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    How to set Volume in innjoo fire 2plus

    Do you want to know how to set the Volume in Innjoo fire 2plus phone? Ask our technical experts.

    I have problem in my Innjoo fire 2plus mobile smart phone. Sometime the volume does not work while I am watching videos or listening to audio. May be it requires some changes in the settings which I am not able to find out. When I use head phones or bluetooth headset the volume is ok. Please let me know what should I do.
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  • In this type of model, there will be a software issue been revolving. First try to update your audio driver in your model. Moreover update your music and video player which will be present there as default in your model. If in this case your model doesn't show any change, try to reset your mobile for safe usage. To reset your device you need to follow these steps.
    1. Go to main menu and settings.
    2. Find backup and reset option.
    3. Tap factory data reset.
    4. Again tap reset phone.
    5. Click Erase everything.
    That's all. Your phone will get restored. It may take some time.

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