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    I cannot see Google AdSense ads on my blogger layout and blog

    Are you facing trouble in seeing Google AdSense ads on your blogger layout and blogs? Ask our technical experts what could have gone wrong.

    I cannot see Google AdSense ads on my blog. I tried to find it in blogger, and layout of the blog but it does not show this too. I want to know, what is the problem? Is there any problem related to browser or some thing other? I am earning from the blog I am talking about but anyhow I cannot view my ads when I see in browser.
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  • There could be several reasons.
    Adblocker might have been installed.
    Browser setting could have possibly changed without your knowledge.
    Browser might have been affected.
    Try to check with different browsers.
    Try to check your blog without signing in at other system too.
    Host account AdSense will show only at Hosted sites only and not on Non-hosted one.
    Disapproval AdSense account also won't show ads.


  • There can be many reasons for your not being able to see your AdSense ads on your blog. Analyse carefully to find what are the actual causes.

    1. AdBlockers installed in your browser can cause the issue. I have seen it happening with me on Google Chrome. I could not locate the AdBlocker enabled. Finally, I reset my browser to default settings and the issue was gone. Check if that is the real culprit.

    2. Check to see whether JavaScript has been disabled. Such occurrence can lead to the ads being invisible.

    3. It has also been observed that some third party ad services block your Google AdSense. That could be one of the reasons you may not be able to see the ads on your blog.

    4. There may be certain issues with your browser that may affect Google AdSense. Visit your blog from another browser and if it solves the problem.

    5. See if you have received any communication from Google about your AdSense being disapproved or being on hold for any reason. Such cases can cause the issue you have been facing.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • There are many reasons behind not displaying of the adsense ads inside your blogger. Few of the most common reasons are -

    1. Google detecting same IP making multiple requests of ads in short time. This is fail-safe for both the adsense account owner and google's way of protecting advertisers money. They just stop showing ad on same website from same IP if accessed more than once on same page-view.

    2. Inorganic traffic source detection. If the google adsense has found too many inorganic traffic source. for example, PTC sites traffic. In such case google stops displaying the ads on the website. Also deducts the money during the payout under the option of "Invalid traffic".

    3. Browser Adblockers. With opera and Firefox making their browsers enabled with adblocker by default, it becomes harder to see ads on the website. You have to disable them on your browser to view the ads.

    4. Google Smartpricing. In such case the amount of ads on your blog gets reduced. This happens when your website sends low quality clicks and readers to the advertisers. In such case advertiser algorithm filters your site from displaying ads on it. This rarely happens for new sites but old and established site has higher chance of getting smartpriced.

    5. Using ad components more than the specified amount by adsense. Google has restriction for number of ads being allowed on the website. So you have to follow that number in order to get compliance for the ads display. Make sure you are not using excessive ad slots and reducing them could show the ads back again.

    6. Please do verify that google has not disabled your ad for click bombing or any other activity. And in such case you get an email for such activity so do check the associated email as well.

    7. Also do check if the javascript is not disabled. Some of the browser addons or extensions disable the javascript from ads and avoid the trackers. Check the website on browser by disabling extensions.

    If you check all of the above mentioned reasons and didn't find any valid reason for the ad display then I suggest contacting google support. They can guide you on why the ads are not being displayed.

  • If the problem is still occurring, take this step to solve the issue. First go to 'Blogger Setting'. Find 'Search Preferences' in the list. By clicking on 'Enable search description', click 'Yes' option. There the site description will get displayed, save your description. This would most probably solve the problem.

  • If you have any issues on your blog, the adsense team would email you. Check your Inbox once. If your earning is well and good then the java scripts or the Adblockers might be the issue. Check with the web browser settings. Change the settings to default so that you can get the issue resolved. Check the number of ads you have placed, if more number of ads are placed, we cannot view few ads.

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