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  • New Update available in iOS 10.2 version

    Are you looking for the new feature available in the iOS 10.2 versions update? Look at our experts answers for further details.

    Recently Apple has introduced iOS 10.2 versions update. It has established TV app in that update. There are also some other beneficial new apps that have come up with this update. What are these features? Please share your knowledge.
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  • Well, you heard that right. Apple has come up with iOS 10.2 update quite recently. There have been a few minor changes which can be outlined as below -
    New Video App
    A new video app has been introduced. It works across your iOS device and Apple TV. You can use it to search content on iTunes and your favourite streaming apps. The app does not support Netflix as of now and only available in the US.

    New Wallpapers
    iOS 10.2 has added three new wallpapers. The new wallpapers have a black background. Though it is not a great deal, yet worth considering.

    New SOS feature
    You now get new emergency options on iOS 10.2. I am not sure whether this feature is available in all countries. You can enter your emergency details. The service will be available on pressing the power button five times.

    New Emojis
    A set of new Emojis have made their appearance on iOS 10.2 update. A clown, croissant, shark, owl and butterfly are some of the new additions. New profession based emojis have been added. The older emojis have received a facelift.

    New video widget
    There is a new video widget that sits on the home page. A tap on it will take you straight to the app.

    Saving your camera settings
    You can save your camera settings. This will let you have your favourite settings always accessible. You will no longer need to default to the preset settings and change it every time you shoot something.

    The bug in the iOS messaging has been rectified in iOS 10.2. You can now resume your text from the quick response bubble easily. Moreover, therer have been new love and celebration screen filters.

    Apart from that, a few apps have received minor updates.
    • Photos app now has the option to group similar photos.
    • The Swipe Up music control offers you shuffle, Repeat and Next.
    • The News app has a new Saved option.

    However, some iPhone users have been complaining about a few bugs in the iOS 10.2. The battery issue where the battery suddenly dies when it is at 30% has been worsened in iOS 10.2 as some users have reported.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are some of the updates in the iOS 10.2 version.

    1. Notification
    Lockscreen notification are improved. You can reply and view without having to go away from home screen. You can also work with apps such as uber and apple home notifications from the lock screen itself.

    2. Water Detection

    Models prior to Iphone 7 are not water resistant. So this update will make other previous phone aware of the water in contact with phone. It also provides the instruction that allows you to avoid water affecting the phone.

    3. Control Center Update

    Control center used to be a lot cluttered. Now control center is very easy to access and less points to navigate through. Brightness slider is improved with few bugs removed for it. Top swipe is now broken into multiple panels.

    4. Graphical 3D Touch Update

    3D Touch applets are easily accessible. Some stat apps with 3D touch support have the colorful stats. Lot of update in the 3D Touch API & Graphics.

    5. Siri Update

    Siri is now updated. You can easily interact with Siri in human like tone. Earlier we used to talk in search query mode with the Siri. And this made it harder for the Siri to communicate. Now with new update siri can accept normal human like tone. Third party dependent apps are also improved.

    6. QuickType keyboard

    Quick type keyboard now recommends address, contacts and other updates such as calendar and todo list. So this can be accessible from within the keyboard popup.

    7. Photo Update

    iOS is updating and sorting the photo taken by the user. It can also create mini movies based on specific images or the photo albums.

    8. Apple Maps

    Earlier apple maps were broken. And it were not even remotely close to google maps. Now the apple maps have better result. Though there are some bugs but it's now improved. Now you can zoom and pan the maps. Also have a better view of the roads. Still not closer to google maps.

    9. Apple Music

    For those who are accessing the apple music through phone, will find a lot of improvement to the base app. The interface is now minimal. There are some of the features and settings update. That anyone using the previous app will notice.

    10. Home app updates

    This app is now managing a lot of devices in household in one dashboard. It can control some of the devices such as door lock, lights and few others that allow phone access for control. It also allows the quicker access through home app.

    These are some of the noticeable updates. There are some developer updates that are not visible on the user level.

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