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    What are the Authentic ways to make money online?

    Are you keen to know what are the Authentic ways to make money online? Ask our technical experts.

    I want to make money by using my Internet connection. But I am little bit confused as I am new to all this online money making platforms. I have heard of many things through which I can make money. There are millions of blogs and videos on the Internet which tell about online money making tricks and of course most of them are not authentic like So as you are an expert I thought to ask you about those most authentic platforms which are currently active on the Internet. Please also inform about blogging and youtube channel and how much earning can be expected by a beginner from this platform.
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  • Yes, There are more than thousand ways to make money online but all of them are not authentic. In fact, I have seen many ways which are just fake and they are never ever giving any single penny to any users at all. As per my experience, the best authentic and genuine way to make money online is to learn to earn online. There isn't any tuition, courses or classes where you can learn to earn online. So you'll have to learn it by your own. I promise, anyone can earn as much as they want if they seriously learn to earn that much. Here are few genuine ways where you can make money online:

    1. The very way I would just is Blogging, It's kind of you own business. In the beginning you won't earn much but if you work consistently, after some time you will get what you deserve. For this you can start your own website and you get some publisher account to publish their ads on your site. Adsnese is one of the best. Apart from adsense there are many like this.

    2. Video/Photo Publishing and sharing, you can create your own video or photo and you can share it with people. You can use youtube and other channel for this work.

    3. You can contribute about what you know better to the place like Techulator, Indiastudychannel, Indiatravelblog and many more.

    4. You can write review for the products and services you use to the appropriate places.

    5. You can be an online expert and you can train others, you'll get paid for that.

    6. You can be a freelancer and you can contribute your knowledge with the world and the world will pay you for your efforts.

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  • Well, there are a huge number of legitimate ways to make money online. But, do remember that it takes a huge lot of perseverance and hard work to succeed in earning a decent income.

    Some of the avenues that can be used to earn decent money can be-

    1. The first and foremost way of earning good money is Blogging. If you have knack catching reader's pulse, you can contribute to your blog and earn money through Google AdSense or other means.

    2. If you do not think you can succeed as a blogger as you lack the knowledge of SEO and other related stuff, you can consider writing for others. Sites like and ISC can be your best platforms for being one of the best contributors without having to go through the hassles of maintaining a blog.

    3. You may also write articles for other clients. Depending upon your skills and expertise, you would be free to quote your prices. Look for the groups looking for content writers on Facebook and other such social media.

    4. Get into freelancing. You can become a freelancer if you have the knack of writing good quality articles. Some of the sites that let you get such assignments include ELance, UpWork etc.

    5. Web designing can be one of the lucrative businesses. You just need to have the technical knowledge of creating a website with the best design.

    6. Uploading YouTube videos can be a great venture as far as online earning is concerned. If you are capable of creating high quality videos, you can actually earn five figure income quite easliy.

    7. Selling your products online can be another good way to earn money. However, you need to be the best in terms of marketing your products. You can register with e-commerce sites as a seller and gain a good income. Please remember that you need to maintain a good inventory to meet the orders.

    8. Providing tuitions online has been one of the businesses that has been fast catching up. You can begin coaching in those fields that you have expertise.

    9. Another best route to earn online income is affiliate marketing. You can register as an affiliate with e commerce sites like Amazon or Flipkart and place their banners on your website. You will earn decent income from every sale made through the link you have posted on your site.

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  • Here are some of the authentic ways to make money online.

    Writing : Don't expect this job to be writing about things you like. Most of the content mills and the clients are very strict about type of the content you need to write. Especially US and Canada based clients want you to write on things they need content for their use. You can earn a lot per assignment depending on which client is hiring you. Some clients with low budget will squeeze you under 50$ for around 10K words or more. However if you have established yourself for writing quality content then you can negotiate higher pay. Expected earning figure : 50$ - 700$.

