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  • What is the registration process of GST?

    Do you want to know what is the registration process of GST? Ask our technical experts.

    As far as my knowledge goes, GST registration is done by the India Government. Can anyone tell about the registration process of GST? What would be the procedure to enroll for registration by the new and existing tax payers? Kindly members discuss about this topic.
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  • GST is planned for the implementation with effect form 1st April, 2017. However, for the existing tax payers, the implementation will begin a little early. The GST regime will do away the need for the number of indirect taxes being levied at each stage.

    You will need the following documentation before registration
    For Private limited companies -
    • Certificate of incorporation
    • PAN Number
    • List of directors
    • Address and ID Proof of directors

    For Limited liability partnerships-LLP
    • Certificate of incorporation
    • LLP agreement
    • List of partners and their address/ID proofs
    • PAN number

    Registration Procedure
    Registration can only be done through online portal. The tax payer has to submit the online application form in GST-1 along with details of goods to be dealt with. Paymnet of the application can be done online. Once done, a temporary GST registration number would be allocated.
    The tax payer now needs to print the copy of the application and send it to the GST department along with all the necessary documents. After the verification of the documents, the GST registration certificate would be issued to the firm.

    Please note that before proceeding to apply on GST portal, you will need to collect your provisional ID and password from the state authorities concerned.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Registration for GST has the following criteria for the business or the proprietorship before it gets registered. Any North Indian company or proprietor with the turnover of 9 Lakh liability to register. Also for tax the liability to tax is 10 Lakh Rs.

    For the rest of India, the liability is Rs.19Lakh to register. And tax liability of Rs.20 Lakh. Any company under this turn over per year is not forced to register under GST.

    Apart from this, GST requires a registering company to be -

    1. Company or proprietorship entity that is registered for selling goods and services.
    2. It has accounting records for the cash flow and the supplies.
    3. Collects the tax legally on the goods and the services.

    Registration process -

    1. Application from proprietor, Pvt ltd and LLP requires PAN, DIN, TIN and VAT number documents. This is to be submitted in scanned copy with Form GST REG–01 on GSTN portal.
    2. After registering the documents and the personal details are verified.
    3. FORM GST REG-02 is signed electronically.
    4. Part B of the REG–01 needs to be supplied after this process. And then respective documents need to uploaded.
    5. This process creates Form 03. Which applicant needs to fill the details in next upcoming form.
    6. Applicant needs to attach the respective details of Form 03 in it's corresponding Form 04.
    7. Applicant will then get to sign and receive the Form 06 for the work they do in single vertical. For those in multiple verticals different form has to sign.
    8. If the Form 07 is signed then GST application can be cancelled. This shows the company or proprietor is not liable to collect taxes.
    9. After getting the respective documents, any future liable payments for GST are to be done through GST portal.

    This pretty much sums up the process of the GST registration on the portal.

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