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    How to increase traffic to webpages

    Are you keen to know how to increase traffic to webpages? Ask our technical experts for the latest tips.

    Though it is a normal and old question but would like to know its update from the expert. Yes, how to increase website or blog traffic? As it is hard nowadays to get traffic to blog compare to few months or years back for the same contribution. What are the measures to be taken right now? Any special tips for organic traffic?
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  • There are different ways to increase the traffic in your webpage. Some of them I have briefed here for your knowledge.

    First is creating a good name for your site. Then you need to develop a good headline for each of your articles. It is because most of the searches by the users are directed towards its relevant headlines precisely. A perfect headline attracts the user's attention and dramatically increases the users view. Even the searches on a topic done in the search engine would lead to a quick access to your webpage.

    Secondly concentrate on the contents of your articles. This is the most important part of your page. The ranking of the article will be validated by the quality of the content. The quality of the content appear the article to be on top of the search engine. For this you need to concentrate on unique content for your articles. Never copy contents from any search engine or any other articles from different owners.

    Thirdly concentrate on providing good address for the website. This create a niche with the users for specify them to search on their relevant topic for the search.

    Fourthly focus on sharing your content in the web. This could make you more comfortable for the traffic in websites. For example, sharing your contents in social media will add an extra weight age for your traffic generating content for readers by drawling their attention to your site.

    Fifth comes the length of your article. The article length should not differ much from each other. That gives your site a better look. Maintaining an average size for your content would keep your site lightweight and makes it easier for readers to read .

    Sixth concentrate on writing more number of articles in your site or blog. This makes your site or blog getting more frequent users visiting your site. This is also one sort of actions making your site get more traffic through search engines. Make your site or blog more active. This is one of the best solutions which I have found from the successors.

    Seventh, concentrate on creating keyword for your articles. It helps people to find the articles which they need. The better you can use the tags, description and metadata, the more it would be helpful in listing your site ranking in the top list of search engines.

    Eighth, concentrate on linking your page, so that users will be feel free to access your posts by clicking your link. Building links will dramatically increase the weight age of your website.

    Nineth, concentrate on linking your old posts or articles. This will suggest the users to take a view of your old posts too. This will make the users to visit your site more often. The users will preferably like to visit more of your links from your site or blog.

  • Increasing organic traffic to your webpage assumes that people get some useful stuff from your website. It shouldn't be a "one-time" affair, but people should keep referring your website to others or get back to your site for every small purpose.

    To make that happen, we can think of a webpage that contains either "subject specific" or "all inclusive" topics. So we can consider the following aspects to meet our purpose.

    The Subject Matter
    For this, the first thing to be considered is addressing one of the major needs of people, which are the most "searched for" things on the website. For example, Education, Jobs, Matrimonials, Real Estate, Hot Products, Travel etc.

    The Approach
    After you choose the subject matter, now you can get various approach to present them before the readers. It can be an informative approach, a buying guide and a page with buying links, it could be a "how to" approach with relevant solutions and so on.

    The Right Combination of Links
    Your webpage can include all the above or concentrate on any one factor from the above said approaches. But you have to make sure that all the required links are present in your page and they are working perfectly. Whether your webpage is a static or dynamic one, non-working links irritate the visitors and they would prefer not to return ever for their searches.

    Observing my own searching habits, I can say, that more a page has got interactivity, the more are the chances of attracting organic traffic. I have even visited a few forum based sites where I go time and again to get my questions answered. Examples of Yahoo Answers and Quora can stand for this, you see.

    Reaching Out to People
    The Power of Suggestion works. If you can advertise your stuff regularly in prominent places like Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, there has to be a positive impact on your site with a decent amount of traffic gushing in. But then, that's their first visit. You have to lure them back with the content, which they feel, they were "just looking for".

    With all the above working properly and internally linking each other are bound to show the result. But if things don't work drastically in the first round itself, you might have to keep trying with improving each of the aspects and work more hard towards it, without being discouraged.

  • There are many ways through which one can increase and sustain the traffic to the website and specific internal pages. Here are some of the ways that can be beneficial to you.

