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  • How to remove easydialsearch extension from Google Chrome?

    Do you want to know how to remove easydialsearch extension from Google Chrome? Ask our technical experts for the best answers.

    What would happen if you open your Google Chrome browser and you find some irritating web page like "Easydialsearch" appearing? Every time you change the default page to Google it again gets reset. So I guess you must have understood my problem. I want this to be removed from Chrome forever.
    Note:In setting, default page is saved as search.zingload[dot]com and when I am trying to change it, it says-"This setting is enforced by your administrator". Please suggest a solution to this issue.
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  • Easydialsearch seems to be loading itself from lot of entries inside the computer. So here are the steps to remove it completely from your computer.

    1. Go to control panel in your Windows. Find EasyDial installer and EasyDialsearch installer. And uninstall it. If it doesn't allow uninstallation then download Revo uninstaller and remove it from there.

    2. Uninstall many other suspicious installed programs with similar icons from the control panel (or using the Revo uninstaller).

    3. Open chrome in Incognito mode. And type the following :


    Make sure you have selected beginning of time here. Let the browser data be removed by chrome including the passwords and other settings. This will take you outside the incognito mode but this step is necessary as if you don't go through incognito mode, then easydialsearch won't let the cookies to be removed.

    4. Reset profile settings. If you are running chrome with personal profile then reset it through settings or by removing the profile. You can also do it through chrome://settings/resetprofilesettings

    Click on the reset settings button that arrives.

    5. Go to extensions through hamburger menu or through chrome ://settings/extensions.
    Find the easydial and easydialsearch extension. Click on garbage icon and remove them. If they require disabling then disable them first and then delete it from the extensions.

    6. Restart the browser. Check all the places where the extension is installed. and verify if the easydialsearch is removed or not.

    Do note that there are some of the automated removal tools. Do not use those uninstallers at all. As those uninstallers are only going to stall your time and make it harder to uninstall the new spyware install on the system.

  • In fact, EasyDialSearch can be considered a malware that changes your default search engine settings. It might have entered your system because of a couple of reasons. You may have installed a software recently from an unauthorized source. Such sites surreptitiously install additional programs along with the one you have installed yourself. Take care to examine every dialog box before installing the apps and software.

    EasyDialSearch can be an issue as the time passes. It can get dangerous. It keeps redirecting you to its own resources as soon as it invades your system, or to be precise your browser. It suggests various links which if clicked, will install more such software tools. Even the search results obtained on the EasyDialSearch are not trustworthy. The malware can slow down the performance of your PC as well.

    Please note that removing it from just one place may not be enough. Here are the steps to completely remove it from your system.

    Remove it using Add/Remove programs
    Follow the usual procedure for removing a software from your PC.
    • Go to control panel and then Add/Remove Programs.
    • Look for the EasyDialSearch program.
    • Uninstall it the usual way.
    • You may also use advanced software tools like RevoUninstaller for the purpose. These programs can remove all the traces of the software you have been removing.

    Remove any extensions
    Even after removing the software, the extensions may stay.
    • Remove the EasyDialSearch extension from your browsers.
    • On Chrome, you can move to Settings ->More Tools -> Extensions. Locate the EasyDialSearch extension and remove it by clicking on the bin.
    • Reset Google settings so that everything gets removed.
    • On FireFox, press Ctrl+Shift+A and disable the extension that you want to delete.
    • On the Internet Explorer, go to Settings and under Internet Options, look for Toolbars and extensions. Remove the extensions related to EasyDialSearch.

    You can use some specialized software tools for removing the EasyDialSearch malware. There are a few renowned malware removal tools.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • If you want to remove the virus, you have to follow a number of steps that are listed below.
    The is an adware which has been specifically designed for easy money by generating web traffic, through collecting huge sales leads for unauthenticated sites, where the developers will be able to display their own advertisements and sponsored links directly within your web browser.
    So tto permanently remove this adware from your browser:

    1. You have to Uninstall from the Settings> Add\Remove Programs.

    2: You have to Clean the from your browser Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. For this you can use cleaners like CC Cleaner or other professional cleaner apps.

    3: To Remove permanently from your browser and its leftovers from your System, take the help of a system scanner or a professional antimalware program which can identify the probable registry leftover files or temporary files that could have been created by this adware and can harm your system.

  • It is very easy to remove any unwanted installed extension, just go to the link chrome://extensions/ (type this one in Chrome browser) and see the detail. You can either uncheck the box for disabling a particular plug-in or simply 'delete' by clicking on 'recycle' mark. That's it and the problem is solved.

    You need to often check this link to know whether some unknown plug-in got automatically installed or not etc. It happens when you visit some new sites and such extension get installed automatically. This is the best way to get rid-off from such extension / plug-in.


  • I am afraid to say that none of the above method worked for me as I have tried each one of them. Is there any other way to remove it? Or should I just format my Windows?

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