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  • LG G2 D800 digitizer some Screen option is not working

    Are you facing trouble with the digitizer of your LG G2 D800 smartphone? Here you can ask our technical experts for the best solutions.

    I am facing a problem with my LG G2 D800 smartphone, I have purchased LG G2 D800 from a shop, after passing few months I noticed that the phone screen is not working. The smartphone screen front digitizer in some points is not working, I tried to resolve the problem but can not get the right solution. I also searched for solution on the internet but still could not get any details,

    Note: My Phone screen is not damaged and not broken. It is fine except the digitizer and everything else is working perfect.

    Please help me with a step by step guidance on how to make it work again.
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  • There are many complaints about the issue being faced by the LG G2 devices. It appears as if there is a manufacturing defect in some of the batches.

    If some particular area on your phone is not working, or is unresponsive - it would definitely be an indication that something is wrong with the digitiser. It has been observed that the issue occurs even with a non broken or undamaged digitiser.
    One of the best options to solve the issue would be to factory reset your LG G2. It has been observed to solve the problem in most of the cases. However, in certain cases, the problem returns after a couple of months. If it happens with you, you may have to replace the digitiser. If you have the technical expertise in the field, you may attempt it yourself. The LCD display and the digitiser are fused together. You may need to have LCD separator and other allied tools for the purpose. Replacing the complete display assembly can be a better idea.
    As for my personal opinion, I would advise you to get the work done at the authorised service centre. However, before visiting the service, try factory reset and check if it resolves the issue.

    Here is how you can factory reset your LG G2 -
    • Power off the device.
    • Press and hold Vol Down and power button until the logo appears.
    • Release the Power button, and press it again immediately.
    • Release both Vol Down and Power buttons when the the Factory Reset screen appears.
    • Choose YES. You can scroll with volume buttons and confirm using the power button.
    • Select Yes to begin reset process.

    Please note that factory reset deletes all your data from your device. Ensure to take a backup before proceeding.

    If your phone is responsive to touch, you may use the following method to reset.
    • On Home screen, choose Apps
    • Under Apps, choose Settings
    • Choose Backup and reset
    • Now tap on Factory Data reset
    • Tap on Reset Phone. Next, tap on Delete All

    Live....and Let Live!

  • In this type of model, the digitizer becomes a common error. Try this solution in order to recover your device. First shutdown you're mobile. At the back side of your mobile, there will be a SIM slot. Open the back side of your device. You will find lots of screws present there in silver and black color. Remove all of them. Make sure that all the screws from there are removed. Because shapes and sizes of each screw will be different from each other. Notifying that would be helpful for you to reassemble your device easily.

    Secondly, try to remove another back case present near the camera. Make sure that you are not damaging your motherboard. It is close enough to the case. Always handle everything with care. Be patient and gently handle your work. Else it will cause severe trouble. Once the back case is removed, try to disconnect all the ribbon cables present in the boards. Then move on to disconnect the antennas which is present on both sides of the motherboard.

    Thirdly, at the bottom side of your device, you can see a little tip of board presenting with dual ribbon combination. Just give little push with your tool to release the pressure. It will help the board to create a gap between the parts. Once it is done, try to remove that ribbon in a gentle manner. Also check whether the cables are totally freed from the motherboard. Then only the board comes out without any pressure or any distraction.

    Fourth, once the second board is removed, you can see the battery of the device that is held there. To remove the battery, don't use hard tools. Use thinner plastic tools, which could cause no damage to the device. Now the device would be free. Use the heater to heat the screen of your device for maximum 2mins. Now remove the screen out of your device, so that your device is completely separated and replace them.

    Finally, now it's time to remove the screen and replace it. Gently handle the device while removing each and every part. Because of the parts are partitioned carefully with joints. Each and every joins are parallel. So not only removing those parts is difficult, even joining the parts is equally critical. Now once you are ready to re-assemble your device, repeat all the procedures to remove.

    Note: Be sure that you know how to handle the inner parts of your mobile by using these procedures. Because one of my friends is a mobile repair engineer from him I got all these methods. If you are not sure to handle, please hand it over to a service center.

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