    Editing : When it comes to content creation for translation work, books, paper and industrial content then editing jobs are very important. They usually start from minimum 8$ per hour or based on the word count (in context of books). It requires you to have good command over language and also know the formal writing rules. It's not fault finding job, but more of fault correction work. So expect it to have equal amount of work involved. Expected earning figure : 500-12000$

    Programming : My freelancing work involves heavily in this area. There is a lot of work you can get online if you know JavaScript, ruby, python and php. Lot of low paid jobs are there in php but also lot of hard work and it's often not worth working in php. JavaScript, python, rails and android on the other hand pays handsomely and it can even replace day job for some of the freelancers. Expected earning figure 700-8000$ depending on client.

    Design : Don't mistake this for web design. The design here refers to mostly the projects related to logo design, brochure design, illustration and vectors. This has paid many designers a lot of money online. The reason being these jobs may appear low level but earning even from small jobs on consistent basis can surpass all of other jobs. There are many success stories of designers who made around 50K USD online from sites like upwork and fiverr. Expected earning figure : 5$ - 4000$.

    Translation : Google translate didn't removed the need for the genuine translator. In fact many people online need the translator for converting the voice into the translated content. And also the text based translation is also in demand. So this field is llikely to stay alive for another 10 years. If you are good at languages such as japanese, mandarin, Spanish, french then you have plenty of projects to keep yourself busy. Expected earning figure : 200$ to 1500$

    Tutoring : If you are good at something and can teach others to do it then you can make money tutoring. You can teach people how to code, learn english and also other skills. Most of the demand for tutoring is from asian countries like Philippines and malaysia, US and canada too. You can earn a lot of money depending on how you present yourself to students.

    Tech support & VA : This is one of the high paying field. Here you have to work as an assistant to the person. Tech support and VA work can pay from 5 $ minimum and onwards. And the work can be small things like excel spreadsheet editing or PDF creation. It can increase slowly depending on your capacity to handle clients per week. This can be tiresome job and also low paid for initial few months. But once it takes off you can start your own setup on this. Expected earning figure: 400$ to 7000$

    These are some of the authentic and better paid jobs. Do note that most of the freelance sites also show the SEO, Scraping and few other jobs. I didn't added that into this list because though they are genuine but the clients you meet there will squeeze you for low money. Also scraping and email spamming jobs are borderline illegal in US and Canada so they look for Asians to do this jobs and that's how they circumvent the rules. So even if it pays you should keep yourself away from such freelance jobs.

  • the Scope of Earning Online is expanding day by day. But there are primarily two ways of earning if we generally categorize.

    a) Earning online only through virtual services.
    b) Earning online through real services.

    So, if you are looking for authentic platforms, you can rely on the following:

    a) Monetizing your Blogs
    Creating a blog free of cost in Blogger and keep contributing fresh content in good amount would help you in receiving ad revenues.

    b. Participating in Article Writing Contests
    You can keep an eye on the advertisements that come up with article writing contests. They will receive your soft copy online and hence, if you can win a prize, it could be considered as another outlet for online earning as well.

    c. Offering a Service Offline with Online Marketing
    People have generated the fantastic idea of online marketing for offering a service. Sites like Bigbasket, Swiggy, Quickr, Olx, Uzed are making tons of money through their online marketing. But yes, they have to have a business to support behind.
    There are even transporting services, like Ola, Uber and lots more, who are also making money through online transactions and making money across the globe.

    d. Creating an App
    Now apps are everywhere. If you have any skill, you can simple create a tutorial on it and sell it as an app for different mobile platforms. It could be an educational app, it could be a vocational training app or anything of that sort.

    e. Publishing Ebooks
    If writing is your passion, you can keep writing ebooks and publish them online free of cost. But in the process you can earn a name and as well money if your books get good number of readers.

  • Everyone in their Life wants to earn money either to fulfill their desires or for some other cause. There are many option on Internet which can provide you decent amount of money from just working for some couple of hours. I would like to suggest my favorites here.

    1. They can start blogging to earn money.

    2. They can join paid survey sites like Cinchbucks, etc.

    3. They can write articles for revenue sharing sites like techulator, Hubpages, ISC etc.

    4. They can sell items on ebay and OLX.

    5. They can start doing freelance work on sites like Freelancer and Elance.

    6. They can sell their skills on fiverr. For example, making logos, video intros etc.

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