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  • How to configure Airtel 4G hotspot Wi-Fi router

    Facing trouble to open the Airtel Home Page? Ask our technical experts how to configure Airtel 4G hotspot with Wi-Fi router.

    Airtel Home Page is not opening directly while connecting to my PC Desktop or by
    But it is connected by Wi-Fi. This time I am also using the same Hotspot wireless Wi-Fi connection in my Window 7.
    But home page is not opening at all.
    May anyone suggest me what can I do for this?
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  • It seems you can't go to the administration page and for this you have to make few changes. Follow the steps below to get access to the administration page and later you can configure the rest of the router.

    1. Go to Network Settings by right clicking network icon in tray.
    2. Go to TCP/IP settings.
    3. Set the IP address to
    4. Keep the default subnet mask values at :
    5. Keep the gateway value at :

    Gateway value if placed at any other value then that affects your administration page access. So make sure you keep the above values. You can now reboot the modem and also restart the Windows. Once rebooted you can gain the access to the administration page at

    Note If you don't get the access by the changing values as above mentioned steps. You need to do the hard reset to the modem or router. In this case all the previous values are erased from the router. And this way you can start over for password and other authentication details.

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