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  • How to move a video of a channel to other channel of same member?

    Are you looking for ways to move a video of a channel to the other? Here's the best suggestions from our technical experts.

    I am having two active YouTube channels. The First channel is an old one and it is by now become quite popular but contains some videos which are mostly relevant to the second channel. My first question, is it advisable to transfer a popular video to other channel? If Yes, How to move a video of a channel to other channel of same member?
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  • I do not use YouTube that often. However, I guess it may not be possible to move the videos uploaded on one channel to another. The ideal solution would be to delete it from one channel and then reupload it on another. Why I am suggesting you to delete it from the original channel is the fact that it may be treated as reproduced content by Google.
    If you do not want to lose the old link, follow these steps. I am not sure if this works. Try it and see if it does for you.
    • Upload the video to the channel.
    • Use the annotation feature on YouTube to blackout the origianl video and add a text file with a text link This video has been moved here. Link this annotation to the current video.

    Please note that you will lose current views and comments on the current video. You will also lose the rankings you have gained so far. This is not an ideal solution for your issue. It is just a walkaround.

    One of the methods I found elsewhere states that it can be done by changing the license of your origianl video to Creative Commons.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • I can answer this as fellow YouTube Creator. When I attended creator academy I asked this same question. And the response was that you should not put the same video as is, to another channel even if you own it. The best approach here would be to edit the video, add some content, like say new intro, or information pops and some edits. And then re-upload the video to another channel. The reason for this is each video passed through following additional edits to each video such as -

    1. Content ID
    2. Content Protection

    Uploading the same video as it is often lead to triggering the copyright flag through the above two points. Also in terms of SEO it hurts the original channel too after moving the video.

    So the best approach in this scenario would be to edit the existing video and move to another channel. You have to rework on the SEO and also build the views as it's starting from scratch. Never delete the channel for video. Just move the re edited videos. Deleting the channel leads to more complication and getting the monetization takes time for new channel too.

    Another approach is to create new playlist in existing channel and move the video to that playlist. This way sorting of the videos becomes easy. SEO wise you don't lose anything either.

  • As far as I know, you can't transfer your video from one channel to the other. YouTube has given options to download your own videos from the channel and can re-upload your downloaded video to your new channel. Once the videos are uploaded into your new channel, delete the original video which you have in your first channel. Then the count, likes and statistics of the video will be continued with your new channel.

    There is one method in which you can transfer your video without downloading and re-uploading. That is, first setting your video as Private. Once it is done, add your new channel to it. The viewers can view your videos from there. This could be simpler than anything else. Now change the video's license which is going to be transferred. It may allow viewers to remix your video. Now change into your second account. There you can proceed with the remix button on the video. This will copy the video which you tried to copy originally. Then the video will come in to your new channel. Once this process is completed, don't forget to delete your existing video in the old channel.

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