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  • Best free Bulk Email Software or tools

    Looking for the best free Bulk Email Software or tools? Get the best information from our technical experts.

    I would like to know from the experts, what are the best software or tools for sending free bulk email campaign? Where to get the free Software or tools for bulk email marketing? Or, from where to download free Software for sending email? Kindly advice.
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  • Here are some answers to your questions.

    What are the best software or tools for sending free bulk email campaign?

    Some of the popular tools for sending the free email in bulk. You can create campaign and send the emails. Few things to note you can't use as sender name domain anymore. You need to own your own domain before sending free bulk emails.

    Mailgun : This is one of the best bulk mail sending platform. You can send 10000 emails per month from this service. You can also find that they allow API and the framework system for extending their bulk mail system. Do note that you need domain verification for sending the mail.

    Mailjet : Another bulk mail system that you can use for free. They do have the 10K limit for the mail per month. This is another platform that allows API system which you can use for sending the emails. Here also you need to assign your own domain before sending the mail.

    Amazon SES If you know how to use php, python or ruby then you can learn how to send email using the amazon SES platform. This way you can send more than 10K emails a month. And also the amount of mail opened are more. Just do note that that here too you need your own domain for sender address.

    SendinBlue : Sendinblue has plan where you can use it for sending 6000 mails a month. And for more you may need to use the paid plans. And the bulk mails can be sent to any email without any form of optin. So you can use the API with python script and that is also possible for sending bulk mails.

    Where to get the free Software or tools for bulk email marketing? Or, from where to download free Software for sending email?

    Some of the bulk mail sending tools for windows are as follows. Do note that you need above listed services to configure and send the mails from these types of tools.

    1. 32bit Bulk Email Sender : This is one good software and this can get your job done for sending the mass emails. Do note that here restrictions are only based on the email provider and not by the tool.

    2. Bulk Mailer This has both free and paid bulk mail plans. I can tell you that bulk mailer can be good if you wish to do automated mails without learning how to tweak much of your campaign. This is very easy to configure and use.

    3. DNB Free Mass Mailing Software This is very simple to use software and it can help you send mails very quickly. I'd say this is very good software worth checking out.

    Do note that bulk mail sending is borderline spam unless you're properly using the dedicated IP, non spammy content and propery non spam email headers. So do pay attention to that because if you are sending spam then none of the above services and tools can help you from mail services filtering your mails into spam folder.

  • Some of the best in class bulk free email senders that can be helpful to you are -

    1. SendinBlue
    This is the best in class bulk email sender. The tool can also be used for SMS campaigns in addition to the emails. The tool comes with unlimited contact support. The pricing is based on the number of emails you send. However, you have a free plan as well.

    2. Bulk Mailer
    The tool works with programs like Access, DBF, Excel, Word etc. Bulk Mailer is a flexible engine. You will also be able to use customisable HTML messages. The tool can be used for mail merging, personalisation and scheduling your mails.

    3. Mail Chimp
    The tool claims to have over 7 million user base. The tool is best suited for the first timers in terms of bulk messaging. It provides you detailed reports so that you can improvise your performance over time.

    4. GroupMail Free
    The free version is best for the basic emailing. It comes with an internal database, but can also connect to external databases. The free version can be enough for all your basic needs, however, if you need additional features like mail scheduling, you may need to opt for the paid variant.

    5. Zoho Campaigns
    Zoho Campaign is best suited for a small to medium sized organisation. You can use it manage your email campaign and maintain your mailing lists. It also lets you carry out social campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

    6. Campaign Monitor
    It is a top rated tool for automated mail sending. The email builder lets you send beautifully designed personalised emails.

    Live....and Let Live!

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