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    Best keywords to write and get organic traffic

    Do you know which are the best keywords to write to get organic traffic to your site? Our technical experts can guide you through.

    As you know the traffic is decreasing and competition for writer is increasing day by day, so, to be at par with them, what are the best keywords to write and post article on blog to get natural traffic with high volume page-views? Also, what are the expensive keywords at the moment to go with? Kindly specify.
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  • Here are some of the niche that are performing good so far these days.

    1. Women's issues. Most of the website showing the legal and health guidance for women are earning decent pay per click value. The reason being women's health and legal niche are thriving these days. You'd earn some decent money from the website that has the content in these niche.

    Some good keywords to try here :
    a. women's health boutique
    b. women's fitness issues

    2. Financial Advisory content This can include many keywords such as mutual fund, retirement planning and other investment keyword. This has been the case for the many finance based content featured on the blogs. You can find those blogs performing well.

    Some good keywords to try:
    a. financial advisers in "city name"
    b. financial advisory services

    3. Health content This is evergreen niche and with some higher keyword value. And though there is a lot of saturation you'd find that content that pays very high amount. Also there are some niche affiliate offers that you can try. I'd say you'll find plenty of sub content keywords that you can find in this niche.

    Some good keywords to check :
    a. diet for diabetes type 2
    b. exercise for diabetes type 2

    Most of the time you getting low rate for the adsense content maybe an issue of smart pricing. So make sure that your account is not smart priced. And you should focus on better content on the site.

    what are the best keywords to write and post article on blog to get natural traffic with high volume page-views?

    Most of the keywords these days are limited to the amount of paying 1-5$ and not more than that. Prior to 2010, there used to be some of the keywords that could earn you around 10$ or so per click. And those keywords were from the category of lawyers, health and the credit card industry. Now these keywords are super crowded and they don't pay the website more than 0.001 a click or even low. Only way to earn more from them is to make use of the affiliate program to increase your earning because 0.001 a click wont give you much value for the click.

    Also, what are the expensive keywords at the moment to go with?

    Google keyword planner does give speculated guess on this. But don't rely on it too much as those type of data often go misleading. So there are not many expensive keywords for any categories other than - credit card, insurance, lawyers etc.

  • The most expensive keywords currently are mainly based on money related matters. Some of the best keywords could be Insurance, Loans and credit. These keywords appear in the top ten list according to some keyword research services. Degree has also been considered to be one of the top 10 keywords. That would point out the importance to education.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • What I have noticed with web surfing, while I look for something is, there are certain ways of listing your own niche, keeping in mind, how people could reach them. And after browsing internet for so many years, looking at so many successful websites that top the others, I found you could list your favorite nicheusing these key words:

    How to
    Whatever subject matter you are interested in, if you can share your knowledge in "how to utilize it" it will certainly fetch you a good amount of traffic.

    Best Five, Ten
    List your products, your topics, your opinions in "the best five or ten". that would automatically drive readers to your way, whenever they would search for the topic you are writing on.

    Add the current year
    Apart from the above two, you can add the current year, with the title like 2016. This will inevitably bring some decent traffic to your blog.

    Though basically the word "review" is been over saturated, it still carries a lot of weightage as people keep on searching for public opinion on any issue. So, do use this key word every now and then.

    The word "latest" attracts a lot of attention and thus people would throng to whatever is the latest in any field of interest. So whenever you are sharing the latest knowledge, ensure you make it prominent. And to support the word, do keep up your promise by gathering and sharing the really latest news on your articles.

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