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    The best free Help Desk software for ticket raising

    Are you looking for the best free Help Desk software for ticket raising? Ask our technical experts for their best advice.

    Is there any Help Desk tools or software for ticket raising and solve the issue within a company and track the email and request etc.? If yes, let me know its detail, plus, is it temporary free or free forever? How Help Desk Software and feature helps other online in general? How to create Issue tracking system? How to manage Online Ticketing raised? Kindly specify.
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  • Here are some of the answers to your queries.

    is it temporary free or free forever?

    Free and open source helpdesk software remain free for the version offered. Unless specifically mentioned they don't drop the free plan.

    How Help Desk Software and feature helps other online in general?

    Help desktop software allows the customer to login to the dashboard and create ticket. This ticket refers to issue or incident with the customer. This makes communication open between you and the customer. You have to resolve the issue by communicating with the customer. And when the customer is satisfied or the issue is resolved, then you can close the ticket.

    It works something like this.

    1. Customer opens ticket.
    2. You decide the severity and priority level.
    3. You resolve the issue.
    4. You or customer both agrees to close the ticket.
    5. Issue marked as resolved on both dashboard.
    6. Customer gives the satisfaction rating for internal credibility level measurement in between agent workflow.

    How to create Issue tracking system?

    If you are using the helpdesk software then you're already using the issue tracking software. Here however the issue is reported by the customer and support person being leading the resolution for the specific issue.

    Here are some of the free and open source helpdesk software.

    osTicket : This free and open source ticket management system is very popular. It can be a good option for you to setup on your website and let the users open ticket. The system is very simple and is being used in most of the hosting sites and the other shopping sites. It is free and you can also extend it for financial transaction on per incident basis support costing. It allows you to white-label the software as per your sites name, logo and other features. It also has paid cloud plan if you choose to have this automated for your website or the company.

    Brimir: Another free help-desk software which you can try. It is open source and has plenty of commercial forks too. It has some of the nice features which makes using the helpdesk software much easier. It has very easy to use design. Also customer end of the dashboard is clean and quicker to use. It can be used as customer support dashboard, bug tracker, corporate issue tracker and testing dashboard. If you choose to go cloud plan, then there are paid options available from the software.

    OTRS: OTRS has both free and the premium version. They offer a lot of good features in the free version. You'd find that it can be good for the support ticket dashboard. Apart from that it has cloud plans for those who want to use the system through app. Compared to brimir, OTRS free has a lot of good community reviews.

    DiamanteDesk: This is another open source and free software. It has plenty of good features like notifications, phone alerts and multiple agents. Though you'd find their premium extension very helpful if you're in need of helpdesk for the e-commerce site or shop. Being open source makes it easy for you to patch it if you made some of the modifications. Also in terms of the look and ease of use, it's much better than OTRS and Brimir.

    Redmine This system is more of issue tracker than the help desk system. So it is only good to be used for the developer and the client side of the issues. It's not suitable for the customer oriented ticket system.

    Mantis Another issue tracking system, though can be used for the helpdesk too. It has plenty of features if used, can make a good help desk application. From learning curve side, it is very easy to use.

    Once your use of the free and open source helpdesk software requires premium features then you may want to try some of the following services -

    1. Freshdesk
    2. Zendesk
    3. Userresponse

    Start with the osTicket and that should be enough during the initial period of managing the helpdesk and support dashboard on your company or website.

  • Here I go with some of the top free and paid Help Desk software tools -

    1. UserVoice

    It is one of the best options for a firm getting suggestions for product improvement. It does integrate seamlessly with Facebook. It lets the customer care representatives to improve based on feedback received.

    2.. LiveAgent

    This is a web based multichannel help desk software. It does integrate with almost all major channels. The supported channels include Email, Voice, Chat, Facebook and Twitter.

    3. FreshDesk

    FreshDesk is a cloud based Help Desk software. It lets you service your customers through the usual channels like calls, messages and emails, social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. The software also lets you serve your customers through your own branded community.

    4. Zoho Support

    It is yet another web based customer care software. It works as a ticketing software and a customer support tool. It has two plans labelled Enterprise and Professional. Enterprise plan isnpriced at Rs. 1500 per agent per month and the professional plan costs Rs. 720 per agent per month.

    5. Spec India

    This is yet another India based customer support and ticketing system. The system has designed keeping in view the needs of current scenario. You can receive, sort and solve the tickets.

    6. Sagar Helpdesk Software

    The Indian system of ticketing and customer care lets you receive and respond to the customer complaints. You can manage assets and improve employee satisfaction.

    How does Ticketing software work?

    1. The user will submit a ticket. It can be either directly through the web interface, or email.

    2. These tickets are monitored by the software.

    3. Your team of agents gets notified about the complaints through SMS, Email or any other notification.

    4. An agent takes up the case, and thus indirectly lets the other agents know that the ticket has been taken up.

    5. Now, there would be an interaction between the user and the agent. There could be exchange of files, replies, details and updates.

    6. In cases of needs, the ticket may be escalated to someone else.

    All the above tasks are completed through the web interface of the software or the mobile app of the software ( that forms the part of the ticketing software). Once the issue is resolved, the agent will close the ticket.

    Live....and Let Live!

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