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    How to Improve my blogging website

    Do you want to know how to Improve your blogging website? Ask for the best advice from our technical experts.

    I have my own blogging website. Which contains technical questions, Problem solving etc.,I am keen to know how to improve the blog to make money. I have post solutions for .NET and SQL related things.
    But let me know some interesting blog spots which really makes money

    Kindly provide me some ideas.
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  • There are so many steps to be taken to improve your tech blog and even for its organic traffic to increase gradually. Yes, there are already many top tech blogs are available in a particular niche what you had mentioned and they are including .NET and SQL etc.

    There are many custom domain tech blogs are available and your's is just a free blogspot blog and will get less traffic compare to custom domain. In general, custom domain, seniority of the blog, rank of the blog and other active quality and unique contribution chases always to be on top 10 or 20. There shouldn't be any remark of the blog from search engine perspective to get the best result in competitive environment.

    To overcome from them, you just need to write and publish the post which is unique, new and mass search of the relevant keywords or topic etc. You have to analyze about it then try to prepare accordingly. If you write any tech topic which are already available online then your blog will hardly get traffic compare to old tech blogs and their quality content.

    It is better for you to use blog effectively by presenting finest, new and quality article on such tech niche. You have to make sure that the post you are about publish is really little or mass search in the near future. It is also better if you could able to change your blogspot blog to custom domain blog.


  • You may consider following a few tips as outlined here below -

    1. First things first, if you really want to make money, I would advice you to get a custom domain and redirect your blogspot blog to it. No need to pay for hosting as of now. You can continue to work on Blogger itself.

    2. Always remember that content is the king. When I say that, though it is a cliched word, I mean unique content that has keywords that are capable of gathering more traffic. Choose a topic that is most searched for, but make sure your content remains unique - unique in the sense it has no content that has been published elsewhere. Tech blogs are bound to look similar because of the nature of the content. Try being different as much as you can.

    3. Interlinking is one of the best techniques to get a better traffic. Interlink your blog posts though taking care not to overdo it is equally important.

    4. Edit your older posts to suit the newer ones. Point your old posts to the new ones. If you have some posts that rank higher on your site, never think twice before editing them and pointing to the new posts. This would help in getting traffic to your new posts.

    5. Videos can be a better tools to make things more understandable. Use videos if you are making some how to articles. Meanwhile, make sure the videos do not slow down the response time for your blog posts.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • There are a number of things that you can do to improve your blog.

    1. As you need more organic traffic for your blog, you need to provide enough scope for participation. For example, in Techulator, there is enormous scope of people to visit the site, as they don't only get information, they can even contribute. So happens with Yahoo Answers or other Open Forum sites like Parentree etc., where people discuss about a topic, share their knowledge and the site simply keeps running.

    2. If you restrict your blog with limited subject matter, the scope of the improvement of your blog also gets limited. In the same tech niche, you can include other subject areas too. In this way, more users will be able to participate and more viewers would find your blog useful for their queries.

    3. You can even consider of collecting good original images for your blog which is actually rare in other blogs. For this all you need to do is, taking good quality pictures of tech products and even good screenshots would also help you in this matter.

    4. A section of "How to" will help your blog prosper in every sense. But make sure that your suggestion, information all are authentic and they really work.

    5. You can keep an option open for "guest posts" so that even your friends or new visitors or members can feel the thrill to see their posts go live on your blog.

    6.You can arrange for some giveaways to attract organic traffic. For this you can browse through the Giveaway topics listed in this site itself.

    7. You have to make sure that your blog is getting updated with fresh content everyday. And this updated content should get highlighted in your blog.

    8. Last but not the least, letting people know about your blog is the final thing which is indispensable for the improvement of your blog. You have to spread the word through as many social media channels as you can apart from the "word of mouth" tactic. Share your blog posts in as many groups or pages as possible in all the social media sites. For this, first you need to join the groups of the similar niche. Even only bloggers group will do a lot of work for you. Keep updating your blog posts in these sites and if possible advertise your blog in free advertising sites.

  • There is a lot of room for improvement for your blog. Here are some of my suggestions.

    1. Name of blog: Your blog name "manicse85" doesn't sound professional. Please think of some niche relevant name such as "CSE tuts" etc. You have plenty of such naming idea out there. Try one of them. Avoid names such your name that includes age, car number, birthdate, current year etc. That's just not professional and also not going to help SEO wise as less people link to such blogs.

    2. Design: Your blog lacks some good design. Find some good themes online. Use the clean theme that can show bigger fonts than the current one. You can also use the in built theme designer on blogger and design minimal yet readable design for the blog.

    3. Widgets: Please get rid of those traffic from and traffic count widgets from the blog. Those don't look good and also make your site look amateur at its best. Such widgets also drain more site loading time. And that's not good for your website. Only widget you should add is HTML widget for adding your own adsense or affiliate ad.

    4. Header : The header referral link to dotnetspider makes your blog look very spammy. So you should remove it and make it look minimal. Just use your current blog name as it is. Dont stuff unnecessary stuff into the head. Because you want to retain the user and search engines on blog. Also if you want to use header banner or logo, make it big and readable.

