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    Is Samsung Galaxy S 4 available in Flipkart?

    Are you trying to find the link to buy Samsung Galaxy S4 in Flipkart? Well, the product is not listed in Flipkart yet. Follow this thread after the official launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 in India to find the phone in Flipkart.

    Is Samsung Galaxy S 4 going to be available in Flipkart? Usually they list the upcoming smartphones in Flipkart and show the estimated price even though we cannot buy it until it is available there. But I can't find Galaxy S4 in Flipkart yet. If anybody could locate the link in that site, please let me know.
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  • Hi Friend,

    Samsung Galaxy S4 is not officially launched or announced yet so you can't find it anywhere. The price of this phone is not known to any one. So in Flipkart it is not available now,, you can find this phone there after the official launch of this phone. So wait for the upcoming galaxy S4.

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 is not available right now on Flipkart. The release date of Samsung Galaxy S4 is March 14, 2013. As this is the most awaited mobile phone of year 2013 and it will be the second big launch of the top mobile companies after Blackberry. Even the news is that it will be available in Indian market in the month of April.

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  • Samsung Galaxy s4 is the latest talk on the tech world as the proud product of Samsung brand. Samsung Galaxy s4 will officially launch on 14th March 2013 at New York, America. It will not available in India on the same day onwards. Indians have to wait some time for the arrival of latest Android Smartphone Galaxy s4. It is expected to launch in India on April or May. Flipkart is Indian based online shop, and so there is no Samsung Galaxy s4 mobile is available on Flipkart upto now. The latest Android phone will be available on Flipkart after the launching of it on India. There is no official announcement of the pricing of the smartphone, however lets hope the price is in the range of 35000-40000.

  • Not yet but it's going to be released tomorrow and is expected to launched in India soon. Once it is launched, it will be available in all leading stores including Flipkart.

  • No. It is not available in the flipkart even in the mobile market. Because the official announcement is not yet come. So you please be wait for few days and check again. Thank you for asking this question.

  • Not to talk of Flipkart, the Samsung Galaxy S IV is not available anywhere in India on any of the either local or online retail stores. The reason is that SamSung Galaxy S IV is yet to be officially launched by Samsung. It is a confirmed news that Samsung is scheduled to launch this smartphone in the US in New York City on March 14, 2013. This will the first launch of any smartphone in the US. The detailed specifications and the price of this smartphone will be known only after its official launch by Samsung.

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  • Samsung has not yet released the Galaxy S4. Everyone is waiting for the release date of Samsung Galaxy S4. This is really a revolutionary smartphone from Samsung so far and is expected to break the records. Flipkart has not even update the name of Samsung Galaxy S4 in the upcoming list but as soon as this smartphone is released for sale in the market, flipkart will surely avail it for booking the orders with best deals at best prices.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 is not available in any of the online websites. The mobile is not yet released in the market. Samsung had announced before that they are going to release officially on 14th March 2013. Samsung Galaxy S4 is not yet released in India. The mobile is going to be released in India in April. Most of the online websites are waiting for the announcement to release the mobile in their sites.

  • No, Samsung Galaxy S4 is not yet launched. It is expected to be launched today. So, it is not available in Flipkart. But in India this phone is not yet launched. The price is not announced yet but it is going to be above 35k. Once launched, it will be available in many online stores and websites within a few days. Try to grab the best deal that suits you.

  • Galaxy S4 is not yet launched in India. So, there is no possibility to get it in Flipkart. Online marketing sites are very fast, you can buy it from Flipkart on launching day itself. It is expected to be priced around Rs.35000.

  • You can have Galaxy S4 this April. One of the online site is offering 'Add to wishlist' feature but nothing more this can be done. However, this is a good option and by this way whenever S4 arrives in India you will be alerted immediately and you can place the order.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S IV is not available in Flipkart online shopping website yet. As per news Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available in India after 28 march 2013. On 14 March 2013 Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy S4 in New York City. The expected price of Samsung Galaxy S4 is 43,990/- Rupees only in India. Soon Samsung Galaxy S IV will available in Indian market. Hence if we want to buy Samsung Galaxy S IV through Flipkart online shopping website we have to wait for 15 - 30 days more.

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  • Up to this time no online shopping website in India including not providing Samsung Galaxy S4. Globally this product is released but it is not launched in any country. It may be launch at the end of this month or at the first week of April. The officials were not announced the price too. You can search in online shopping website to find that any website is providing pre-orders.

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  • No, Samsung Galaxy S IV is not available in Flipkart. Now, It is available with some other e-store and you can pre-order for this device. One website is booking orders for Samsung Galaxy S IV at the price of Rs.23,490. That website showing the price 50,000/- and giving the discount of 13%. Some other e-stores are showing different prices for Samsung Galaxy S IV, But now one thing is sure that Samsung Galaxy S IV will be available in April 2013 in many countries. And it is the good news for all Samsung Galaxy fans.

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  • It is listed as pre-order in Flipkart but available on infibeam and samsung e-store..i found here

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