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  • How to shift to my Blog from Blogger to Regular Hosting?

    Want to know how to migrate from a Blogger blog to regular hosting plans? Want to move from Blogger blog to a hosted domain? Keep an eye on this thread to know more.

    I saw there is an option that you can get your blog changed from blogspot to a custom domain. But what is the procedure, if I want to change my blog from Blogger Platform to a Regular Hosting Platform? Please guide me through this by a step by step instruction.
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  • I assume you mean to migrate your blogger blog to paid hosting. Paid hosting is generally associated with migrating your blogger blog to WordPress and hosting it through paid hosting services.
    Here are the basic steps you will need to go through to achieve that -

    Choose a hosting service
    To begin with, choose a good hosting service that suits your needs. Compare the prices and services provided. I would advise you to prefer the ones that offer additional features.

    Once you zero in on a hosting service provider, pay up and sign up for the service. Install WordPress on your Control Panel (generally referred to as CPanel). Locate the option to install WordPress.

    Import your Blogger Blog
    Next step would be to migrate your blogger blog to your new hosting service. WordPress offers you the easy Blogger Importer tool for the purpose.
    • Choose the option Tools and then Import. Now, click on Blogger.
    • Click on Install Now.
    • Activate the installed plugin. You should now get a prompt to access your Blogger account.
    • Accessing your account will bring up the name(s) of your blogger blog(s).
    • Click on Import button against the blog you want to migrate.
    • Follow the instructions to complete the import.

    Change Permalinks
    This step involves redirecting your traffic from the old blog to the new one. In your Admin panel, go to settings and choose the option for Permalinks. Now choose Custom Structure and change the permalinks.

    Do not forget to redirect your Blogger blog to your custom domain. I assume you have opted for a custom domain before deciding to opt for migration to paid hosting. You will need to set the custom domain on your blog, otherwise people logging on your blogger blog will not be redirected to your new URL.
    To do this, follow the below mentioned steps -
    • Select Settingsand choose Publishing.
    • Now choose Custom Domain. You can now enter your URL>
    • Now, save your changes and you are done.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • The instructions explained in this reply are specific to cpanel hosting. If you migrate your hosting to the private dashboard based hosts such as - 1and1, godaddy then instructions will be slightly different (in few steps).


    Make sure you choose cpanel based hosting. You have options to choose from - bluehost, hawkhost, hostgator. Once you purchase hosting from these services you'd get few details which you need to keep handy such as -

    1. Nameservers
    2. Mail Server

    Domain Registrar Setup

    Once you purchase domain from the domain registrar, you need to setup your name-servers here. From the earlier step you can find the nameserver from your hosting company. This name-server details need to be added into domain settings.

    It looks something like and ns2.

    Cpanel Setup

    After you setup domain name and hosting, the next step is to setup WordPress on this domain name. Follow the instruction below.

    1. Login to cpanel account of your host.
    2. Go to Script installer (e.g. Softaculous or Script Installer)
    3. Choose WordPress.
    4. Add the details of your domain, admin username, mysql database name and password.
    5. Click install.

    This step will install the WordPress on your domain. And you get the WordPress dashboard URL and you can now login to the backend of WordPress.

    Migrate Blogger to WordPress

    You need to export Blogger XML content in order for migration to work. Follow the steps below -

    1. Login to Blogger.
    2. Go to Blog.
    3. Go to Settings.
    4. Click on Export this blog.

    This creates XML file with Google's own schema. So this schema needs to be converted into WordPress schema to work. Inside WordPress you need blogger importer plugin in order to import the content from blogger. Follow the steps to import the blogger xml content into WordPress.

    1. Login to WordPress dashboard of your domain.
    2. Go to Tools > Import.
    3. Find the Plugin for Blogger Import.
    4. Install the plugin.
    5. After installation it redirects to blogger import page.
    6. Use upload button to import the XML file downloaded earlier.
    7. This will also import pages, images, URL format and other content.
    8. Done.

    Your blogger blog is now imported to WordPress. You can now modify WordPress setup such as permalinks and other settings.


    This step is required only if you want to make use of more SEO friendly URL structure. Follow the steps below.

    1. Go to Settings > Permalinks.
    2. Change the permalinks structure from Bloggers time, date type to something more SEO friendly such as postname.
    3. Save the settings.

    In case of some hosts, it may require you to update permalinks with .htaccess. In that case take help from your hosts, technical team as often this file if gets corrupted may affect your hyperlinks on blog.

    Apart from this do sign up to Google search console and add your sitemap.xml to that site. This should get your website indexed quickly. This completes your blogger website migration to WordPress on your own hosting account.

  • Going with the free option, you cannot get flexibility with customized features for your site. You need to move to a paid option. That itself can help you to feel free in using your site with more options. It gives you an opportunity for earning better with advertising and selling domains.

    Some of the steps to be taken:
    First you need to announce in your old blog that you are going to migrate with your new site. This could help viewers to get back with your new site.

    Next you need to concentrate on selecting the paid sites. Choose the one which would be preferable for you having better features in it. Also check with the price of the new host and memory space allotted for your site. Then you need to install the word press on your new site. This will sign-up your new site with the paid service. Whatever is the default posts present in your site, just remove it. Don't make any default posts be there in your site. Once you login into your account import the posts which you have trying to publish.

    The last and most important thing you need to consider is changing the permalinks in your blog. This will intimidate the traffic of your old blog into your new blog. Save the settings and access your new blog freely.

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