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  • Best Video Editor in the market?

    Are you looking for the best Video Editor in the market? Check it out with our technical experts.

    There are thousands of video editors which i am seeing online on the Internet nowadays. I am little bit confused about which video editor software should I buy. Whether to go for conventional Windows Movie Maker or for other. So experts please help me for choosing one for editing my Youtube videos.
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  • It depends on the kind of editing you do with videos. Video Editing is a very big thing there many things we do in order to edit the video. As per your concern I think Windows Movie Maker is also one of the best tool and Youtube in built edit features are also considerable. Though it has very basic feature. It doesn't have features like other video editing tool.
    Here is the list of some best video editing tools:-

    Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate
    Windows Movie Maker
    Cyberlink PowerDirector
    MAGIX Movie Edit Pro
    AVS Video Editor
    iMovie 11
    Sony Movie Studio Platinum
    Roxio Creator
    Nero Video Editor

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  • If you are doing the professional editing for TV, cable, YouTube and short films then here are some of the video editors that are being in demand. Windows movie maker is for very basic users as the features and encoding output is very limited with it. So here are some of the video editors.

    1. Wondershare Filmora : This app is one of the best for the youtube, shortfilm and small scale video requirement. It is a paid software but it works perfectly for most of the video needs.

    Platform : Windows and Mac

    2. Sony Vegas : Another video editor with a lot of demand for the encoding and the effect based video programming. And it is one of the good app that is being used by the youtube users.

    Platform :Windows and Mac

    3. Lightworks : This is a free application but it can be very powerful as far as adding the effects into it are concerned. You may find that the app takes time to learn than other apps in the market.

    Platform :Windows, mac and linux

    4. iMovie This is mac only editor but almost every youtube vlogger and short film makers are using this for the regular release of their videos. It has very nice interface to learn and also output being offered is in many formats.

    Platform : Mac

    5. Adobe Premier : Another industry demanded software and it is one of the premium level software even used for the movies. It has plenty of good features and the encoding output. I'd say if you want to go with any video editor then this is the editor to choose.

    Platform : Windows and Mac

    6. Blender: It is open source and free software. It used to be only for the animation earlier. but now it is being used for the film as well. It is very hard to use software but it can be good if you are low on budget.

    Platform : Windows, linux and mac.

    Do note that most of the film level video production is done on the Mac operating system and there are very custom software available for studio specific customers. Windows and Linux is rarely used for the Film level production software.

  • You can opt for the following tools for your Video editing requirements -

    1. Machete Video Editor
    It is one of the simplest forms of video editors. It lets you cut, copy and paste sections of the video. The editor has an intuitive interface. The video quality is maintained even after you complete the editing. However, it can only edit AVI and WMV formats.

    2. Avidemux
    It is similar to Machete in basic video editing. There won't be any loss of quality. The best part is it does support multiple video formats. There are many additional filters available with the tool. You can add subtitles and flip/rotate clips.

    3. Wondershare Filmora
    This tool provides all the basic requirements of video editing. It also lets you have more advanced features. The free version of the software adds watermark to the edited videos. You can remove the watermark only with the paid version. The tool works with Windows and Mac.

    4. Lightworks
    This is one of the powerful and advanced tools for video editing. In fact, it is one of the high end video editors which has found applications in films as well. The free version is one of the best with over 100 effects and filters.

    5. VSDC Video Editor
    The tool is capable of letting you create professional quality videos. You get a few advanced features color correction. It also supports audio editing by letting perform tasks like volume correction and sound normalisation. The tool is free in every sense of the word and offers you all the features.

    6. WeVideo
    This is the cloud based video editor tool. In fact, it is one of the most popular ones in the genre. It offers a host of features as far as audio and video editing is concerned, but there is a catch. The free version does not come with many benefits. The free version comes with just 5 GBof cloud storage and has watermarks on the edited video.

    7. Blender
    Apart from being a best in class video editor, Blender also works as a full blown animation suite for your 3D model creation. The video editor provides you a host of features and transition effects. You can create truly professional videos with Blender.

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  • Here I have listed a few video editor that are ranked highest among the others and the list is based on the user ratings and reviews.

    1. Final Cut Pro :
    This program has some special features like the magnetic timeline. One can adjust the cuts between a number of clips simply by sliding the clips into each other. It saves a lot of time by eliminating the hazardous procedure of fine-tuning the clips within the timeline itself. The program has precision editor that enables granular control on the cuts and clips even after one has included them into the timeline.
    Price: Rs.19944.73

    2. Media Composer:
    One of the latest features of Media Composer is that it allows the user to edit their media files remotely through the cloud. Other features include Animatte, keyframing, stereoscopic editing, color correction, time warp, chromakey and many more. It has earned a user rating of 9 out of 10.
    Price: Rs.23926.49

    3. Sony Vegas Pro:
    This application gives you a chance to perform fundamental capacities on the desktop application from your tablet. You can control playback, drop markers and work together with different editors who additionally have the application. You can even download an intermediary adaptation of your task to bring with you. At that point you can playback your undertaking and make takes note of that can be synchronized with the desktop when you associate with the desktop application once more. This is an incredible synergistic device.
    Price: Rs.26590.53

    4. MAGIX Video Pro:
    The most remarkable change to the product is the expansion of 64-bit engineering. This grows the force and helpfulness of the product massively. It disposes of drowsiness in rendering, playback and sending out programming by using the majority of your PCs' assets.
    Price: Rs.26527.37

    5. EDIUS Pro:
    What separates EDIUS Pro from whatever remains of the opposition is that it has disposed of the rendering from the altering procedure. It doesn't use GPU increasing speed and depends exclusively on your machine's processor to encode recordings when your venture trades. Notwithstanding, there are a few moves in the project that exploit GPU increasing speed. Moreover, for some particular frameworks, you can utilize the equipment speeding up choice utilizing Intel's Quick Sync innovation. This can be valuable in case you're encoding recordings in the H.264 codec or copying a DVD or Blu-beam plate.
    Price: Rs.46472.76

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