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    Desktop starting problem

    Getting Booting errors on your computer? Want to solve the problems associated with boot failure? Keep an eye on this Ask Expert thread to know more.

    While starting computer enters in to boot. And ask to insert disk for booting.
    What's the problem?
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  • Your system has the "disk boot failure" issue. And this can be confirmed with the Microsoft KB article too. When the Windows operating system has the book

    Depending on how the boot files are affected the issue could be one of the following -

    1. BIOS boot order issue
    2. Data cable issue
    3. Bad sectors issues
    4. Corruption to HDD boot loader

    If your BIOS boot order is not properly set to HDD at first then the system will look for other devices. And if other boot devices don't have boot options in them then it'll often cause such errors. For example if the boot is set to the USB boot, and if the USB connected does not have the boot loader, then your system will skip HDD and push the error for the boot order. And in such case the error above given by you could occur.

    In second case if the data cables are loose in your desktop then also such error comes in because motherboard gets stuck in polling the request for such device. And this can be solved by checking the order for your boot.

    In third case this error occurs if your hard risk has the bad sector due to heating and the frequent restarts or some read write error. And in such case eventually your hard disk stops booting. It takes around 1 year or so for the hard disk to have such issue.

    In case of the HDD boot sector corruption this problem can be solved by reinstalling the Windows OS. And you can easily get back again to the desktop. This has been working for most of the usage scenarios.

    Do run the utilities named : chkdsk and sfc scan on your HDD.

    You can resolve the issue by following these steps and see if one of the steps solves your problem.

    1. Check the loose cables and see if the bootloader loads.
    2. Remove external boot devices like CD or USB drive. And change the boot order in BIOS to HDD.
    3. Reinstall Windows and see if this fixes the boot loader.
    4. Check the drive for bad sectors by connecting the HDD to another computer.

    Checking for one of these should solve your issue.

  • Your problem seems to be the result of booting failure. There are multiple reasons for the occurrence of such issues.

    The possible reasons for the error message could arise because of

    1. Changed or damaged BOOT order

    2. Loose cables or damaged cabling

    3. Failed hard disk

    4. Corrupted system files.

    5. Newly added hardware

    Try the following methods one by one.

    1. Check out the order of the Boot Options under your BIOS setup. You will need to set the Boot order to HDD. It is quite simple to do it. Restart your computer and keep pressing F2 key to enter into the BIOS mode ( the key can be different for your model. Refer to your computer documentation). Now check for CMOS settings. The sequence needs to be CD/DVD, Hard Drive and other. If it is not, change it to the proper sequence. Save settings and reboot your PC. Check if the issue is solved.
    The key to get to the BIOS can be anyone from the following - ESC, DEL, F2, F8, F10 or F12.

    2. Check the cabling. Loose or damaged cables can cause the non working boot up. If the IDE cable has come loose, it can be a cause for such errors. Power off everything. Open the computer case. Check all the cables. Check the end connected to your motherboard. Close the covers and check if the issue is resolved. The cable itself might have been damaged. Change the same and check if the issue gets solved.

    3. Another reason for the disc boot failure could be the damaged drive itself. You can format or recover the disc to check if it resolves the problem. However, please note that if the disc boot issues are not solved by the above methods, it is most unlikely to be solved with the formatting option. You may need to opt for disc replacement.

    4. Corrupted system files can be a cause for disc boot failure. The boot sector area of your computer's system area may have been damaged or corrupted. Restore the boot sector in such a case. Please let the technician do it for you if you are not comfortable handling it yourself.

    5. Some newly added hardware can cause the issues by changing the boot order. Please check if any new hardware has been added recently. If any hardware has been added, remove it ( Please do not just disconnect it, but properly uninstall the device from your system), Check if it resolves your issue. If it does, the hardware might have an issue. Check for proper installation instructions.

    6. Use the CHKDSK command for checking if the hard disc has any problems.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • This happens when your Sys32 folder in C drive is corrupted. Recently I have encountered this issue in my system, where it displayed the message Sys32 is corrupted and restarted in the loop.

    To solve this you need to have a windows setup file with key installation CD by which you can install the new OS by overwriting everything.

    If you have your own installation CD then when the message flashes to insert a disk then insert disk and enter into the boot menu and install the OS. If you have any important files on desktop or downloads, my pictures and all that then try to take a backup which will consume more time. All the files in other drivers will be there.

    If you don't have that installation CD with the key then it's better to go to nearest service center and they will install it with new OS and also required files and apps. In my case, I have installed windows XP with office & other files. It charged me around Rs 300.

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