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  • Which scooter should I buy?

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    I am planning to buy a scooter with comfortable riding. I liked three scooters Activa- I , Aviator and Yamaha Ray zr. Aviator is much wide and bulky so I am more inclined towards Yamaha ray zr and then Activa-i. I did not see much Yamaha scooters on roads that's why I am not confident with this decision. Kindly give me your valuable advice for a comfortable, balanced and smooth riding scooter.
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  • After seeing the Market we just believe Hero's Scooters are better then the rest and it is very popular in the market. There are many model of scooters available in the market. You can go for Activa, Maestro or Maestro Edge.

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  • In my opinion Activa-I should be the last priority compared to the other two. The reason being the other two bikes are on different league than this. Besides you should only get the Activa if your family requires sharing the bike with you. If it's just you who wish to use the bike then choose from either maestro or aviator or Yamaha. Yamaha bikes are out there but they are not meant for the urban roads as they don't have much good performance on such typical broken Indian roads. I'd say it'd perform good on roads of Delhi and Mumbai without much issue in performance. But it's not meant for small city and country side. Aviator may appear bulky but the performance of the bike is really good and you can read up reviews of the bike online. I'd say look up for more bikes within this budget range and see the performance of the bikes for the roads you're roaming.

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