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    How can I solve the Save page problem in uc browser?

    Are you facing problems while saving pages in your UC browser? Ask our technical experts to give you the best solutions.

    I've the latest uc browser.
    I wanted to save pages in my uc browser and tried to install save page apk. Then I opened a page, clicked on my menu, swiped my menu then I found the save page add-ons in tool. I clicked on save page add-ons but my page didn't get saved. I followed the youtube videos instructions. That showed that I had to click on the option button on save page add-ons. But in my Samsyng Grand 2, I didn't find any option button.
    So, please tell me how can I save pages in uc browser?
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  • UC Browser does not support offline webpages the way other browsers like Chrome or Opera do. You will need to use UCWeb addons from Play Store to achieve this. There are a couple of webpage addons available. Since you have already tried one of them, let me suggest another addon. Follow the steps below.
    • Visit Play Store and install Web to PDF UCWeb add on.
    • Now, launch UC Browser and launch the web page that you would wish to read offline.
    • Tap on the triple line hamburger menu on UC Browser.
    • Swipe this menu to left. That would take you the second page of the settings.
    • Choose Tools and locate the Web to PDF add on.
    • Tap on it to bring the file path where you want to save the file for offline reading.
    • Tap on Download option to start downloading the page in the PDF format.

    Please note that unlike the other browsers, UC browser does not save page for offline reading as an HTML or OBML page. It downloads the file in a particular format ( the format will depend upon the add on you have chosen).
    It should work the same way with the Save Page add on as well. You are getting confused with the steps, I would guess. Once you open the page, go to UC Browser settings by tapping on Hamburger menu. You then need to have to swipe the menu to left to get to the second page of the settings. Here you should find the option for Add Ons. You need to tap on the add on concerned to specify a download path and rest of the process will be self explanatory.

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  • Even I have faced this problem once before. But I tried to find the solution from Google. Finally I found the way for my problem.

    First go to the Google Play Store in your mobile. From there type Save Page – UC Browser. Install this app in your mobile. From there, click on more option. Once you click, the drop down list will appear. There choose the Add-on option and click the Add-on. Find the install button in order to save the pages. Click the Install button. It will start installing the add-on. Now whenever you try to save the page while browsing, go to add-ons and click the save page option.

  • UC Browser by default does not allow you to save pages on your SD card or internal memory. In order to do that action, you have to download Add-on for the UC Browser called "Save Page". This add-on can be downloaded from here :

    1. Download the apk and install it.
    2. Restart UC browser if it's open already.
    3. After restart of UCBrowser you'd find that UC addons has "Save Page" listed.

    It gives you open to either open the saved page or save the current webpage.

    When you surf a specific webpage and want to save the content for later reading you can choose the option.

    1. Go to UC Addons
    2. Save page.
    3. Save page as either "TXT" or "HTML".
    4. Tap on "Ok" button.

    Do note that you need to have UC Browser supported version installed for this add on to work.

    There are some other add-ons that can be used. But those addons will save the content in PDF and other file formats. You can download this add-on from here.

    I suggest sticking with Save Page addon as it perfectly solves your issues.

  • UC Browser doesn't provide this option You have to download Save Page App from Play Store. After installing the application You just have to go to the UC add-ons there You'll find save page option using that You can easily save Your page. I'm also using the same application to save pages from UC Browser.

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