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  • The best affiliate program to make money

    Are you keen to know which is the best affiliate program to make money? ask our technical experts for their experiences and opinions.

    There are so many affiliate programs are available but they seems are not going well for those who has less traffic on their blog. Whatsoever, which one is the best affiliate program to earn money online in terms of ad click naturally by the visitor, demand, good percentage income, payment without any hassle from them and on?

    Which one is the best compare between Amazon and Flipkart or eBay?

    Kindly specify all.
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  • India has been able to see a boom in E Commerce sites and that has resulted in a good deal of affiliate programs. It was started by Flipkart and was later followed by Myntra, jabong and others.

    There are many affiliate programs available for Indian bloggers, but the best ones would be the following ones. These are not only popular, but also high paying compared to others.

    I would advice you to check the conversion rate. Most of the bloggers pay attention to the commission rates alone. That would not be a practical idea. Even when a program has a high commission rate, it may not have a good and reliable conversion rate. What use will you have if no one buys from your link even if the commission rate is attractive?


    Flipkart has been rated as the best E Commerce site. Even their affiliate program has earned a good name. Since most of the products are bought by Indians, the conversion rate is quite high. Commission rate is also quite high especially for the gadgets.

    A single sign up to the affiliate program lets you choose any product you would want to promote. Signing up is quite easy. The program does not have a approval process involved.

    There are some concerns or negative feedback as well. The commission rates are not much attractive. However, being the most loved and popular E Commerce site in India, Flipkart does have a very high conversion rate. There have been reports of reduced earnings as the site states cancellations and back orders as the reason. There are no daily reports of earnings available. That gives rise to ambiguity.


    Amazon is the best affiliate program when it comes to efficiency and transparency. The site offers properly arranged daily and correctly sorted earnings reports. The earnings are shown in your report only after the orders are delivered. That makes you realise that your earning reports will not show any reduction for ambiguous reasons. However, the conversion rate has been a little low.

    During the initial days, Amazon affiliate program was not India specific. That made it a tough choice when it came to getting good earning for the Indian traffic. But, now with the launch of an affiliate program for Indian users, that issue has been sorted out. The best part with them is they pay commission for any purchase made from your link even if the product was not promoted by you.


    EBay is one of the leading E Commerce sites. They do not have a dedicated affiliate program for Indian bloggers. You can join through their global affiliate channel. It is a little different than the regular affiliate programs. The revenue will depend upon the quality of traffic that comes to their site. The commission is not paid based on the actual sales.


    Infibeam offers you a 10 percent commission on its product range. It has been found to be good as far as digital products like EBooks. Even lifestyle products fetch good commission rates. But, gadgets and electronic items are offered a low commission rate.

    Infibeam lets the customers choose a product at the lowest price. Labelled as Magic Price, this unique concept has made many online buyers move to Infibeam. Another concept that makes it stand apart is the Search bar that you can add on your site or blog. Whenever, a visitor uses the search bar and buys a product - you will be paid commission.


    It is yet another affiliate program that offers some good value for your efforts. It does have a cookie duration of 24 hours. That makes it unique with its commission structure. The affiliate program has no minimum threshold for payment.

    SnapDeal pays you around 10 percent commisssion subject to a maximum of Rs. 400. You may choose any product from a 500+ strong category list. This wide choice makes it the best among the affiliate programs available for Indian bloggers. SnapDeal comes with many special offers for the buyers. That can make more customers opting for the E Commerce site. That would mean you have an increased chance of getting the revenue.

    How to go for an affilaite program?

    You can opt for affiliate marketing in two ways. One of them is called Direct Affiliate Marketing. Herein you sign up to an affiliate program of your choice. You will use the affilaite links in your blogs and websites. The complate marketing strategy is dependent on you. You may sign up for any of the top programs featured above and plan your strategy accordingly.

    Another method is using the Affiliate Networks. These networks need you to sign up with them and they will take care of marketing and getting the best deals. These networks provide you a script that you will need to use in your blog. Rest of the marketing is handled by the concerned affiliate network.

    If you are not sure which you would wish to go, sign up for an affiliate network. They will act as an intermediary between you and the E Commerce site.

    iCubesWire is one such network. They have been associated with more than 200 companies including Flipkart, Jabong and Amazon. You just need to sign up with them as a publisher and get promoted across different E Commerce sites.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are some of the answers to your questions.

