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    Can anybody recommend a good portable MP3 player for my child?

    Are you looking for a good MP3 player for listening to music, with built-in radio and recording facility? Read the best mp3 players available in the market. Read our reviews.

    I am looking for a good pocket sized mp3 player for my 10 year old child. He should be able to listen to music, record some songs, transfer mp3 files from computer and that's all. I prefer one without video so that he won't waste time watching videos and playing games.

    I shortlisted Sony NWZ-B183F Walkman MP3 Player. Is that a good one? It has good reviews in Amazon but I am still not fully convinced.
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  • A few good MP3 players I could find were -

    1. Zebronics Sigma One

    The player comes with a 4GB storage space. That would be best for storing upto 1500 songs. It does offer a great audio experience. The MP3 player is durable and slim. You get a backup of upto seven hours.

    You can buy it for Rs. 999 on almost all major E -commerce sites.

    2. Captcha Super series 3rd Gen

    The MP3 player resembles iPod in its looks. But you have no storage capacity of any nature. You will need to insert a microSD card into it and you are good to go. It comes with a screen size of 1.8 inch.

    The player is available at Rs. 1199.

    3. Awei TF8

    This is one of the cutest looking MP3 player available in the market. It comes with dedicated music buttons. It supports almost all types of formats like MP3, MP2, WMA, WAV and FLAC. It can have expandable storage of 16 GB. It can play music for hours together. The player has an in built FM Radio.

    The player is priced at Rs. 1050.

    4. HumX Zing Gym edition

    It comes with a clip to hold it, thus making it the best option. It supports microSD cards. The memory can be expanded by another 32 GB.

    You may get it at Rs. 599.

    5. BMS Nano Multimedia FM

    The device can double up as a card reader with its USB port..
    The USB interface can be used faster charging of the player. It also has an expansion slot. It can be used to expand the storage by another 32 GB. The onboard storage is 4 GB.

    Buy it at Rs. 1049.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are some of the portable MP3 players that you may want to take a look at.

    Transcend MP330 This portable player from transcend allows recording, FM radio, mp3 playback. Apart from the mp3 playback it has support for other file formats such as - mp3, mp4, wav formats too. It has 8GB of storage capacity. It has a bit price for all those feature sets.

    You'd find the device being charged at - 2,228 Rs. You can get the device at Amazon India.

    Generic 4GB MP3 USB Music Player: This is another portable mp3 player from the generic. It has 4GB storage capacity. It has support for FM Radio and support for file format such as - mp4, mp3 and wav files. You can also use the recorder and 8 hours of playback support. The price is also reasonable for the featureset.

    You can get the device at Amazon India for 2,005 Rs.

    Eclipse T180 This model from the eclipse looks lot like ipod 3rd generation device. It has 4 GB storage space and the touchscreen to navigate through the contents. You also have the support for the FM radio and recording option. It has support for most of the playback formats such as - mp3, mp4 and wav file formats. You can find that the device has 6 hours of the playback support.

    It has price of 2,579 Rs on Amazon India.

    Philips GoGear Mix: The device looks more or less like a pendrive but it is a mp3 player. It has 4GB of storage capacity. In terms of playback hours, it has 10 hours support which is a lot. You can use it standalone or you can use it with the car or the stereo mp3 player. It supports most of the common formats for the playback - mp3, mp4 and other divx based file formats.

    You can get the device at price of 1,881 Rs on Amazon India.

    Sonilex MP6 : This mp3 player offers very competitive set of features at extremely low priced. It has 4GB capacity for the current mp3 player set. It supports audio recording and also has support for the FM Radio. It has low warranty around - 6 months. So there is one con of this product.

    It is priced at Rs. 329 on Snapdeal.

    There are few other low priced options on the snapdeal website. I'd recommend you to check out the official snapdeal and Amazon.

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