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  • Verification of vehicle particulars

    If you are facing trouble with the registration of your vehicle and are tired of the non-responsive customer care, here's how you should handle it.

    Honda Dealers have cheated me during I purchased a motorcycle in 2014.The manufacturer changed the model of motorcycle during its registration. The MANUFACTURE of the bike is 2014, but it is registered as MANUFACTURED in 2015. The public relation officer from Honda is not responding to my email. My vehicle frame no. is ME4JC36NLE7179908.

    Please let me know what should I do.
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  • It is normal that when someone buy the bike or car during the last quarter of the year, it happens by mistake or overlook of the document. Yes, when one buys a bike at the end of the year and process the registration paper later, the RTO will consider the date when they process the paper, it means, they might have received your bike paper at the end of the year (2014) but would have processed it during beginning of the year 2015 and updated the same in manufacturing column too by mistake.

    The data entry people sometime overlook on such document or consider the value column which already existed for previous customer data.

    I know one thing happened to my close one is, authority done major mistake was all the data entered were correct except Bank name, thus, unable to get an approved scholarship amount despite roaming for few days, spending money and energy, after few email exchanged and few months later, finally they changed the correct Bank name but still money not received and online status shows that money credited to corrected Bank account whereas still it shows zero.

    The image that you provided is also known as smart card (certificate registration from Govt. authority) and the authority would have overlooked it than Honda dealer. You have to approach the RTO to clarify it after the Honda to confirm for modifying it. I feel Honda wouldn't have done any mistake but the other authority would have overlooked it. You can apply for modifying it.


  • The mismatch can cause certain issues in the future. It would be advisable to get those details corrected. You can submit an application for the necessary changes by addressing it to the concerned RTO.

    The difference in the manufacturing date and registration dates can affect the resale value of your vehicle as well. I would think it should be the responsibility of the dealer to get it done. While making that statement, I would assume that the registration is done by your dealer. If there are any incorrect details in it, it should be the duty of the dealer to get it corrected. Not only the wrong date of manufacture but other incorrect details like wrong vehicle name, incorrect address or such other inaccuracies.
    Get in touch with your dealer, if they do not seem to take the matter seriously - consider escalating the matter to the higher rung of the manufacturer through social media. Twitter can be a better tool in reaching out to the higher authorities of any organisation.
    Meanwhile, also get in touch with it the concerned RTO as well. They may be in a position to guide you to get the issue resolved.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • It seems the registration details are mismatch and you have to get this corrected from RTO ROC office in order to not have any further legal and insurance related issues.

    The first thing that happens in such case that your insurance may get into the trouble as the date changes may void your insurance period. And for this to be corrected you have to get this corrected from the distributor himself.

    Go to distributor (dealer of service center) from where you purchased the vehicle. And get the confirmation on the date mismatch. Get it in the writing from them regarding the date change. The get this document to the vehicle registration office (ROC). They should verify the original date of purchase. And this should get your document recreated accordingly. And then your new ROC certificate and the registration of vehicle dates will be updated. Do note that this may take some time for you to get the documents done from both dealer and the vehicle registration office.

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