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  • Facebook Messenger’s Group Video Calling

    Are you curious about the new Facebook Messenger’s Group Video Calling Feature? Know more in details from our technical experts.

    I have heard that Facebook had recently introduced its new feature called group video calling functions. This could be applicable in mobile app and through web too. In this group video chat we can chat with 6 members at once. Could this be possible with this feature? Please let me know more on this.
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  • Yes, the information you have gathered is right. Facebook Messneger has recently launched the group calling on its video calling feature.
    You can use the feature to have a simultaneous video call with as many as six members from a group(that was what was stated initially - there have been a few changes recently. More on that later). Follow the simple steps to achieve this-
    • Tap on the phone icon.
    • Add the group members with whom you would wish to have a group video call.
    • All of the recipients will get the call on their phones simultaneously.

    If, for any reason, you missed the call, you can tap on the phone icon to join the chat. You can check who is on the call while you are on the video call and choose to ping the one who has not yet joined in.
    Group video chat had been launched with the faces of six participants showing up on your screen. However, the latest update has indicated that you can add as many as 50 participants to your group video chat. You can do it as explained here below -
    • Launch Facebook Messenger.
    • Open a group conversation already on, or create a new one.
    • Add all the participants you want, and hit the call icon at the upper right corner. Every member you have chosen will get the notification for the call.
    • The participants can join the call at their convenience.

    If there are more than six participants in a chat, your screen will show up only the dominant participants.
    The iOS app also has a animated masks that SnapChat offers its users. Facebook has stated that this feature is experimental for now, and will be available on Android soon.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Facebook group chat is constantly under progress feature by Facebook. Here is how you can use the feature.


    By default the group chat icon is available for the phones with support for camera. For those with only messenger service with no front camera permission enabled in Android, may not be visible in the list.

    1. Open the Facebook Messenger
    2. Create a new group. Add only the participants you think will join.
    3. You can add upto 50 people.
    4. After adding all the users, click on Video tab.

    This should start the facebook group video. In this case you have to see that every participants has answered the group call request. Otherwise only those with the accepted requests are seen in the video chat.

    Dominant speaker is shown at the middle and rest of the speaker are shown based on their voice input.

    Missing the join request is shown up in missed call option.

    Group Chat Limit : As per the Verge report, the Facebook allows upto 50 people to get into the group chat. You can read more about it here.

    There is also camera change being done here. And the video calling feature now gets option of recording the video like snapchat and instagram like story. Currently limited to only iOS users. This may get released to android users shortly.

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