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  • Bajaj Vikrant Bikes technical specification and price

    Are you looking for more information on Bajaj Vikrant Bikes? Ask our technical experts.

    I just came to know that Bajaj has released Vikrant series bike which the body is manufactured from scraped Vikrant Aircraft. I would like to know little in-depth info about Vikrant. Also, what is the technical specification, mileage, cc and price of Bajaj V series bike? What is on road price of Vikrant in Bangalore?
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  • Here are the specification of the Bajaj Vikrant Series.

    Engine: The bike has the single cylinder 4 stroke DTS-i engine. This spec remains most performing one like most of Bajaj bikes of similar price range. Engine is the reason this bike has managed to get most of the favorable reviews.

    Engine CC It has 149.5 cc with peak power of 12 PS at 7,500 rpm. This spec is similar to the Bajaj's Slingshot Plus.
    As per the reviews the expected speed is not supposed to be touched often as it reduces bike performance. And that's where the bike has got most of the negative reviews.

    MileageBike has the mileage of 75 kmpl. There are no current tests available for roads in city and village, so that mileage difference may likely to exist and needs to be tested.

    Fuel Tank The reason this bike is named over INS Vikrant is because the tank metal design and other metal used is from the INS Vikrant aircraft carrier. This is also the reason the number of models available in the market are limited in numbers due to the metal under scrape capacity.

    Bike is available in two color variations - Ebony black and pearl white.

    PriceBangalore price though not specifically mentioned in the official site, other comparison site display it as 63,094 Rs. This does not include the RTO and insurance & other clearance fees. The price nearby your location may be different as it depends on showroom listing price. Expect to pay around 68K to 70K total at the end of bike delivery.

  • Here we go with the specifications of the Bajaj Vikrant bikes -

    The bike has Single cylinder 4 stroke SOHC 2 valve Air cooled DTS-i engine. The Petrol engine which has air cooling comes with a displacement of 149.5 cc.

    Fuel economy

    The company claims that the bike has a fuel economy ( or mileage for the non-technical users) of 75 kilometres per litre. Please note that these are measured under the standard conditions. Exact status on the roads will depend on the condition of the road among other factors.
    Top speed provided is 109 kmph.

    Physical dimensions
    The physical dimensions read 2044*780*1070 (Length x width x height). The bike has a kerb weight of 135 kgs. Fuel capacity of the tank measures 13 litres ( with a reserve capacity of 1.7 litres).

    The Bajaj V15 was initially made avialble in two color variants of Ebony Black and Pearl White. Recently it has added a new color option in the form of Heroic Red.

    The Bajaj V15 pays tribute to INS Vikrant. It has been claimed that the vehicle has been made from the metal extracted from the first Indian Aircraft carrier. The company has claimed that it has enough material that can be used for two more years.

    From the design point of view, it has been in the news for the obvious reasons of using metal from INS Vikrant. It has many design highlights like removable rear seat cowl, the seat that looks curvy and a stylish fuel tank.

    The bike has been priced at Rs. 61999 in Delhi. The price indicated is Ex Showroom.

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