    1. SEO

    This is one of the dynamic way of getting traffic. It can give you both organic and in organic traffic. In case of organic traffic the user searches for keyword and finds your website. Inorganic method involves where user clicks on ads in search engine. This way SEO is always changing due to new rules and search engine improvements. However you have to focus on the what works and what are some methods that does not involve SEO manipulation.

    2. Email Marketing

    Most of the websites and the business these days are using this method to get more traffic to user platform. The email marketing methods involve creating a mailing list. And then adding the users to the list. And then sending the recurring mail driving them to landing page of a website.

    3. Social media

    Another option that gets most of the traffic these days. The content however needs to be engaging in order for it to make money on regular basis. Also attention span of the search engine users is very small. So you have to tweak the content accordingly. You can also use advertising methods like Facebook ads, twitter ads on the sites to gain traffic.

    These three methods are pillar to most of the website traffic campaigns. However here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind while driving the traffic to your website.

    1. Branding

    Pay attention to the logo and the design of the website. That stucks into the users mind. And they react to ads and the content respectively. If your website lacks the branding then you are going to have a lot of trouble retaining the readers.

    2. Keywords

    If your website is not going to target a niche keyword, then your website is going to struggle. You need to learn to rank your website for specific set of keywords. This part comes under SEO but apart from your SEO, the keywords play role in the branding. So you need to focus on that part too.

    3. Value

    By value I am referring the benefit that a user gets when he or she is visiting your website. You can offer some free ebook. Or you can offer some coupon code or discount. Or anything freebie. This helps them come back to your website over and over. This may sound odd but without value people don't stay for longer.

    4. Design

    Apart from branding, the design aspect involves readability. And you have to pay attention to fonts, style-sheet and the content. Your website also needs to be responsive across the devices. All of this adds up and helps with your websites focus on the readers who check your website.

    These are some of the things that you need to keep in mind while trying to build the website. Though the above methods are going to have some changes based on the dynamics of online traffic and the trends. But you have some fundamental parts to deal with for establishing your website and then retain the readers through such traffic.

  • There are many ways to attempt so that the traffic to your site can be increased. Please note that there are no foolproof ideas to deal with it. You may need to adopt different approaches, a striking combination of which can deliver better traffic.
    Some of them can be

    Better Content
    This has been the best strategy since the days of the beginning of blogging. "Content is the King" was one of the earliest adages, and it still holds good. Content needs to be engaging so that readers are forced to visit your site.
    Be aware that all of your audience will not be similar in their preferences. A mix and match of all sorts of content would be preferable. Put in some some shorter to the point articles along with the long ones.

    The heading of an article should be as interesting and irresistible as possible. Think of it from your readers point of view before deciding on the headline of your content.

    Social Media
    Have a huge presence on the social media. That would be a sure shot way to gather more traffic. Promote your content and subsequently your site by means of the social networks. Twitter is one of them. Use it along with shorter, yet tempting description. Google Plus can let you have your article feature in in the personalised searches. Consider Pinterest and Instagram as well for promoting your site.

    Well, this is one of the most important aspects that will influence your website traffic. Optimise the content for the search engines as strongly as possible. It can benefit you by driving organic traffic to your site. If you are on WordPress, the page analysis feature gives you an idea about the SEO friendly nature of your content. Give attention to keywords and meta descriptions. Internal links also play an important role here.

    Guest blogging
    Indulge in guest blogging on reputed sites. This can help you gain traffic to your site in return. Check the guidelines for the guest blogging though. You may invite other renowned bloggers to write on your site as well. They will link their articles on your blog, or may provide links to your site.

    Email Marketing
    Email marketing is one of the most successful traditional methods of driving content to your site. But, take care to avoid being spammy. Indulge in a friendly email about a new post.

    Be interactive
    Posting a content and leaving it to gather traffic may not always work. Build a strong comments system on your blog. Respond to the comments being posted to your articles. However, take care to have a proper moderation mechanism in place.

    Videos and images
    Pictures speak hundred times more than the text. Include a fair deal of images and if possible, videos in your blog post. Videos tend to slow down your loading time though. You may need to take care of that as well. Around 2 to three images in a post with 1000 words would be something expected.

    Live....and Let Live!

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