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  • How to share the blog post on Facebook

    Do you want to share your blog post on Facebook? Here are our experts who will let you know how to do it in the easiest way.

    I have a blog regarding TV daily soaps, their updates and free pdf downloads. Whenever I post a blog post I need to login to Facebook and share the post on it. Can anyone help me on how to post the blog post directly from Blogger to Facebook? I do share the post from Blogger to Google+, I want to share the post directly onto Facebook as well.
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  • Your blog is hosted on blogger so WordPress specific solutions don't apply to you. The below methods can be usd to post the blog update on Facebook, Facebook pages, Google Plus and Twitter.

    Here are some ways to automate the blog posting to social media.

    1. Dlvr.It

    1. Sign up for
    2. In free plan, you may find one option where you can use your blog feed to automate on social media.
    3. Add your RSS feed of the blogger.
    4. Add the social media sites. Free plan has option to add 3 sites.
    5. Authenticate the sites you want to auto post.
    6. Choose the sites for your feed.
    7. Save settings.

    Do take note that it takes a few minutes to hours for blogger feed to trigger the dlvr it or any other automation tool. So you have to be patient for the content automation.

    2. IFTTT

    Another alternative is to this process is IFTTT. This tool allows you to automate social media based on trigger. Here you can set the trigger.

    1. Read the feed for updates.
    2. If there is new post.
    3. Send the feed post to the social media.
    4. Save the automation.

    Do note that IFTTT takes some time to get used to. So try using this with some experimentation.

    3. Zapier

    This is similar to the IFTTT. Here you can set the workflow the same way to that of the IFTTT. You can use multiple social networks through zapier. But free plan has it's limitations. But here tthe triggers are pretty much the same.

    1. Read your updated blog feed from blogger.
    2. If new post exist send the trigger to social media.
    3. Post update on social media.

    These three are more than enough for your blog automation for social media requirement.

  • There are a few options you can use with your blogger blog to share your posts on Facebook -

    This is one of the best options you can use with your blogger blog to share the posts on Facebook. You just need to connect your blogger account with the IFTTT service. The service offers you various modes to share your blog on Facebook. You can choose to turn the option for sharing your blog posts to your Facebook page. It also supports linking Facebook fan page status to your blogger blog.

    Microsoft Flow
    Microsoft Flow is MS answer to IFTTT. You just need to sign up for Flow to use the service. Now create a flow using the template or from scratch. You can then set triggers to post the blog content to Facebook.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Some of the few options which make your blogger to share your post automatically on Facebook.

    It is one of the best options to make your blogs to be shared automatically on Facebook and Twitter. It is easy to connect your account with this MailChimp. Once you connected with this MailChimp, you need to connect your Facebook account with it. After your connection process gets over, your posts will automatically get campaigned with your Facebook account. Now you can easily customize your messages associated with your posts in your blog.

    Next Scripts
    This is one of the best plugins for auto posting your posts in Facebook from your blog. You need to sign in to this Next Script. From this you can connect your blog with 18 social networks. It is a huge connecting plugin. Keeping this you can receive more number of viewers for your post. With this Next Scripts, your posts will look like direct posting form you.

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