    5. ContentMake your content readable from left to right. So get the sidebar to the right and keep the post on to the left. This way focus of readers becomes on the content. Also make sure you change the font. Add the arial or serif fonts. And make the font size 12-16 px. Make sure your post headlines are bigger than 16px. Avoid coloring your content with different colors. That looks very unprofessional. It also makes content less readable.

    6. About me section Use HTML widget on the sidebar on right hand side. Add the referral link to your "keyword" instead of pasting link as is. Make sure you link your other social media profiles and sites inside this section.

    Optionally here are some of the constructive things you can do.
    1. Buy a domain name. Make sure you choose the name right.
    2. Switch to based host (such as godady or hawkhost) once your traffic on blogger goes above 200 hits a day.
    3. Use the ads from adsense or affiliate network with position above the fold.

    This should get your started. Make sure to emulate other bloggers who write with better design. You can take like theme as an inspiration and design or find theme accordingly.

  • There are various criteria which should be followed to make your blog success. Some of the steps I would love to share with you.

    • Consider an example of a blog related to competitive exam. What would you name it? Compete015ex, or 15exam1s3t? Just imagine "Techulator" written as 118Techulatoris3. It sound so unprofessional. Isn't it? So the first step I would suggest you to follow is to get a proper name for your website or blog. For suggestion you may search for domain related site and get a name of your own choice. You may also randomly select any name and discuss among your friends and family member whether it suit the matter or not.
      Talking about the template of your blog, it need lots of improvement. There are plenty of attractive themes and templates are present in the blogger site. Choose any one of your choice which have proper fonts, color, and overall design should be attractive.
      Next, if I talk about the line-height and indentation of the text used is very poor. There are some extra space between some text while some are way too close.

    • Widgets and plugins: Use proper and useful Widgets and plugins to make your blog look attractive. One of the important part is to place the widget at proper location so that it does not look absurd.

    Note: Although it's better idea to switch to wordpress but I won't suggest it to you. Stick to the blogspot for few months and learn as much as you can. Another very important suggestion I can give you that, if possible try to create your own template using codes like Html, css, java script.

  • I have checked out your blog. You have chosen a good subject to share. But as a blogger I fond your blog lacking the interesting things without which you cannot bring the visitors to get back to your blog.

    1. You have shared info regarding .net etc but the poll question isn't related to your blog. Ask the visitors the questions which are apt to your blog.

    2. I find there are no tabs or list of the blog posts. You can check out the settings and add few gadgets which can drag your visitors again and again.

    3. Increase the font size so that everyone can view the blog clearly. The background of the blog is so dull.

    4. Ask your visitors to share their doubts or any topics on which you can help them. Reply them with useful info. Mention their names before starting the blog post so that they get to know you have responded to their query.

    5. As you have chosen a technical topic, you can help the visitors by helping them in common interview questions in .net etc.

    6. Reply to the comments which are posted on each and every blog post. Ask them to subscribe to your blog.

    7. Word "Free" can attract anyone in this world. So Post a free booklets prepared by you. Bribe the visitors by asking them to subscribe to your blog and get free ebooks etc.

    8. You need not post a blogpost everyday. Make sure you post 2 to 3 articles per week. Make a note on the blog that new posts will be added every Mondays or Wednesdays or weekends. So that your visitors get to know when new posts will be posted.

    9. Create a page on Facebook and interact with your visitors. They will share your posts on FB and can make your blog popular.

    10. Do not write the blog only for money. Make friends and share your knowledge.

    These are few tips i have shared, I am sorry if you felt offended as i have pointed out few mistakes in your blog. You can inbox me your email id so that we can share our links or thoughts as well. Good luck.

  • Here are some of key structures to be followed or added in your blog to improve its quality and usability.

    Implement different categories:
    Creating categories in your blog results more users and views for your blogs. This makes more links and search results get traffic. If users try to search category wise, your blog gets improved result in search engine and comes upper on the display.

    Create options for sharing:
    Making your post shareable is more powerful for bloggers. Users often try to share post via Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Mailing. For this create a Share option in your blog. That will be a big plus point for the bloggers to boost their blogs.

    Make Comments clear option:
    At the end of each blog post, create options for comments to know and get the right feedback from the readers that would determine how frequent your blog is being visited and read. Whatever comments you get from the user will help you to develop your posts in the blogs. It is also will be one of the biggest advantages for your site.

    Create related cross links:
    If you see, in most sites there will be related articles presented in it. It is due to increase of visits over respective related contents. In your blog, if you create cross links related to articles, makes you to get more preferred users and views for your blog. This is one of the added advantages for your blog.

    Story behind the pictures:
    Most of the blog readers don't have habit of reading the entire story. So, they just scroll back the pages which they view. They most probably search for images. One image can summarize the entire story in the post. The picture should impress the viewers or readers to study the entire article. This will increase the user's interest and visibility and also the thoughts of preferring your blog.

    Creative headlines:
    Creating attractive headlines is not a simple thing but it could make it so easy. You need to create an attractive headline that makes readers more convenient to search and get back to your results. The headline should make the readers find what they are looking for. The headline should be simple and understandable. This is not an easy task to compile everything in one sentence. But if this could be done, your post becomes more attactive to the readers.

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