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  • Penalty checker tool

    Can somebody please list some website penalty checker tool where I can check the health report of a website?
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  • There are many penalty checkers available to find the penalty imposed on your site.

    Google Webmaster tools
    The best way to check the health of your website is to install Google Webmaster Tools. You can use your Google Analytics tool to verify your Google account. Once you set it up. you will keep receiving notifications about penalties imposed on your site. If your site is affected with malware, Google will detect it and let you know it. It will also let you check crawl errors.

    Google Analytics
    This is in fact better than Google Webmaster tools. You can keep a check on your organic searches. You can track the decloine in traffic and thereby take corrective actions.

    Fruition's Google Penalty Checker
    Google algorithms can play havoc with the health of your website. You can connect to it through Google Analytics and find which Google algorithms have affected you in a positive and negative way.

    Panguin Google Penalty Check Tool
    It works with SEOMoz and Google Analytics together. It is one of the best tools to check if an update has affected your site in any way. You do not need to install any software to use it. Login to the service with your Google Analytics account and grant access to Penguin tool to use the data.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Google Webmaster Tools
    As a site proprietor, one of the best things you can do is to screen your site's wellbeing in Google inquiry and use the Google Webmaster Tools. Though as of now utilizing Google Analytics, could seem to be a snappy procedure, but it will certainly bring you the results you are looking for. To go with it, first sign in with your Google account, then add your site to Google Webmaster Tools, and now its only using your Google Analytics code to check the possession of your website.

    Google Analytics
    Tragically enough Google Webmaster Tools does not inform you about all the punishments and algorithmic changes that might have influenced your site that are present in the query items. There is another approach to check if there could be any issue through the Google Analytics tool. To be precised, you can watch out for the changes in your natural hunt activity through the Acquisition > Keywords > Organic tab.

    Google Penalty Checker
    Searching for a less demanding approach to spot potential Google calculation changes and punishments that may have influenced your site? At that point attempt Fruition's Google Penalty Checker Tool. This device interfaces with your Google Analytics and is free for up to two sites with boundless activity. You can likewise pay for a month to month membership of $48 to check up to five sites or get custom estimating for boundless site observing.

    Once you've associated your sites, Google Penalty Checker will dissect your information against Google's calculation changes and upgrades to see which ones have influenced your site in a positive or negative way. You'll see a speedy graph demonstrating the most recent redesigns and how they have influenced your site.

    Last but not the least, there can be a chance of appearing that you are attempting to recoup from a Google slap taking into account all the unnatural connections, or help a customer recuperate, then a decent connection examination instrument will be all together. CognitiveSEO, for instance, can sift you through all your unnatural connections by utilizing their inBound Analysis device and can even help you out by rapidly creaating a deny document to submit to Google.

    Now if you want to see things the other way round, like, you need to check whether any other site has been influenced by a Google calculation or punishment, you can use SEMrush. It is a tool that demonstrates its results through a diagram. It shows the highest natural web crawler activity of a site that takes place over a time in the recent 30 days, in a year or two years and more.

  • Do note that traffic drop is not a sign of the penalty. But it could be sign of deindexing or the sandbox. So do note that analytics tool are not a good measure of checking the penalty to your website. So the tools such as Google analytics, SEOMoz, SEMrush may not be useful for checking the penalty to your website. In order to check the penalty to your website you have to use very specific and speculative tools. As far as official google tool is concerned, only tool that can show you the warning on devaluation is "Google webmaster tools".

    1. Google Webmaster Tools : This is the only tool from google can tell you if your website is in any way being devalued. So almost every SEO update that hits your website and founds you guilty of some malpractice can be seen here. If your website gets devalued due to some mild level of SEO manipulation then it won't display that notice in the webmaster tools.


    2. Reconsidation : This service checks if your website is penalized with any popular google penalty. It can also check for the sand-boxed results of your website. Though they do have some paid services behind this analysis. But you can get reporting for free to check your website if it gets penalized.

    URL :

    3. FE International Website Penalty Indicator : This is another tool that can check the google penalty to your site. It can match your website penalty with other google regional database. And this way you can see how many google's data-centers have penalized in that region.


    4. Google Sandbox and Penalty Checker Tool: This tool can check various actions taken against your website such as - de-indexed, penalized and sandboxed. You can then use this report for adjusting your SEO effort and get the website to former state. Though not detailed as other tool but it can show you the things much quickly.


    5. Jellyfish Google Penalty Checker : This free tool from jellyfish website can show a lot of variables in the report that led to the deindexing, penalizing and other actions on website. And they also suggest some necessary steps to get rid of the SEO devalue.


  • Some of the Penalty Checker Tools are listed for the reference of your need.
    1. Google Sandbox and Penalty Checker Tool
    2. Google Webmaster Tools
    3. SEOMoz
    4. Penguin Tool
    5. Website Penalty Indicator
    6. Google Analytics
    7. Fruition Google SEO Penalty Checker

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