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  • IPhone 7 feedback or review or suggestion

    If you are looking for IPhone 7 feedback, review or suggestion, our technical experts are here to provide you with the right ones.

    As we know Apple has recently released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S across globe, one of my friend who is iPhone user says that iPhone 7 gadget is not as expected and only few minor changes have been made like, removing headphone jack, changing antenna location, home button function differences and on.

    I would like to know more detail about iPhone 7 or 7S as feedback from the end user. It will be appreciated if you could put some points on this device/s.
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  • There are many reviews of iphone 7 and 7S in favor and against depending on the expectations of the user. Here are some of the most common reviewers opinion built based on the usage of the device.

    Design For last 3 years the Apple's iphone design hasn't changed at all. The same curved design is continued in this release as well. If you compare iphone 6 with Iphone 7 in terms of design you'd not find any improvement over that.

    Hardware Instead of adding features, it seems the apple is in process of reducing the feature bloat. It has removed the way 3.5mm headphone jack was connected to the device. It has also got rid of traditional distance measuring that was tied to GPS. Apple has taken one step outside the closed loop system and added USB-C capability. Processor is improved with A10 series along with dedicated graphics processor.

    Camera There is absolutely no improvement over camera spec from the previous generation phone. You'd find that apart from low light imagery support, there is no new feature added. The lens is still the 12MP primary side and few aperture adjustments. There are some tests showing the low light images are not that attractive either. So you're not gaining anything new by switching to iphone 7 series for photography reason. Video seems to be not improved in terms of quality either.

    Minor Improvements Features such as home button notifying damaged display and home button damage on screen can be a good option. But in grand scheme of design, it's not something you'd buy phone. The tests from benchmark software also show that the battery life is improved. So there seems to be lot of small improvements.

    If you choose to purchase the phone for style and status purpose, then you can go ahead and buy it. If you are purchasing the phone for photography, then unfortunately there is no technical benefit that can be achieved from this new phone.

  • If your question pertains to whether you should opt for the new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, here I go with my arguments about the features.

    Design and size
    In terms of design, there has been no change in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The external looks remain same as the previous devices with just a few subtle changes. The latest Apple smartphones now comes with IP67 water and dust resistance capacity. Home button is now capacitive and the feel is quite great according to the users. The antenna lines on the rear are gone which gives the phones a cleaner appearance.

    Bye Bye 3.5 mm Audio jack
    Considered to be a controversial decision, the 3.5 mm audio jack has been done away with. It is now replaced with lightening Port. It would mean you will need to search for the specific headsets complying with the standard ( Apple provides the adapter within the box as of now, but I would not expect it to continue doing it forever). Also gone are the chances of listening to music and charging your phone simultaneously. The 3.5 mm audio technology has gone obsolete and provides you an inferior audio quality, that has been the reason why Apple decided to remove it. Moreover, Apple has stated that the feature had to be removed in view of providing effective water resistance properties (How other manufacturers have been providing water resistance along with 3.5 jack is a puzzle for me - Maybe Apple can explain it!)

    Even as Apple is ditching audio jack stating it to be old technology, they are continuing with the LCD display when other manufacturers have been moving on. There are reports that the LCD technology has been pushed to its extreme to provide you the best possible performance. The color reproduction has been the best so far as long as the Apple devices are concerned.

    One should note that Apple has lost the title of being the best camera phone to Samsung in recent years. iPhone 7 comes with a 12 MP camera, while the iPhone 7 Plus offers you a dual camera setup with a telephoto lens. Optical Image stabilisation has made its way in the iPhone camera set up. There is also a 6 element lens as compared to the 5 element lens on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Color accuracy and low light camera performance has been improved. That, however, does not mean that the Apple devices have regained the topper slot in terms being the best camera, yet - yes, the difference has been much closer.

    Live....and Let Live!

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