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    Moto G4 Plus (India) - Contacts option - not user friendly

    Are you facing trouble with the Contacts option in your Moto G4 Plus (India) phone? Ask our technical experts to guide you through.

    I got Moto G4 Plus phone from Amazon India. However, I am finding the "CONTACT" option of this device not user friendly.

    I am trying to save contact in device (without synchronizing any gmail account or other email account). There is no such option. Also its now allowing me to add contacts in my SIM Card (Slot 2).

    Moreover, I imported few contacts from SIM Card. There is no select option / no delete option. I tried using 3rd party application also. However, these imported contacts are not visible in third party application.

    My requirement:
    - I should be able to save contacts in device (without synch to any mail ID)
    - I should be able to delete contacts from device / SIM card
    - I should be able to save contacts in SIM.
    Please guide me through.
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  • Here are the steps you have to follow to successfully add and delete contacts on your Moto G4 Plus Phone:

    Adding a Contact:

    1. Go to the "Apps" tab that is listed on the home screen.
    2. From there go to the "Contacts"
    3. There you see the option "All Contacts" where there is a "+" symbol visible in the lower-right corner of the screen
    4. You have to Choose an account where you want to save the contacts
    5. Now Enter the contact's name, phone number,and other details in the given fields.
    6. click on the "Done" tab to store the contact.
    7. Repeat the same for all your contacts

    Importing and Exporting Contacts:

    a) Go to the "Contacts" from the "App" icon listed in the home screen.
    b) Then from the "Menu" select the "Import / Export" option.
    c) From there you have to Select the "Import from storage", "Import from SIM card" or "Export to storage", whichever you need.
    d) Now keep following the on-screen instructions to import or export the contacts you need.

    To Delete Contacts:

    Go to the "Contacts" from the App icon.
    There select "All contacts".
    Now choose the contact which you want to delete
    Now, select the "Edit" option from "Menu"
    You will get here the "Delete" tab, and you have to click "OK" to confirm.

  • Though I have not used a Moto G4 Plus, here are the ways to manage your contacts on the device -

    Add a new contact

  • Choose Apps on the Home screen.
  • Tap on Contacts
  • Choose All Contacts and then tap on the + sign to expand the options.
  • Choose an account and enter the details of your contact.Once done tap on Save

  • Delete Contacts
  • Choose Contacts as in the above step.
  • Choose the contact you want to delete and tap on Edit
  • On the Menu, tap on Delete
  • Tap on OK

  • Live....and Let Live!

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