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    Should I buy a Note 7 or wait for the Note 8?

    Are you in a fix whether you should get a Note 7 or wait for the Note 8? Ask our technical experts to get the right advice.

    I want to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note device but I'm not sure if the note 7 is worth the price and of course I can't get note 7 this year and note 8 the next year and I want a phone for some years tho so should I wait?! I think the note 8 will be much much more better and I even heard that the note 7 has a lot of issues although we don't usually see noticeable issues in the note series. They say it has performance problems, it lags sometimes and a lot of older devices are faster and it has a poor quality even though it has GG5 it gets broken and scratched so easily and some people said that the phone caught fire while charging!!!! It has only 4 gigs of RAM while there is another phone ''oneplus 3'' that costs less than half the price and has 6 gigs of RAM and the same processor!! I know there are a LOT of other features that in the note 7 that aren't in OP3 but performance matters. so please please help me someone tell me what to do should I wait for note 8 if I want a note?!!! Please if u got the note 7 tell me if it's really worth it or not.
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  • Current condition of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 seems to be pretty uncomfortable for consumers. The reason being the device is being called back and Samsung is replacing the battery. There are some heating and explosion issues with the battery. For that reason I'd say hold onto your purchase of Galaxy Note 7. You can buy other device of similar specifications from other manufacturer. As far as the Note 8 is concerned. It may go through thorough examination before they release. The reason being the loss that company faced with the current set of product issues.

    One Plus 3 has a good performance and also good specs, though not directly comparable with Galaxy Note 7. I'd say if you are in rush to make purchase and have deadline on choosing the right device, I'd say go with the One plus 3. The battery heating issue is serious with galaxy note 7 and for that reason I'd advice other device in between. If you prefer performance then maybe you can also take a look at Honor and Xiaomi. Though in terms of specification you may find more or less in either one of them. But in terms of performance both honor and xiaomi have good phones that are good.

    If you can't choose between other phones then I'd suggest wait for Note 8. And I am sure product released by next year would be more performing.

  • I guess it would not be a good idea to buy a Galaxy Note 7 at the current state. Samsung has been recalling the device for the defects with the battery. There have been increasing instances about the overheating and exploding batteries.

    Several air travel firms and travel companies have been issuing warnings against travelling with a Note 7. FAA has issued warnings against using and charging the Note 7 devices on its flights. A cou[ple of airliners in Australia have banned the use of the device completely on the flights. Given those reasons, I would advice you not to opt for the Note 7.

    One Plus 3 would indeed be a good choice. Launched in June, 2016 it comes with a 5.5 inch screen. You get a whopping 6 GB of RAM. The 3000 mAh battery capacity and Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 are some of the features that would make it a great device.

    Live....and Let Live!

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