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    How to clear cache and cookies from my browser ?

    Are you looking for a guidance on how to clear cache and cookies from my browser ? Ask our technical experts for the best advice.

    I want to clear cache and cookies from my browser. I do know how to do it. I do not find any clear way to do this task from Mozilla browser I am using. Please let me know the complete procedure to clear the cache and cookies which is making some problem to me while browsing the internet.
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  • Cookies are the files created by the website you have visited which may contain the information regarding login status or site preference etc. while your browser's cache helps webpages to load faster and it makes your experience better with the browser.

    Note that if you clear your cookies and caches, your browser may work little slow as all the images will have to be loaded again and all the website setting will be deleted like username and password.

    Now let me tell you the process to delete cookies and cache in you Mozilla Firefox browser. You may be interested in deleting cookies for one single website and retain the cookies of other site. You may do this by following the below process:

    • Click "Menu" button in the right upper corner and choose Options.

    • Now click on "Privacy".

    • Set Firefox will to: Use custom settings for history.

    • Then click Show Cookies. A Cookies window panel will appear.

    • Now in the search box, type the name of the site whose cookies you want to block.

    • Now select the cookies in the list and click "Remove Selected".

    • Click close to close the cooking window panel

    In the Cookies Window panel you may notice a option as "Exceptions". You can use this option to block a particular set of website whose cookies you do not want to store at all.

  • In fact, saving cookies, history and cache are the ways to make your web browsing easier. The browser remembers your actions along with the sites you visit so that it can open the site when you visit it next time around.
    But, having them in too much amount can cause your browser to go slow or malfunction. Here is the guide on how you can clear cookies and cache on your Mozilla browser -

    To Clear Cookies and cache

    1. Open the browser.

    2. Click on Menu and then on Options.

    3. Select Advanced tab.

    4. Click on Network.

    5. Under Cached Web Content, click on Clear Now.

    That should do it.

    If you want to clear cache automatically, follow the steps below -

    1. Click on Menu and select Options.

    2. Select Privacy.

    3. Under History, set Firefox will: to Use custom settings for history.

    4. Check Clear history when Firefox closes.

    5. You should see the Settings option beside the option in Step 4. Click on it.

    6. Choose the options you would want. Make sure you have checked Cache.

    7. Click OK.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • There are multiple ways to delete the cookies, cache and history from your computer.

    1. Using the browser settings Follow the instructions below to clear the cache, history and cookies from the browser.

    1. Click on the hamburger menu on the right hand side.
    2. Choose options icon.
    3. From the left hand sidebar menu. Choose "Privacy".
    4. In history part, find the link that says "remove the history" from the computer.
    5. Click the link and let the firefox clear the history and cookies by it's own process.

    This should clear the history and cache from your Firefox browser. You can alternatively use the private mode for browsing as that doesn't keep the history, cache and cookies on the computer.

    2. CCleaner Clean Cache and History: This is another method to clear the history and cookies, cache from the firefox. Follow the steps below -

    1. Open CCleaner.
    2. Select "Cleaner".
    3. Choose applications > Firefox (uncheck or check other browser)
    4. Choose run cleaner button at the bottom.

    This should clear the cache and cookies from the firefox (along with any other browser that you select.

  • Even I don't try my browser option to clear the cache. I prefer to do it, from the disk cleaning software.

    By doing this you get some benefits rather than using your browser option to clean the cache.

    If you are using any Disk Cleaning Software, you can just run the software, and it will do the task for you in seconds. At the same time it will clean up other temporary files and cookies.

    You can try CC CLeaner or any other disk cleaning software to clean up your system.

    One more thing which could be creating difficulties in browsing is some malware. So do make sure to get a thorough system scan with an updated antivirus. This would give you the current status of your system, and it might as well detect if this difficulty is happening because of any possible threats.

  • There are some steps to be followed in order to clear all your browsing data.

    1. In the menu bar, Select 'History' and then select 'Clear Recent History'.
    2. There will be drop down list available. From there select 'Never Remember History' option.
    3. There would be another option as 'Show Cookies' , click on it. In the search panel, type the website from which you don't want to save any cookies. Select all such websites from where you do not want to save any cookies and then select 'Remove Selected'. If there is more than one in the list of cookies you have to select 'Remove all'. Then 'Close' the panel.
    4. Shortcuts like 'Ctrl + Shift + Del' will also clear the history of the browser.
    5. Shortcuts like 'Win key + R' will open the 'Run Command'. There write '%temp%', the temporary files of list will be shown. Delete the entire list permanently.
    6. Shortcuts like 'Win key + R' will open the 'Run Command'. There write 'PREFETCH', the system files of list will be listed. Delete those entire lists permanently.

    These are the various steps you can make use to clear all your cookies and caches from your browser and system.

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