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    List some of the top VR in 2016.

    Are you keen to know the top VR models released in 2016? Ask our technical experts to get a list of them.

    We all are well known to the fact that Virtual Reality has become quite popular in 2016. I remember Lenovo K3 note had introduced the VR like an offer with the sales over its latest model. Later many Smartphone companies started introducing this VR accessory with their smartphone models. Here I am waiting for my first experience with the VR. What are the top VR models that got released in 2016? Which one is universally compatible with all devices? Can members share your experience and suggestions regarding this thread more elaborately? I also need some detail on the features about every VR model which you list in this thread.
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  • Some worthwhile VR headsets that were introduced in 2016 were :

    HTC Vive
    The headset is one of the heaviest among the competing devices. The headset has two tracking cameras and a two controllers. Multiple accessories may be an impediment. It is wired to the control station and that may be a tough thing to handle. It is a little expensive though. And you will need a PC with high end spec sheet for effective performance.

    Oculus Rift
    It is a big name in VR space. In fact, Rift was what brought in the concept of Virtual Reality. It offers you a complete immersive experience. It comes with a huge gaming library. However, there can be motion sickness. The VR like Hive needs a PC with high end performance and graphical requirements.

    Sony Play Station VR
    This is one of the latest entrant in the VR arena. The best part with it is you would not need a High-end PC to work with it. The VR headset has a comfortable design element and best suited for multiplayer functionality. There is a little awkwardness associated with button placement.

    Samsung Gear
    The headset is lightweight. It does not need any gaming hardware. It is a combination of Oculus and Samsung. It offers you easy navigation. Lower price tag should be one of the features that go well with the prospective buyers. However, it does not work with a device lower than Samsung S6.

    Google Day Dream
    It uses smartphone as processor just like what Samsung does. It is quite lightweight and compact. Like Samsung, it also has a lower price tag. The device comes with a limited games library.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are some of the VR sets that are worth taking a look.

    Google Daydream View

    This is one of the cheapest yet efficient VR in the market. Earlier cardboard based VR didn't make much market impact. As they lacked in various features. However, daydream VR goes one step ahead of cardboard VR. It still depends on phone. It has 60hz refresh angle and resolution support based on phone instead of the VR itself. It has handheld remote for better motion control. It comes with support for Android 7.

    Sony PlayStation VR

    This is one of the premium VR out there in the market. It has some impressive specs too. It has support for HDMI port along with USB 2.0 ports. It has resolution of 960x1080. And the refresh rate for the VR is set to 120hz with 100 field of view. It has motion sensors with external visual positioning support. It is designed for the playstation 4 platform. But future VR gears may support smartphones.

    HTC Vive

    This is tethered type VR with support for HDMI and both USB 2.0 and 3.0 standard. It has decent resolution of 1080x1020px. The refresh rate of the VR is set to 90hz with 110 field of view. It comes with a built in motion controller. It has support for StreamVR and also works on PC.

    Occulus Rift

    This is one of the popular VR available in the market. It has tethered type with support for HDMI port along with USB 2.0 and 3.0 port. It has resolution of 1080x1200px. The software platform for the VR is "occulus", which is companies own platform for streaming. It has motion control support with external visual positioning. It also comes with default support for occulus touch and XBOX one gamepad. It has refresh rate of 90hz with 110 field of view. It has PC support included too.

    Samsung Gear VR

    This VR gear from samsung is a low cost compared to other VRs in the market. But compared to googles daydream it has lot of better features. It does not have support for HDMI port as of now. But it supports USB 2.O and 3.0. It has resolution support for 2,560x1440px. It has onboard touchpad and support for external ones through bluetooth.Its streaming software is supported through occulus.

    These are some of the good VR out there. But as far as smartphone users are concerned they should only think of checking at Samsung Gear and HTC vive. Any other model is either too expensive or with limited feature.

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