    Which one is the best affiliate program to earn money online in terms of ad click naturally by the visitor, demand, good percentage income, payment

    When it comes to earning point of view, very few affiliate programs are good enough for the bloggers and affiliate marketers. For example, Amazon has very high rate of clicks, the visitors also trust the brand more. However the revenue generation part is pretty steady and steep for the people who do affiliate marketing. The rate for Amazon affiliate program starts at 4% and grows upto 6% depending on the amount of sales being generated.

    Flipkart on the other hand has higher conversion rates for the affiliate marketer. However on the trust factor, there are issues with the company. So often the flipkart clicks doesn't convert. But if it converts, the the payout becomes very high.

    Ebay is extremely hard to monetize. And not only that but its one of the hardest program to get into for solo bloggers and affiliate marketers. Most of the coupon websites are easily eligible for the affiliate program.

    The order in which people prefer e-commerce website is as follows - Amazon, flipkart, ebay, snapdeal, shoclues etc. So the conversion of the click has higher for the website in the given order.

    Which one is the best compare between Amazon and Flipkart or eBay?

    In order to compare these affiliate programs, you need to use your website or hubpages to test the strength of the click conversion from those programs. Prior to 2013, I have tested these 3 affiliate programs on Hubpages. After 2014 however hubpages stopped allowing affiliate links from users on their articles. So current testing observations are based on my own websites data. Here are some of my observation on which program is better.

    Amazon, has better conversion rate. The brand name, return policy, refunds all in favor of buyers. Most of the products listed in the affiliate dashboard convert well. Also the dashboard also shows you which products you should promote for better conversion. The base percentage for amazon starts with 4%. And once you cross 30 or more sales, it raises to 6% and once you cross 200 products, it goes upto 8%. If you give more than 1000-5000 clicks to the amazon per day with decent conversion rate, you'd have a lot of good earning. Payout will be given to the bank directly using NEFT system. You can also get the cheque in the mail if you have selected that payout method.

    FlipkartBefore you even use the links, it's better to get your bank account linked and website verified. Because unless you do this, the new system will not recognize your conversion and clicks. The base rate for each product varies in Flipkart. So for some product your conversion will start from 8% to 10%. Some product rates also fluctuate too so it all depends on the changing conversion rate offers offered by flipkart. There are also lot of good offers on mobile traffic as flipkart is forcing mobile conversion from offers. In case of payout, you can either redeem as voucher or bank transfer. This is second best program after the Amazon.

    Ebay One of the hardest program to get into for affiliate marketers. Unless you are affiliated with say Hubpages or other similar site the conversion is also hard. It requires you to install one javascript file on your websites pages or CMS. And they track the traffic before approval. The conversion rates are CPM and CPC based. So you get paid some good amount of money from the conversion that happens. A lot of websites such as hubpages are making some decent money from this program. For solo bloggers it'd be harder to make money if they don't have 1 million views per day, which is easy for hubpages or ehow. This program should be last resort to apply because other e-commerce sites are much better in terms of conversion.

    If you want to diversify the results then you have some of these options such as - infibeam, snapdeal, shopclues etc. In terms of revenue generation, infibeam is one of the lowest earner. Snapdeal does get some conversion during the sales and product launches. The rate is also good for the snapdeal links and banner ads. Shopclues on the other hand has yet to establish itself. So there is a lot of things to be done for the bloggers to push this brand at first place.

    Do note that you need to send a lot of traffic in order to make some serious revenue from those sites. Also if you are solo blogger, tone of your writing has to be super humble and friendly for people to click on the link given in the article. If you try to be too pushy or too authoritative, or shady in the tone, then your conversion rate will fall in case of promoting these affiliate programs.

  • I have account with both Flipkart and Amazon affiliate programs. As per my personal experience, I can give you the following information.

    I found it to be quite jerky as, even after few products got sold from my links and they were supposed to pay me as per their scheduled time frame, they didn't pay me until I pursued it on personal level, and finally they paid me after 6 months. The price of the products too get higher at times in Flipkart, and I found a lot of complaint lying in the forum and in their social media sites where the affiliate users are not happy with their policies. The Customer Support for Flipkart is yet more annoying, as they don't reply to your queries within their own said stipulated time, and the communication level is too low. Investing in Flipkart could be a wastage of time and money in comparison to Amazon.

    Till now I have smooth transactions with Amazon affiliate program. They are streamlined, professional and maintain a lot of transparency in their deals. Once there was a delay in payment, but whenever I made a query, I was attended immediately and finally the issue got resolved within a few days. I found the percentage of commission offered in Amazon to be pretty good, and if you say about visitors, people undoubtedly believe more on amazon for their professional handling of things, excellent return policy and promptness in services. I would certainly go with Amazon rather than FLipkart.

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