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  • Can we use both AdSense Ads and Ads together in a page

    Want to know if we can use both AdSense Ads and Ads together in a page? Does Google allow you to place Yahoo Ads in a blog which uses AdSense Ads as well? Read this thread to learn more about the AdSense policies regarding using other contextual Ads.

    I have a blog which is slowly becoming popular. I wanted to know whether it is possible to place advertisements by Google and simultaneously? Or will there be any restrictions from Google or Yahoo on advertisement placements?

    I noticed is using both together. But I read in few places that we cannot use Google AdSense and Yahoo Ads in the same page because it is a violation of AdSense policies. Will my account get banned if I use them together?

    Thank you in advance.
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  • I don't think it violates any AdSense policies to have both AdSense and Yahoo Ads or any other contextual ads in the same page. That restriction was removed long ago. Here is what the AdSense policies say about using other contextual Ads:

    Competitive ads and services
    In order to prevent user confusion, publishers may not display Google ads or search boxes on websites that also contain other ads or services formatted to use the same layout and colours as the Google ads or search boxes on that site. Although you may sell ads directly on your site, it is your responsibility to ensure that these ads cannot be confused with Google ads.

    I would interpret it as - we should not use it in such a way that it will confuse users as Google Ads. As long as we can make it look different by using a different color or having a label, we are good to go. In the olden days, there was a rule that we cannot use competing Ads but later Google removed that requirement.

    In fact, Google says in another place that if we use similar Ads, we should atleast change the color of the Ads to make them look different. Here is what Google says regarding that:

    "if you choose to place non-Google ads on the same site or page as Google ads, it should always be clear to the user that the ads are served by different advertising networks and that the non-Google ads have no association with Google. If the formats are naturally similar, we ask that you choose different color schemes for the competing ads."

    By having the label "Ads by Yahoo", we are meeting this requirement from Google. To make it further safe, we can use different colors, if we are still afraid of making Google unhappy.

    If what I remember is correct, Google removed the "No Competitor Ads" policy when the original YPN (Yahoo Publisher Network) was introduced and people started removing AdSense to try YPN! since AdSense did not allow YPN Ads. Eventually YPN went out of business and now got a rebirth in the name of Yahoo Bing Ads, managed by

  • Their is no restrictions to use both Google adsense and Yahoo advertisement in the same page. It will not violate any policys. The above response will clear all your doubts.

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  • Yes we can use both ads in a same page. As per the policies of Adsense and yahoo, there are no such restrictions. So you can use any ads by showing the difference between Google ads and the others. Read the above comprehensive response by our webmaster Tony, to clear your doubts. I think there is no need to repeat the same story again and Tony has given an ample response.

    M Suman Kumar

  • Yes, you can definitely use Google Adsense & Yahoo Bing ads together. I have also noticed many popular bloggers from India doing that. But to be on the safer side, do check out Terms & Conditions & Policies of them.

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