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  • What would be the best feature in Android 7.0 operating system?

    Are you keen to know what would be the best feature in Android 7.0 operating system? Ask our technical experts for the best explanations.

    I need to know when will the Android 7.0 operating system be launched? What would be the best feature in Android 7.0 and what will make it different from the Android 6.0? What would be the name for android 7.0 in the market? Which branded device will introduce this version OS? Can members please share your thought and views for this topic?
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  • Android Nougat 7.0 is the latest iteration of the Android operating system. Some of the changes include

    DayDream changes to Screen Savers
    Google has named its new VR Platform as DayDream. So, the old DayDream feature on Nougat has now been named as Screen Savers. However, there are no changes in the way they work.

    Better multitasking
    There has been a change in the way multitasking can be accomplished. Just double tap the Recent Apps button to switch between two recently used apps. This can be useful when you are working interactively with two apps. As for instance, between your browser and email client.

    Multi Window
    Till now, Multi Window feature had been available only on some device manufacturers. Samsung users have long been able to use the feature on their smartphones. Android Nougat brings this feature to all Android devices. In other words, Multi Window has now received a native support. You can drag and drop items from one window to another seamlessly.

    View app source
    Android Nougat can now keep track of where you have installed an app from. Go to Settings and then Apps. Tap on the application you want to know about. It will let you know of the source on scrolling down to the bottom.

    Bundled Notifications
    Notifications from your apps can now be bundled into one single alert. So, instead of getting your notification tray filled with a huge list of notifications from a single app, you can now have a cleaner look for the notification tray.

    Reply from Notifications
    Your replies to messages can now be faster. If you are responding to the comments and messages from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and the like, you can do so from the notification itself. Some apps had introduced the feature, but now you have native support for the same.

    Improved settings
    Settings menu on Android Nougat has a simplified navigation. You now have a Hamburger menu that lets you jump through different sections without the need to scroll up or down. No more tapping back or scolling all the way down or to top to navigate between the menu items.

    Better Emoji support
    With the high use of instant messengers and social media, Emojis have attained a lot importance. Android Nougat comes with huge collection of Emojis built right into the software. Smilys now have a newer look.

    Data Saver
    Android Nougat comes with a new Data Saver option. You can now control the apps from using your data in the background. Just enable it from your settings and then navigate through apps list to blacklist or whitelist apps from using background data.

    Those were actually just the tip of the iceberg, so to say. The latest update will have many more new features.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are some of the new features of the Android 7.0 Nougat

    Two Apps Simultaneous

    Android 7.0 has released a new feature that allows you to use the two apps at the same time. This helps you use copy text and also for some other ways. So for those who wanted to use two apps at the same time for their usage, this new feature is useful for them.

    Drag and Drop option

    Earlier it was hard trying to drag content from one app to another. With two app mode, it's possible to use drag and drop option. You can do this for image, text files and other doc files. This is also possible in the android ware version.

    Notification bundle & Replies

    Now the phone notification region is capable of holding more notifications. It can bundle up the notification and then make it easy to view them. You can also expand the notification detail with the notification window. This is very handy feature if you want to manage large number of notifications. That's not all you can also reply each notification from the window.

    Data Saver

    Prior to nougat, each Android Custom ROM had their own version of data saver option. But now the Android 7 is shipping the data saving option. And this makes it easy for the device to save data on and off Wifi range. You can also set the option for the data during the app installation.


    Settings are now improved. You can do a lot of things with settings. Such as changing the way home settings and the tile works. Also the notification settings have more control. You can add remove items from notification panel. Also lot of settings specific to ROM are now possible.


    Though not a technical improvement. Still emoiji's are part of the change. And they are now improved. And by default you get a lot of them in your options. Apart from app specific emoji's you can now use from the official ROM. Small change on the user experience front.

    APK origins

    Earlier we had not idea on how the APK got installed. Now the Android keeps log of the origin of the apk. And you get to know how the APK was and where it was installed. This is one of the important features which can help getting rid of the spyware that may get added into Android. So in terms of security, this is one of the good features released.

    Multi Tabs Split Screen

    Now that the Nougat has the split screen option. You can see that using the multi tab is possible in this mode as well. You can use the "Move to other window" option while using the split screen. You can move through the tab with this. It becomes easy to multi task option.


    Daydream system is now being renamed as screen-savers. In terms of feature, there is no change in the way Google is developing the daydream API. It remains the same.

    Lockscreen Wallpaper

    Earlier wallpaper for each screen was possible with custom ROM. Now the default Android build allows you to have wallpaper for each screen.

    These are some of the user side changes that happened for the Android. In case of developer, there are many other changes that happened which allowed developers to build better apps.

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