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    Music Apps for Android with best features

    Searching for the best music apps for your Android device? Here are the views from our experts.

    I am looking for the best Music Apps for Android where I can have good utility features, like repeat current song, and where creating playlist, favourites is easy. It should have good sound output too. Currently the Default App that I am using is playing all the music in a lower volume and doesn't have much user friendly features. Please suggest me a few good music apps that can play at good volume and have user friendly features.
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  • Well, the default music players on a smartphones always leave much to be desired. Some of the good third party music apps that can be suitable for you may be

    It is a well known player in the desktop music apps. When it comes to smartphones, their app has a huge list of options and customisations. You also have an access to equaliser functionality within the app. You can sync your music library between your PC and smartphone. It has a simple interface and a good design.

    It provides you a collage style of music arrangement. It has quite a good list of options like a 10 band equaliser and tag editor. The app offers a wide range of music organisation management. The music player stays a little different from the lot.

    VLC is yet another robust player that has been popular with PCs and laptops. It can play both your audio and video files. It can also handle streaming services. Apart from the ability to play any file, it offers you 5 band graphic equaliser and other filtering options. One of the best features with VLC would be it is free with absolutely NO ads.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are some of the players that you may want to use.


    Considering you want more control over volume and the sound quality, blackplayer is a good option for you. It's very easy to use this app. Also the app does have some controls which helps you adjust the sound quality as per the song. The player is free of cost for basic feature.

    Neutron Music Player

    This is another music player with lot of controls to adjust the sound. I have found that neutron music player is good for songs while adjusting the BPM and pitch. It has paid and free version. Free version is more than enough for regular usage.


    This is another app that is good for those who want more control over the volume. It has some nice set of features for basic audio needs. You may also find that app is very easy to use. It is free of cost to download.

    MI Music Player

    This app comes pre-loaded with MIUI. However if you want you can find the download on the MIUI forum. The app is very easy to use. It has some nice set of controls. You can control the sound very effectively. And one of the good app to use for navigating between the stored music.

    Pulsar Music Player

    This is another app that gives you more control over the settings of music player. You can also get more control over the library controls. It can be really easy to use due to the Material Design. The app is free to download from Google Play Store.

    These are some of the apps you can try. As these apps fulfill the requirement in your case. You should definitely take a look at it.

  • Here some of the best android music players for the android device.

    Rocket Music Player
    This app provides searching of songs, provides album art, lists playlist, shows equalizer, has 30 plus themes, shows material design, gives ratings, and displays folders.

    Equalizer Music Player
    This app provides mp3 player, music equalizer and bass booster. In this app you can edit, mix and customize the tracks. By this you can get better quality of sounds and you can control the sounds as you like.

    Music Player New
    This app has quick searching option, playing of music, easy navigation, view playlist, shuffle of songs, views of albums, notification controls, and make songs to play in queue.

    Pi Music Player
    This app provides most extraordinary features like smart playlists, ringtone cutter, Equalizer and sleep timer. The settings provide multi select options which you can share your songs to any device. The animation effects provided in this app is really delightful.

    Black Player
    This app will keep on tracking your best playlists. It also has 5 bands of equalizer, full audio controlled sound effects, favorites, most played, recently added, and recently played, editing music, and navigation between tracks.

  • These are some of the alternative best music player for your Android that you can use -

    Black Player
    As the name suggests, the app player comes with a dark black theme. It has all the columns you need - albums, genres, playlists, artists etc and also consist a sound effect controller. So you can change and set the limits of audio according to your preference.

    It has an incredible material design. It's free and it has an minimalist design which works really great with Android. It is quite similar to Shuttle player which is one of next ones. You can change the theme in Phonograph and also set the color of notification bar which is again great.

    Shuttle Player
    This is one of the popular players and most used one by many people. First we have a library where you have general suggested artists, albums, songs and then you have folders, playlists. Again here you have a lot of options to change your theme and color. You can pretty much mess with all the settings and enjoy the new Shuttle player.

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