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  • Which are the best portable AC of 1.5 tons

    Looking for 1.5 ton Portable AC? Get expert suggestions from this thread.

    I am looking for a portable AC of 1.5 tons. Please suggest which could be the best brand along with its specification and price details. Also refer where to buy it online.
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  • Here are some of the portable AC options at 1.5 ton capacity.

    CROMA 1.5 TON CRC1186
    This model from croma seems to be one good option in terms of price and the service. It has no drip feature with 3 speed oscillating fan. It also comes with the LCD remote and the display. It costs 27,994 Rs on Croma. You may want to check out the local store instead of online store to test the appliance before purchasing.

    Price : 27,994 Rs.

    You can check the appliance here :

    Lloyd GLACIA LP 12 HC 1.5 Ton Portable AC: This is another model that seems to be one option for portable AC line. It has 1.5 T capacity with 3 speed oscillating capacity. It has LCD display and remote. Based on the reviews online the appliance has decent performance. I'd suggest checking this in offline store as not many stores have this portable AC in stock. In shop price of the appliance is 28K more or less depends on the store.

    Price : 28,000 Rs.

    SUPER GENERAL 1.5 TON SGPI182 : This AC of 1.5 ton has capacity with 3 oscillating fan. It has LCD display with remote. It has no drip technology. Considering the AC is of generic make, in terms of after sales service and the warranty there isn't much available about it online. It priced at 37,990 Rs on Croma store online. I'd suggest checking out the local store.

    Price : 37,990 Rs.

    You can find the croma link here :

    There are some of the other brands with generic name, you may find them in local shops. I'd say that there are very few good brands with better reviews that you can find online. So I suggest sticking with the local appliance shop for this.

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