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    How to get unlimited data and voice calls on Reliance Jio?

    Are you looking for ways to get unlimited data and voice calls on Reliance Jio? Ask our technical experts for their best advice.

    I have got the new Jio but to my disappointment it has only 2gb data and 100mins voice call. I see my friends too have got the same offers. I hear people say there is a trick to get unlimited data and voice calls. Can any of you let me know? I'm eager to go unlimited..
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  • Well, though I have not used the Reliance Jio SIM or any other tricks to access it, there are some tricks being circulated over the internet.

    Steps involved in the process are -
    1. Uninstall all Jio apps.

    2. Turn on the internet on your Jio SIM alone.

    3. Download MyJio apk from the link
    4. Install the app.

    5. Switch off the data connectivity.

    6. Tap on Open on MyJio app.

    7. You should get a pop up saying there is no internet. Ignore it and tap on SignUp.

    8. Turn on the internet connectivity.

    9. Complete the signup procedure and then sign in to your account.

    10. Close MyJio app and install all Jio apps from PlayStore.

    11. Launch the installed Jio apps in succession and close them.

    12. Turn off internet connectivity.

    13. Launch MyJio app again and tap on Open link beside MyJio apps.

    14. You should get Get Jio SIM option. Tap on it and you will get No Internet popup.

    15. Turn on the internet and keep pressing the back button.

    16. You should be signed in automatically.

    17. When you see the popup indicating Unlimited data and calling, tap on Submit.

    You should now be able to bypass the 2GB limit on data and calls.

    Please note that this is the unofficial method and can have serious implications. I would advice you to proceed at your own risk.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • If your 4G SIM is less than 90 days from the purchase then the following method works. Otherwise JIO doesn't allow the following method to be activated for the SIM. Do note that the instruction here apply for the Samsung Mobile users who got the 4G JIO Sim with its purchase.

    Follow the instructions for getting unlimited data.

    1. Download MyJIO app here :

    2. Check 'Avail Offer' or 'Get Jio Sim' inside the MyJIO app.

    3. Submit the acceptance for terms and conditions.

    4. After that myJIO wants you to download 4 other complimentary apps.

    5. Once you download the 4 apps you should get the offer popup inside the MYJIO app.

    6. After verification you'd be allowed for the unlimited data and voice calls for the specific time period.

    For those without the Samsung Mobile and the users with SIM older than 90 days. You'd find that following the above steps would give you 2GB data gets upgraded to Unlimited data only after Tele-verification. The rule for tele-verification is applicable since 5th Oct in Maharashtra Region.

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