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  • What is Android 7.0 Nougat? Explain its Features and Installation Process?

    have you heard of Android 7.0 Nougat? To know its Features and Installation Process ask our technical experts.

    I have heard of "Android 7.0 Nougat", Can somebody explain it to me? I am sure there will be a lot in this version of Android OS. I am very curious to know about it and I am excited to feel this latest upgrade or whatever is this? When can we expect it? What are the functions and features of this latest technology of Android OS?
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  • To give you the best hope, let me say that, the latest Android OS 7.0 Nougat is heard to be released somewhere around August 22. From the company website, which they have listed, we get to see a list of features that are all focused on the basis of "user-friendly" approach.
    Here they go:

    1. One can open Multi-windows at a time.

    2. There is an option called Multi Locale language settings that helps to select your language from a huge number of language options.

    3. Switching between apps has become easier with a double tap, and one can run two apps simultaneously.

    4. There is this Vulkan API, which is a game changer that brings 3D graphics of high-performance.

    5. With the help of Virtual Reality mode, the latest Android Nougat is all set to launch their Daydream-ready phones.

    6. There is a feature named Doze that helps in saving up battery life even while on the move. Because of this feature the device will go further ahead with even low to lower power usage while the device is been carried somewhere.

    7. To make the desired changes faster, you get the Custom Quick Settings.

    8. The Notification Direct Reply is a really useful feature reply on the go without the need of starting any app.

    9. With the latest feature of Bundled Notifications from apps one has to tap to expand and look for more info without having to start the app.

    10. With the Data Saver turned on, the apps in the background would not be given any access to the cell data.

    11. When not required one can cut short on future alerts from the notification itself.

    12. The Display Size has been increased with more visibility.

    13. On some selected new devices, the Nougat software updates can be downloaded in the background, so that one does not have to wait during the device gets its syncs with the latest security tools.

    14. By encrypting files at the file level, Android Nougat 7.0 can rather choose to be isolated and protect the documents for individual users who use your device.

    15. It is a Direct Boot system where Starting the device has become faster and easier. The apps would keep running securely much before you are prompted to enter your password.

    16. There are more than 1500 emoji among which there are 72 newly included.

  • Android Nougat is the latest operating system from Google. It is rolling out for Google Nexus devices from August 22. It has indeed carried forward the Android legacy ahead from the Marshmallow update. Some of the unique features of the update are -

    1. Improved Personalisation

    • There are over 72 new emojis added, taking the total upto over 1500 now.
    • The Quick Settings controls have improved. You will now be able to move the tiles anywhere you wish to.
    • Multiple location support has been added. The apps now come up with contents based on your locale.

    2. Productivity enhancements

    • Multi window support lets you be more productive. The split windows are now resizable,
    • Direct Reply is a feature that will let you reply to notifications straightaway from notifications. You will not need to open the app for the purpose.
    • You can switch quickly between the two of your most recently used apps. You just need to double tap the Overview button to do that.

    3. Battery Enhancements

    The battery optimisation began with Android Marshmallow. The Doze feature was meant to improve the battery life of your device. In Android Nougat, the battery optimisation has been further improved. It will now use less power while you are on the move. The OS will sense the movement and move to low power usage mode.

    Android Nougat takes Doze feature introduced in Marshmallow to the next level with Project Svelte. It offers you the ways to set how apps behave, manage memory and run in the background. You can set the phone to run only those apps that you need in the background.

    4. Immersive experience

    Immersive experience has been the buzzword for Google in the recent updates. Android Nougat continues with the tradition.
    It now supports VulkanTM which is the advanced 3D rendering API. Games will now have real life high speed experience. Please note that your processor should be capable of supporting it for the optimum experience.

    DayDream is a proprietary Google platform for Virtual reality. Android Nougat supports DayDream.

    5. Security Enhancements

    As has been a regular feature with Android ecosystem, security has been at the forefront. It has better encryption to keep your private data secure.
    • The device can now install updates in the background. Termed Seamless Updates, it will be helpful as you would not need to wait till your device installs the update and then optimises your apps.
    • Android Nougat brings file based encryption to the users. It will mean it can isolate files and protect them on individual users basis.
    • Direct Boot is a new feature introduced in Android Nougat to aid your device boot faster. Apps will begin running smoothly and securely when your device reboots.

    6. Mobile data usage improvements

    Android Nougat brings newer ways to save your mobile data consumption. It will restrict the random data usage when you are on cellular network. The new Data Saver can be set to ignore some of the apps.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are the answers to your queries.

    What is Android 7.0 Nougat?
    Android 7.0 Nougat is the current released operating system version of Android. This released has done a lot of visual and UI improvements since the Android L.

    Explain its Features

    This update has the following interesting set of features.

    1. App Notification Grouping : Earlier versions of android had different entries for notifications from same app. This however has changed and now Nougat allows you to group the notification, this saves a lot of time and also makes handling them easier.

    2. Quick Switch : Prior to nougat you'd be having a hard time switching in between apps. Now recent menu addition allows you to quickly switch between the multiple application. Though recent menu option was added since Marshmallow but "quick switch" is new addition to the task switching functionalities.

    3. DayDream VR : Google's official VR API is now included in the nougat. This allows the users to make use of the apps and games that has VR functionality. Though this functionality won't be much of for old phone. Any new nexus and non-nexus phones incorporating the feature will be able to make use of this API right away.

    4. Split Screen Mode : This feature allows the user to work on two windows at the same time. This can be handy for those who require data lookup.

    5. Doze Mode: This mode earlier was limited to the stationary state of the device but now it is taking the motion into consideration. This mode also helps in saving data and energy.

    6. Personalization : This update has lot of personalization changes being made. You have around 72 Emojis, UTF8 support, Wallpaper and lock screen changes. These changes are improved and compared to versions such as lollipop I find it very effective.

    7. Data saver : This change allows only the specific apps to connect to internet. This way other apps don't waste the bandwidth by syncing it. This eventually helps in saving money and data on things you don't want to update or use. For those on costly 3G and 4G plans, this mode can save a lot of money.

    8. Updates Android N has now started background update features. So you will find that system will now have the Chrome like background updates installed for security patches. The maintenance updates also will be installed on demand. Only the major updates that consume more internet speed will be notified to the user. Apart from the regular updates, Nougat has updated the OpenJDK version for the system. This means you can use new language changes into the apps.

    There are many other minor yet impressive set of features being released by the Android N.

    Installation Process?

    Android N OTA update will be available to non-custom ROM based android users from their respective manufacturers from September onwards. The update is around 50-70MB in size. However manufacturers with custom ROM may take next 6 months or so to release their own version of system image update. Installation for every Android device will vary depending on the manufacturer settings. For example, in case of Xiaomi phones, they are still on Android Kitkat and you may have to download entire 1GB of Android N image to upgrade the device past L, M series of the Android system image. In case of Motorola, the upgrade would be easier just by downloading the image, rooting the device and making the recovery. However, the process for each device is different based on if the device is rooted or not. Make sure you have system recovery and backup options before you upgrade.

    You can watch general set of instruction that applies to most of the devices running Android L or M. Check the video here :

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