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    Query about a compatible power bank for my smart phone

    Are you looking for a compatible power bank for your smart phone? Ask our technical experts for the best deal.

    I recently purchased Samsung Galaxy ON7 Gold. Which power bank should I buy for this smart phone? Which one should be compatible with this one? Since there are so many power banks available in the market. I am a bit confused and need proper guidance.
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  • Some of the best power banks could be -

    Xiaomi Mi Power bank

    Xiaomi has been a big name in the power bank genre. They have two most popular power banks under the Mi branding. One of them is of mAh capacity, while the other has a capacity of mAh. They come with a nine layer chip protection technology. The mAh bank should be able to charge your smartphone to around to charge cycles depending on your battery capacity.
    The 10400 mAh powerbank costs Rs. 999 on Flipkart.

    2. ADATA PT100 10000 mAH Power Bank

    The power bank comes with a 10000 mah capacity. It also has a LED torch built in that may be useful in emergency situations. It turns the power bank off when it is idle. The P100 has Over-Discharge Protection, Over-Current Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over-Voltage Protection and Overcharge Protection enabled. It has two USB ports both delivering 1A current. You can charge two devices simultaneously. It again costs you Rs. 999.

    3. Lenovo PA10400

    As the name itself indicates, the power bank has a capacity of 10400 mAh. Lookswise it proves its worth. The Lenovo PA10400 has two USB ports. That would mean you can use the device to charge two smartphones simultaneously. The cable provided in box is of short length. You may need to buy a longer one. You can buy it for Rs. 1099 from major ecommerce sites.

    4. Ambrane P-1000 Star

    This yet another power bank that has a capacity of 10400 mAh. One thing that goes against it is the looks that it features. However, in terms of functionality, it is one of the best. It has a LED torch built in along with two USB ports.

    5. Intex Pb 11 Power Bank

    Intex is a wellknown brand when it comes to smartphones. It has ventured into the power bank genre with Pb 11 power bank. It comes with a capacity of 11000 mAh. Currently available in white color option, the power bank has three USB ports. It also has a Torch option. The power bank can be bought for Rs. 999 on Flipkart.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are some of the compatible power banks for your phone. Do note that power bank above 3000 mAh from reliable manufacturers are compatible for Samsung Galaxy ON7 Gold.

    1. Samsung EB-PG850BSEGIN 8400 mAh: This is Samsung's USB powered power supply with power capacity of 8400 mAh. Power bank has the power output of 5V. The device is priced in between 2650 -3250 Rs, depending on which online store you're purchasing from.

    2. HP Silver 7600 Dual USB. 7600 mAh: Though HP is late entrant to the power bank market, they do have decent lineup of powerbanks. HP's this powerbank has 7600 mAH power capacity. It has power out of 5V suitable for mobiles such as ON7. The device is priced at Rs 1990 on Flipkart and Amazon.

    3. OnePlus 10000 mAh Power Bank: Oneplus's powerbank with higher capacity of 10000 mAh is another good option. It has power output of 5V suitable for smartphone. It has two different USB outputs that you can connect to depending on the type of connector required for the phone. The device is priced at Rs. 1,749 on Flipkart and Amazon.

    4. Ambrane P-1111 power bank 10000 mAh: Ambrane is known for their popular power bank devices. This model has the power capacity of 10000 mAh suitable for Samsung ON7. It has lithium battery with capacity of 5V. It has single output USB micro connector port. This is one of the budget powerbank available. It is priced at 699 Rs.

    5. Lenovo Power Bank PB410 5000mAh: Lenovo has some of the very good powerbanks lineup. The PB410 series has 5000mAh capacity. This powerbank is compatible with the ON7 too. It has lightweight design with 5V power out in a single USB connector. The device is priced at 1,072 Rs at Amazon.

    6. Asus ABTU005 10050mAH Zen Power Bank: This powerbank from the ASUS has lithium-ION battery with the capacity of 10050mAH. It has power output of 5V and 2.4A suitable for ultra fast charging. It has two USB connector port. The device is priced at 1,545 at Amazon India.

    You can find some of the compatible powerbanks with better reviews here :

  • BoxWave's PowerTower is a 6,000mAh Power Bank Module that has been specifically created for the Samsung Galaxy On7.

    But apart from that you can try these:

    1. Captcha Samsung Galaxy J7 Compatible and Certified 20000mAh Powerbank:

    It has got High Capacity Dual USB Ports of 2.0A and 1.5A with a fast Charging 3.6Amp battery.
    It is compatible with almost all models and versions of Samsung Smartphones.
    Price: Rs.1,499.00

    2. LG PowerXcel RBB041PX 12000 mAh Power Bank:

    It is a portable charger with Lithium Polymer Battery. It has got a Digital LCD Display that provides information on the battery capacity, its Ampere and Voltage readings.

    It is a dual Output Rapid Charging Device that can charge two smart devices simultaneously because of its double output ports. These ports can discharge power at an output of 2.1A and 1A, respectively.
    Price: Rs.1,799.00

    3. Samsung Galaxy J7 57 Compatible Certified 6000mah PowerBank:

    This T Power Series Portable power bank comes with 2amp Genuine Output for faster charging.
    Price: Rs.634.00

    4. PowerXcel RBB042PX 11000 mAh Power Bank
    It is a High Capacity Power Bank with Powerful LED Flashlight and it is BIS Certified. This power bank has a charging capacity of 11000 mAh. It has an ergonomic design to make it portable wearing a stylish look. There are power button, indicator lights, and flashlight to ensure better user experience.
    Price: Rs. 899.00

    5. DEBOCK Universal Power Bank For Samsung Galaxy J7
    It is a Light Weight Power Bank of 6600 mAh, with Fast Charging feature enabled and there is no Heating issue. The Power bank is compatible with almost all major smartphones and wears a smart look with sleek design.
    Price: 1,049.00

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