display screen which would be perfect fit for the wrist. The notification also been provided to indicate the user regarding calls, SMS and etc. This device comes with the price of Rs. 1,384.

    Oppo F1 Compatible and Certified Bluetooth Smart Watch
    This is another flexible model which could be compatible for the Oppo brand. This is also produced by the manufacturer Captcha. This model supports SIM slot. It also gives support of NFC. It can also remote control the mobile camera. Here too the issuing of replacement warranties depends upon the sales provider. This model comes with a price of Rs. 1,690.

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