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  • Which TV is better : Samsung 43k5300 or LG 43LH600T?

    Do you want to know between Samsung 43k5300 or LG 43LH600T which one is better in all respect? Ask our technical experts for the best answer.

    Please tell me which TV is better between the above 2 models (Samsung 43K5300 and LG43LH600T) in terms of smart features, picture quality, sound quality, connectivity, additional features etc. etc. and also based on their overall specifications.
    Money no constraint.
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  • Here's the comparison between the two TV sets.

    Display As both the displays are of 43'' screen size, it's hard to make call on this. However you may find that in terms of picture quality, Samsung has got the upper hand over LG. Based on the available set of reviews, the picture quality of Samsung is tested to be much better than LG's model.

    Sound Quality In terms of sound, you'd find that both the TV's have pretty much same quality. You'd not find one performing better than the other. Both of the TV sets give you enough control over the audio. Samsung however has the Joiiii jukebox which is an added feature for those who want to convert their TV set into jukebox. Virtual Surround Plus of LG does sound cool but doesn't add much sound difference for normal listening.

    Connectivity Each TV set offers 2 USB and 1 HDMI port. Both the TVs have decent performance when the chromecast dongle is connected. You'd find that both having the USB port, there is no issue of connection. And the USB ports are placed at accessible places on the TV.

    Intel WiDi is one feature that is added into the LG TV for connectivity between the TV and computer. LG also seems to have the smart share feature for file transfer. Miracast feature of LG allows you to sync the video connection across multiple devices.

    So in terms of connectivity and features, I'd say LG model turns out to be lot superior.

    Viewing Angle Viewing angle is more flexible with the LG. In case of Samsung you'd find that it has less flexibility for adjusting the viewing angle. However Samsung does have 360 degree support, that may still keep the model as close to LG. In this point also LG performs over the Samsung model.

    Additional features LG seems to have a lot of additional features such as - Magic Mobile Connection, Magic Remote and Content store. This sort of set of features under which Samsung lacks. Also LG has the TV upgraded to the Web OS 3.0 with all the enhancement. Samsung on the other hand has kept the base OS to the same. The model also doesn't offer much feature improvements like LG.

    Looking at the feature set and the reviews, I'd say LG 43LH600T definitely has the upper edge over Samsung 43K5300.

  • Let's start discussing about the comparison of two television models.

    First we look into display, both the models have its size as 43inch with full LED type. Also the display contains 1920 x 1080 ppi for both the models.

    Regarding connectivity, WIFI is common in this type of brands. So both the brands have WIFI connectivity. Especially, the Samsung model has WIFI direct functionality. Secondly, both the models have a smart version of 1xUSB connectivity and 2xHDMI ports. In Samsung it is 43K5300 and 2xUSB connectivity's with 3xHDMI ports and in LG it is 43LH600T.

    Let's take a look about its adapter types in both the models. Both the models have upper hands with a power supply of about AC 100-200 V. But there is some variation in its power consumption. The Samsung 43K5300 has a power of 110 W in energy and the LG 43LH600T has power of 30 W in its energy saving system.

    Additional features include eye level consumption and effective screen resolution. There is an additional offer given to these brand models found in most of the offline markets. They are likely to be offers like dish TV, or flexi wall mount stands to boost the sales. Lets talk about its purchasing range in the online markets. Online super giants like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, EBay and Shopclues are selling these models with affordable price ranges.

    In both the specs, these two models have similar features. As per the performance and feedback of customers point of view, LG 43LH600T is best to purchase. Not only in price range, also for its power consumption. The LG 43LH600T model is having its upper hand on the Samsung 43K5300 model. From my point of view purchasing LG model would be more beneficial.

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