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  • Information about induction cooker

    Are you planning to get an Induction Cooktop? Ask our technical experts for information in detail.

    Sir I am planning to buy an induction cooker for my kitchen. Could you please let me know:

    · Which induction cooker of which company has highly energy efficient?(Best and budget price)
    · How much it is as compare to Annual difference b/w induction cookers and a LPG stove @ Rs 6.76?
    · Also please let me know honestly where that product stand in concern to Power consumption of tested induction cookers versus a LPG stove using base reference of a specific food?
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  • As a first hand user of Induction Cooktop for last 5 years, I can tell you the benefits which I have experienced so far. The benefit is so much that I have not gone for a gas registration so far. I have been keeping one small "5 ltr" gas cylinder at standby only for emergency purpose, and don't even use it unless there is a long power cut.

    I am using Prestige brand Induction cooker model Pic 3.1 V3.

    The benefits of daily usage in comparison to Gas Stove are:

    1. The speed of heating food items, water, boiling milk and so on is just quarter the time it takes on stove.

    2. The Induction cooker has a timer option, because of which you can simply let things cook and do your other work. It will automatically stop after the given time set.

    3. The vessels don't get burnt. It remains as it is, and if things get stuck to the bottom, or the cookware gets over heated, you will get an error message and it will stop the temperature release, so it doesn't get burnt in any way.

    4. The model which I am using there is a preset whistle option for pressure cooker, where you can set how many whistles you need for a particular item, the cooker will stop after that many whistles.

    5. In this model, there is an automatic "keep warm" feature, which starts of its own after the scheduled timer has gone off, so that your food stays warm and you can keep cooking even after a while.

    6. Because of this "keep warm" feature, Rice and other curries could be kept warm till you are shifting them to the dining table and you are saved from re-heating them.

    7. They have included a Dosa Chapati mode, which helps in making dosas, chapati, bread toasts just a breeze.

    8. There is a saute mode, which prevents your seasonings and initial ingredients from burning.

    9. The heat milk option is also there, but it isn't that effective so far.

    10. The deep fry option fries your items in less than 3 minutes.

    Comparison between Induction Cooktop and LPG Gas @Rs.6.76 in terms of usage and power consumption.

    f you Calculate on the basis of a LPG cylinder that costs Rs 600, the average Gas consumption will be like 16.1gm per litre of boiling water in 5.36 minutes that will cost around Rs 6.76/day. Whereas the Induction Cookers take only around 2.58 minutes to a maximum 4.04 minutes to boil same quantity of water.

    The operating cost and the power consumption of induction cookers ranges between 1,501 watts and 2,126 watts. It doesn't let you know any difference in your electric bill because of its power saving technology.

    Price: Rs. 2,790.00

  • Induction cookers offer the following benefits -

    1.Induction cooker will cook your food faster. The heat energy is directly transferred to the metal utensil instead of getting wasted.

    2. Safety is one of the foremost features with the cooking with induction cookers. There is no flame involved in the cooking, and hence there is no chance of any inflammable material catching fire.

    3. There is no black soot or any such greasy material. Cleaning the utensil is quite easy.

    4. Induction cooking avoids heating up of your kitchen. Gas wastes more heat than what it utilises. Induction cooking on the other hand utilises only that much of heat is needed for cooking your food. That would make your kitchen stay cooler.

    5. Induction cooking is more efficient than the LPG. It will save you money.

    6. Induction cooktops adds up to the decorum of your kitchen. There are many models with amazing looks and design.

    7. They offer you a better control over your cooking. Unlike gas stoves which have only simmer and full flame settings, your induction cooker will have multiple settings.

    Some of the good Induction cooktops in India are -

    1. Inalsa Easy Cook LX

    2. Kenwood IH350

    3. Prestige PIC3.0V2

    4. Usha Cookjoy

    5. Sunflame SF1C01

    6. Philips HD4907

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are some of the answers to your induction cooker queries.

    Which induction cooker of which company has highly energy efficient?(Best and budget price)

    Prestige and the Philips seems to have a good range of energy efficient induction cooker. Their products in the range 1600-1999 w have some good reviews for the energy efficient performance. For the induction cooker in the 1600-1999 w, you'd find the price range for such models from 1800-2500 Rs depending on the model.

    Philips Viva Collection HD4928 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop seems to have lot of favorable reviews. It has price of 2,349 Rs. Some other good models to look into are as follows -

    1. Prestige PIC 20 1200-Watt
    2. Bajaj Majesty ICX 3 1400-Watt
    3. Hindware Dino IC100004 1900-Watt
    4. Prestige PIC 14.0 1900-Watt
    5. Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 2100-Watt Induction

    How much it is as compare to Annual difference b/w induction cookers and a LPG stove @ Rs 6.76?

    If you boil water on your LPG then amount of gas being used is more than the induction cooker taking electricity. In case induction cooker the time it takes for heating some high quantity food may require more energy. So depending on the scenario, the price difference will vary. For regular home use, you'd find induction cooker being more cheap than the gas at home.

    Power consumption of tested induction cookers versus a LPG stove using base reference of a specific food?

    If you are running some food court then you'd find that induction cooktops require more energy than the LPG gas. The reason being quantity is at play here. For small quantity you'd not have much energy to burn. However in case of the LPG, it is going to burn more of energy for even small quantity food unless you put it on simmer. For keeping food warm or for small quantity food, the induction cooktops are least expensive. However the amount of time it takes for the cooktops for certain foods, like say rice or others, you'd better find the performance of gas cylinder better.

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