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    Laptop screen turned pink and blue !

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    Today , as I was watching opm , my screen suddenly became weird and the dark areas became blue while the light areas turned pink.It's not a problem of the os as i have dual os and its the same on both of them.I can still read what's written but it looks really bad and I do want to fix it. I wanted to ask you guys before calling someone to fix it . Please help me of you can! :)
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  • This is certainly not a problem of OS. It is a display issue. To try it yourself you have to go to your general settings. Select Display Settings and then go to the Advanced display settings. There you have to choose the recommended resolution offered by your system and then restart it.
    If the problem persists even then, you need to go to a Hardware Repair shop to set your display. It might be a picture tube problem, which if damaged by any chance, you need to replace it.
    All the best.

  • Well, the discoloration would be possible if there is any hardware problem in your laptop. Most probable reason for such pink or blue color is the video cable that might have gone bad.

    I do know that the cable cannot be changed by yourself. If you are comfortable with performing the repair on your own, you can buy the cable and replace it. But if you are not familiar with the tasks involved in the repair, I would advice you to take the laptop to a technician and get the problem solved.

    If you want to be sure that it is not a software issue, you may perform the following tips -

    1. Perform defragmentation and check disk

    2. You may cleanup registry issues with Reginout Registry Manager.

    3. Perform hardware reset. To do this, you will need to remove battery, cable and other peripherals. Then press and hold down the power button for 20 seconds. This clears out the RAM and discharges the residual current inside the laptop.

    However, I do feel that this is a hardware issue and will need you to visit a repair shop to get it rectified.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are some of the possible issues with the laptop screen turning pink and blue.

    1. Video Cable connection: This issue occurs when the video cable is having some lose connection with the display circuit. For this problem it'd be a good idea to take the laptop to the service center. They can correct this issue as they are more suitable to properly do without damaging any other circuit. This problem can be complicated depending on board or video card issue.

    2. LCD Display inverter issue: In this scenario the display flickers prior to turning blue and pink. And in order to fix this issue, it'd require the circuit board to checked for proper supply. This problem often leads to system hang and later display being completely non functional. This you can't do on your own and you need to take this to service center. If this is the issue then solving it doesn't cost more than 250 Rs or so for manual labor charges of service center.

    3. LCD Back-light Issue: In this issue regular changing of VGA colors and refresh rates leads to screen showing singular color like pink or blue. Back-light if showing this issue then chances are the display needs replacing. And to fix this issue, you have to take the laptop to service center.

    4. VGA Driver Issue (software settings) This issue happens when your motherboard graphics driver are refreshing the screen at different rate than specified. Also if the resolution and the color are set to higher frequency than specified. This problem can be solved by logging into safe mode of windows or command prompt mode for Linux. And from there you have to calibrate the OS for lower VGA values that shows the display properly. You can do this on your own or take help from friend.

    5. Motherboard Display issues (board settings) : In such cases the screen shows blue and pink right from the device booting. So if you have faced this issue then chances are you have to adjust the setting for graphics in the motherboard options for VGA and display. This can be done at home and if you are not confident about it then take the device to the service center.

    These are some of the common ways you can troubleshoot this. Do note that if the device fails to work on one of the following resolutions, then the service center will ask you to replace the LCD display. And depending on the model they are going to charge you accordingly.

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